Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I didn't know this

Fewer or Less?

Use "fewer" with objects that can be counted one-by-one.

Use "less" with qualities or quantities that cannot be individually counted.

Incorrect: There were less days below freezing last winter.

Correct: There were fewer days below freezing last winter.
(Days can be counted.)

Correct: I drank less water than she did.
(Water cannot be counted individually here.)

When referring to time or money, less is normally used even with numbers. Specific units of time or money use fewer only in cases where individual items are referred to.

Examples: I have less than an hour to do this work.
I have less time to this work.

I have less money than I need.

I have less than twenty dollars.

He worked fewer hours than I did.

The only occasion in which you might say, "I have fewer than twenty dollars," would be when you were talking about specific dollar bills or coins, such as "I have fewer than twenty silver dollars in my collection."

Slight miscalculation - Watch more free videos

A new sense-of-urgency siren

Great job opportunity

A young man goes into the Job Center in Jacksonville, Florida, and sees a card advertising for a Gynecologist's Assistant.

Interested he goes to learn more - Can you give me some more details about this?" he asks the guy behind the desk.

The Job Center man sorts through his files & replies, "Oh yes here it is: The job entails you getting the lady patients ready for the gynecologist. You have to help them out of their clothes, lie them down and carefully wash their genital regions. You then apply shaving foam and gently shave off all their pubic hair then rub in soothing oils so that they're ready for the gynecologist's examination.

There's an annual salary of $45,000, but you're going to have to go to Oxford, Mississippi. That's about 620 miles from here."

"Oh why, is that where the job is?"

"No sir - that's where the end of the line is!'

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Repeat criminal kills cop

NEW ORLEANS — A vagrant wanted for questioning in a rape overpowered a 24-year-old police officer who was trying to handcuff him, then shot her to death with her own weapon Monday, police said.

The officer's death was a blow to this city's psyche, where hopes are high that a new year would yield results in holding back a wave of crime that has been a dark backdrop to the rebuilding effort since Hurricane Katrina.

"When it hits home like this, it hits you tremendously," said Warren Riley, the police superintendent charged with energizing a demoralized police force in the storm's wake.

Nicola Cotton was shot around 10 a.m. in a parking lot near a busy intersection in the crime-plagued Central City neighborhood and a few streets away from the district police station.

The suspect was identified as Bernell Johnson, 44. He was arrested and booked with first-degree murder. Riley said Johnson had been arrested several times before on alleged sex offenses.

Really? Think the fucking judge will keep him in jail this time? I doubt it.

Riley said the officer approached the man in her police cruiser and began questioning him. When she tried to handcuff him, the suspect attacked her and a seven-minute fight ensued, he said.

The officer managed to use her radio during the struggle to call for backup, but the man grabbed her weapon and shot her repeatedly, Riley said.

Passers-by may not have seen the drawn-out struggle because the pair was on the ground and shielded by the officer's vehicle, Riley said. Police said security videotape captured the lethal assault. More here:

Huh? Passersby couldn't hear the fight -- couldn't see the fight? With a police cruiser sitting there -- unobtrusive -- not attracting any attention at all, I suppose.

I don't know about you but when a police cruiser is in my neighborhood, I wonder wtf is going on -- and I LOOK AT THE CAR AND AROUND THE CAR. Must have been a real secret and quiet fight -- until the gun started going off.

Riley said police have several witnesses to the shooting, which occurred near a convenience store and other businesses.

Too bad he didn't kill some jackasses ... erm, I mean "witnesses" who should have helped the police lady.

The officer's death was a blow to this city's psyche, where hopes are high that a new year would yield results in holding back a wave of crime that has been a dark backdrop to the rebuilding effort since Hurricane Katrina.

Yes -- it's all been since Hurricane Katrina -- everything was fine before that -- you know -- just like everywhere else hurricanes hit -- it's always a mass of murder and mayhem for years afterward.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Thrillseeker gets thrill, whines

So this guy basejumps off a radio tower and gets stuck on one of the guidewires... at night. He breaks the law, gets himself in trouble, threatens the 911 operator that if they don't help him, he's going to die ("I'm hanging two hundred feet above my DEATH" as if all of a sudden this is SERIOUS), then puts rescue crews into mortal danger because the rescue is outside of their standard training. They left out the part where he says he's a liberal.

Good question

Found it at DTD:

I am really curious about something:

During the 2000 election Al Gore chose Joe Liberman as his potential Vice-President. In 2004 Joe Liberman tried to run for President and Al Gore chose NOT to endorse him and backed John Kerry.

During the 2004 election John Kerry chose John Edwards as his potential Vice-President. Yet John Kerry has now publicly supports Obama.

I am just curious as to what changed between the time these "men" chose their potential Vice-Presidents and the time that they decided to run for President? I thought when you chose a VP it was to be the best of the best...guess I was wrong.

The libs are better than you

This guy has it about right

Found this over at DTD:

This is why I typically separate Liberals into two groups...

A. The people that truly believe in the professed Liberal ideals and do so with a good heart. These people unfortunately have bought into what the Hippies believed, "EVERYONE is good, EVERYONE wants peace and the poor are only that way because of SOCIAL INJUSTICE"

But here is Group B which is composed of Politicians, the leaders of Environmental movements and the "Black Leadership" like Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan:

B. These people know that the Liberal Utopian ideal is unrealistic and not workable, but they also know that group "A" is easily lead to believe that "It could work", but unfortunately we have not given it a chance. This group uses group "A" to keep them in power by telling them that it is "Evil" Conservatives that are preventing their Nirvana from becoming a reality, thus ensuring they stay in power despite any and all shortcomings and regardless of how totally inept they are, (Ted Kennedy is a perfect example of this).

Until Group "A" realizes that Group "B" is BONING THEM IN THE ASS they will continue to be manipulated and used and we will continue to see Urban Decay that looks like BOMB DAMAGE!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

World loses treasure

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Christian Brando, the troubled eldest son of the late actor Marlon Brando, has died from pneumonia at a Los Angeles hospital, an attorney said Saturday. He was 49.

He spent five years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter in 1990 for killing his sister's boyfriend, Dag Drollet, at the Brando family's hilltop estate.

Brando said he accidentally shot Drollet as they struggled for a gun during an argument over whether Drollet, 26, had beaten Brando's pregnant half-sister, Cheyenne.

At his son's trial, Marlon Brando pleaded for leniency, telling the court: "I think that perhaps I failed as a father." LMAO -- keep making excuses for criminals, libs.

Brando's ex-wife, Deborah Brando, sued him for domestic violence in 2005. She claimed that shortly after their 2004 marriage, Brando repeatedly beat her and threatened to kill her in the presence of her teenage daughter.

Brando also was the one-time lover of Bonnie Lee Bakley, who was shot to death in 2001. At one time, Bakley claimed Brando had fathered her child but tests showed it belonged to actor Robert Blake, whom she later married.

Blake was tried for her murder and acquitted but later ordered to pay $30 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. During that civil case, Blake's lawyer suggested Brando was the killer, although police never implicated him.

Brando, who had denied any involvement, invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination on the stand during the trial. More here:
Sure -- you know -- he was just minding his own business when he caught pneumonia -- happens every day.

Media very excited about black man

Jake Tapper is ABC News' Senior National Correspondent based in the network's Washington bureau. He writes about politics and popular culture and covers a range of national stories.

Bubba: Obama Is Just Like Jesse Jackson
January 26, 2008 8:18 PM

Said Bill Clinton today in Columbia, SC: "Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in '84 and '88. Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here."

This was in response to a question from ABC News' David Wright about it taking "two Clintons to beat" Obama. Jackson had not been mentioned.

Boy, I can't understand why anyone would think the Clintons are running a race-baiting campaign to paint Obama as "the black candidate."

Yes -- he brought up facts and history -- the two main enemies of liberals. Then he suggested your "chosen one" might not win ... you know ... as if facts and history are any indicators.

What to do, what to do? Oh yes -- use condescension and sarcasm -- call him a witch -- erm -- I mean "race-baiter."

You know -- nothing goes together better than arrogance and ignorance.
Also -- OOPS, David -- you spelled his name wrong -- should be "Jackasson."

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dumbest fucks alive are in charge


Council orders fish and chip shops to put fewer holes in salt shakers

A generous sprinkling of salt is as much a part of the traditional fish-and-chips experience as a splash of vinegar. But in these health-conscious times, it was never going to be long before the nation's chippies came under pressure to change.

To cut the amount added, Rochdale council has come up with a novel, and extremely simple, solution - cut the number of holes in the lids of salt shakers.

Takeaways are being issued with catering-sized salt pots with just five holes in the lid, rather than the usual 17 or 18, cutting the amount of salt on the average portion of chips by more than half.

But questions are being asked as to whether they would really make a difference.

Mark Petrou, whose takeaway in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, Petrou Brothers, is reigning fish and chip shop of the year, said: "People know how much salt they like - surely they will just shake it for longer?"






If Hillary gets elected

Polls and Pollsters

Klown rewrites lib's headline

Associated Press & MSNBC headline:

Oklahoma law blamed for Hispanic exodus
Story here:

Klown's Headline:

Oklahoma law CREDITED for Hispanic exodus

Friday, January 25, 2008

Huh? Sodomy? -- WTF?

JANUARY 23--A 20-year-old female corrections officer is facing sex assault charges for allegedly performing oral sex on a male inmate on New Year's Eve in an Oklahoma jail. Billie Pelley told investigators that she entered inmate Bobby Mann's cell and began kissing the 37-year-old inmate "for a while." She then advanced to servicing Mann, but "stopped after thinking about what she was doing," according to a probable cause affidavit filed earlier this month in Okfuskee County District Court. By then, however, Pelley's encounter with Mann had already been recorded by a surveillance camera. When a dispatcher, Andrea Million, subsequently entered Cell 10, she found Pelley sitting on the side of Mann's bed. During an interview with a sheriff's investigator, Pelley admitted the sexual contact with the prisoner, who is awaiting trial on a bomb threat count. Pelley was charged last week with forcible sodomy, a felony, since Mann was not legally "capable of giving legal consent" because he is in custody. Prosecutors concede, however, that Mann, not surprisingly, consented to the oral sex. Pelley and Mann are pictured below in mug shots snapped by the Okfuskee County Sheriff. While Pelley quickly bonded out of jail after her arraignment, Mann remains in the Oklahoma lockup.

Sodomy - Definition: Any sexual act that is not penile-vaginal penetration. Usually refers to oral or anal intercourse, but various legal definitions may include other . More here:

Well -- I used to think that when the media said "sodomy," that it meant a good, old-fashioned, fudgetunnel raunching -- now I know better. It can also mean, forcing a guy to get an erection and then putting it in your mouth. I think a girl did this to me before. * Sob* -- I've been sodomized - Gaaaaa.


From the Smoking Gun:

JANUARY 25--A kinky sex escapade ended this week with the electrocution death of a Pennsylvania woman and the arrest of her husband for manslaughter. According to cops, Toby Taylor, 37, first claimed that his wife Kirsten was shocked by her hair dryer. But he then admitted that the couple was "into weird sexual behaviors," according to a probable cause affidavit. Taylor then explained that he hooks clips to his wife's nipples and "plugs the cord into a electric strip" and shocks her. On Wednesday evening, Taylor said, Kirsten removed her clothes, attached the clips, and shocked herself. He then picked up the electric strip and shocked her several more times, adding that he had placed a piece of electric tape over her mouth during the jolts. After the last shock, Kirsten, 29, "fell over on to her face." Taylor initially thought his wife was joking, but quickly realized she was unconscious. He then dressed her in preparation for driving to the hospital, but instead called 911 when she stopped breathing. Taylor, pictured in the below mug shot, told investigators that the couple had "been engaging in electric shock sex and other types of extreme bondage for about 2 years." He was charged yesterday with involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment and was jailed in the York Count lockup (where he remains in custody on $100,000 bail) Actual police report etc here:

Friday pins

What the hell is wrong with this lady?

MSNBC contributors
updated 10:35 p.m. ET, Thurs., Jan. 24, 2008

Apparently, creating a frightening environment for her own children isn’t enough for Britney Spears. Now she’s spooking random children in Beverly Hills, reports According to the Web site, a “scantily clad” Britney popped up at neighborhood elementary school, “freaking out” students while telling the grown-ups that she was there to pick up someone else’s kids.

“She was just rambling and confused,” one bystander said of Britney, who appeared just before 3 p.m. dismissal. “She said, ‘I’m here to pick up my kids.’ But then she changed her story and said, ‘They aren’t my kids; I have a new attorney, and I came to pick them up for her.’”

Echoing the thoughts of a nation, the witness added, “All I could think was, ‘Who in their right mind would let her pick up their kids?’” More here:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Klown loves PJ O'Rourke

... As I was saying, Historical Statistics is a valuable source of primary data concerning a broad range of material and social conditions constituting the American experience. For example, how come our public schools used to be so good, but now they stink? The answer is right here in tables Aa625 and Aa626: spinsters.
Once there were women of a certain age with steel in their spine, ice in their gaze, buns in their hair, and remarkable reflexes for smacking knuckles with a ruler. They led three generations of bonehead O’Rourkes through the rowdy wilderness of crowded big-city schools and into at least a shallow pool of learning. Miss Prescott may have been a terror, but I didn’t emerge from her American-literature class under the misapprehension that the philosopher, poet, and author of The Last Puritan, Santayana, performed at Woodstock.

According to nuptiality records, in the last decades of the 19th century the proportion of women 65 and older who had never married was slightly above 6 percent. But by 1920, just in time for my father to go to high school, this number had risen to 7.08 percent. Dad very nearly graduated. In 1930, the spinster percentage was 8.11 percent. Thus my Uncle Mikey-Mike could count to five without removing his mittens. By 1940, the rate was 9.31 percent, and all of my older cousins acquired job skills enough to keep them from going on welfare. (They’ve been in jail occasionally, yes, but not on welfare.) And I more or less attended college, owing to the fact that by the time I started kindergarten, the spinster rate was still almost 9 percent. Competition at my school was fierce. Only the toughest of the tough could get the prize job of being the old lady who scared the bejesus out of me.

It’s all been downhill since then, alas, with spinsterhood plummeting to 5.49 percent by 1990 (when there weren’t really any spinsters anymore anyway—just strong women without concern for conformist social pressures, leading their own lives and owning too many cats). (For my friend Bobbie.)

During the golden age of American public schools, teachers also had the advantage of a level of educational funding very different from today’s. Table Bc925 shows that, in constant 1982–1984 dollars, annual per-pupil spending in public schools was $4,090 in 1996 (the last year for which figures are given). By contrast, in 1921, when my father was a high-school freshman, annual per-pupil spending (in the same constant dollars) was $399. Of course my father got a better education: With $399, you can’t afford to let the kids do anything but sit and study. Dad was forbidden to squirm, for fear he’d wear out a precious desk seat. More here:

I've read most of his books -- he's hysterical (and very educational & informative) if you can stick with him. This was an EXCELLENT article ... about 5 pages ... but, as with all of PJ's stuff, you have to get past the first couple of pages (during which you must pay attention.) At least this one didn't send me running for the dictionary.

Through this article, I found out he has a new book which I shall be reading. Looks like a play on "The Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith (father of modern economics.)

After I wrote this, I saw he was scheduled to be on The Daily Show, with Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz (aka Jon Stewart) promoting his book. I wish I had been able to see it -- maybe on reruns. I'm guessing PJ had to suppress his urge to slap that lefty.

Shaddup, idiot infidels - SMACK!

From Hot Air:

The Iowa Legislature started just over a week ago and some people were upset before the first issue was every addressed. When the session began, a Muslim Imam began the prayer in the Iowa Legislature. This is where the controversy begins. The prayer asked of “Victory over those who disbelieve,” and “Protection from the great Satan” among other things.

Pastor Steve Smith of the Evangelical Free Church in Albert City is among those concerned about the Muslim prayer. Rev. Smith admits that he doesn’t know about all the levels of Muslim but knows that the Jihadists believe those in the U.S. are the great Satan.

Oh -- shouldn't I have said that? Did I say something wrong? What? What's the matter? What did I do? You don't like jihadi fuckwits? Tough shit, infidels -- jam it up your ass.

Ha Ha -- those idiots. They allow a Muslim to do the prayer and then wonder what went wrong. What ... What ?? He said What? Who could have predicted that. Nobody could have seen THAT coming. Why ... if we hadn't allowed him to do the prayer, it would have been politically incorrect ... and we have to keep things politically correct ... even while they're sawing our fucking melons off.

Let's just pretend we don't know what it means. Nobody call him on it ... whatever you do ... Just look up in the air and whistle ... but keep one eye on that imam guy. I sure hope our constituents are as brainwashed as we ... so they don't call us on it. Everybody just pretend nothing happened.

Candidates on Ramos and Compean

"I would make it my first act as president to pardon agents Ramos and Compean," Mr. Gilchrist said Mr. Huckabee told him. "I regret that they have spent yet another Christmas locked up in a windowless cell like animals and unable to be free and with their families."

The former Arkansas governor thinks the case against U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean was railroaded, Mr. Gilchrist said. Ramos and Compean are serving lengthy prison sentences for shooting a fleeing drug-smuggling suspect in the buttocks.

Mike Huckabee wants to amend the Constitution to prevent children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens from automatically becoming American citizens, according to his top immigration surrogate — a radical step no other major presidential candidate has embraced.

Romney, who prided himself on never issuing a pardon during his term as governor, has said he will closely examine the case."In the case of the two border agents, I will seriously consider a pardon or commutation," Romney said, according to his campaign. "I have not yet reviewed the full record, but my understanding is that there may have been an abuse of prosecutorial discretion and that the evidence may show they were wrongly convicted."

Sean Penn-head loves utopia

Venezuela's top food company has accused troops of illegally seizing more than 500 tonnes of food from its trucks as part of President Hugo Chavez's campaign to stem shortages.

The leftist Chavez this week created a state food distributor and loosened some price controls, seeking to end months of shortages for staples like milk and eggs that have caused long lines and upset his supporters in the OPEC nation.

Business leaders say shortages of these products are caused by strict price controls, which have lagged inflation that is Latin America's highest.

Hey -- genius-boy Pennhead -- you surprised at this? Since you're such an economic genius, why couldn't you have predicted this? Wasn't this supposed to be a commie utopia -- you know -- like Cuba?

Ok, but better rub one out first

From The Onion:

Nation's Porn Stars Demand To Be Fucked Harder

WASHINGTON, DC–Seeking to reverse a "decades-long trend toward shamefully inadequate underfucking in our nation's adult-entertainment industry," a coalition of U.S. porn stars gathered in the nation's capital Monday to voice their demand to be fucked harder.

The D.C. summit arrives on the heels of years of complaints from disgruntled female sex-industry workers, many of whom had repeatedly argued that, as cock-crazed nymphomaniacs who can never get enough, they weren't receiving the deep-dicking they needed.

"Give it to me! Oh, God, give it to me harder," said PSFBFH spokeswoman Christy Canyon, bent over the press-conference podium. "I fucking need it so bad."

Canyon's sentiments echoed those of many PSFBFH members, who are such nasty sluts that moderately hard fucking is not enough to satisfy their constant craving for hot fuck action. More here:

Yes -- I've heard tell of this but I didn't know it was TRUE!!

For my friend, Traci

From The Onion:

Giants: 'We Almost Beat The Patriots Once, We Can Almost Beat Them Again' NEW YORK—As they come closer to their Super Bowl clash with the formidable Patriots—the team they nearly defeated in late December—the Giants are confident that they can come close to beating the undefeated AFC champions on football's biggest stage.

"This team has already tasted victory against the Patriots," head coach Tom Coughlin said Monday. "By which I mean we were so close to victory that we could taste it. True, we did not actually experience that victory, but we came as close to beating them as anyone else has this season. That's the kind of team we believe we are, and I think the Super Bowl will prove that."

"This will be one to tell my kids about, that's for sure," Michael Strahan said. "If we can pull it off and almost beat these guys, they'll be showing those highlights until the end of time. When I die and come before those Pearly Gates, St. Peter himself will look down at me and say 'So, Michael, what was it like to be an eyelash away from winning that Super Bowl against those Patriots?' And Heaven itself will hold its breath while I tell them how we almost did it." More here:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Brokaw = Total piece of shit

Brokaw: My Most Conservative Friend Might Vote for Hillary
By Mark Finkelstein January 23, 2008 - 09:24 ET

Tom Brokaw says his most conservative friend has told him he might vote for Hillary Clinton. I for one believe the former NBC News anchor. Hillary supporters might indeed constitute the rightmost fringe of his friend set.

The revelation occurred on today's Morning Joe.

Hey -- BROKAW -- Mr OBJECTIVE JOURRRRRNALIST -- shove it up your ass sideways, lying, cheating prick. You're about as objective as Chairman Mao.

Candidates on illegal immigration


The fair-to-good immigration candidates have been growing progressively better in their promises, although none yet qualify as excellent on the issues (now that Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo have withdrawn).

BUSH LIED - Say "Jourrrrrnalists"

WASHINGTON - A study by two nonprofit journalism organizations found that President Bush and top administration officials issued hundreds of false statements about the national security threat from Iraq in the two years following the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The study concluded that the statements "were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses."

The study was posted Tuesday on the Web site of the Center for Public Integrity, which worked with the Fund for Independence in Journalism. More "Bush Lied" stuff here:

Oh my God, the genius libs have found us out -- we went to war for nothing and we knew it at the time. We just did it for fun -- you know -- to get a bunch of people killed -- (evil laugh.) Nevermind those UN resolutions, they only count when the libs agree with them -- besides, that was all a cover up -- a ruse -- yes -- we lied -- WE LIED -- just so we could go willy-nilly, with no reason whatsoever, into a huge expensive war. Great example of standard liberal logic.

Yes -- I love it when "studies find" and when "studies conclude" -- because, as soon as I hear those words, I know I'm being fed a line of propaganda.

By the way -- I love the names "Center for Public Integrity" and so forth. "Public Integrity" my red Klown ass. Jam it, you fucking socialist assholes. I'm still laughing at "studies" being conducted by objective jourrrrrnalists.

Hey -- jourrrrrrnalists -- some "non-profit" Klowns conducted a "study" -- it "found/concluded" that jourrrrrnalists would perform oral sex on horses if they thought they could make capitalism, conservatives, and/or America look bad.

Oh -- the "Klown study" also FOUND that you jourrrrrrnalists were wrong about "war for oil" too -- remember that? -- amnesiac liberals?

About 4 hours after I wrote this post, I ran across this at Newsbusters:
.... for one, the Times failed to pin an ideological label on the organization and made no mention of CPI's ties to the left-wing billionaire George Soros, which funds the organization through his Open Society Institute.

I tell ya -- the Klown is clairvoyant. Isn't it so nice to know the media is upfront with you on everything -- you know -- how they present both sides of an issue in an honest and forthright manner -- and they NEVER try to hide any pertinent facts from you.

Dipshits rewarded for violence

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from Gaza crossed into Egypt on Wednesday after gunmen destroyed about two-thirds of the Gaza-Egypt border wall, most of them returning after stocking up on food and other basic supplies. Can't we just simplify things -- combine Palestinian & Gunman into one word -- Palgun.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced that he had ordered his troops to allow Palestinians to cross into Egypt from the Gaza Strip because they were starving.

On Wednesday, Palestinian gunmen blew holes in the wall, and tens of thousands of Gazans trapped in the Strip by a tight blockade poured into Egypt to buy food, fuel and other supplies that have become scarce.

Speaking at the Cairo International Book fair, Mubarak told reporters that when Palestinians began breaking through the Gaza-Egypt border at Rafah in force, he told his men to let them in to buy food before escorting them out.

"But today a great number of them came back because the Palestinians in Gaza are starving due to the Israeli siege. Egyptians troops accompanied them to buy food and then allowed them to return to the Gaza Strip," he added. How do troops "accompany" HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of peeps to the grocery store?

Mubarak also criticized Hamas for continuing to fire missiles into Israel, saying that it was not helping the situation. He said that he had been in contact with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and helped convince him to resume fuel shipments into Gaza.

"Although fuel was sent and electricity was back, some on the Palestinian side then fired seven missiles," he said. "This does not help to bring quiet." More here:

Sure -- these people deserve their own state. These jackasses are all on international welfare. Something tells me if they had to have jobs, they'd have less time for firing rockets.

The territory had been cut off from the world since June, when Hamas seized power in Gaza by force, and Gazans are facing critical shortages of electricity, fuel and other supplies.

Take the poll

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Klown can sympathize

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A teenage boy said he was sodomized inside Erotic City Thursday night.

The 16-year-old told police that at about 9 p.m., a man in a Mercedes offered him a ride and took him to Erotic City, an adult-entertainment complex that is in between the city limits of Kansas City and Independence.

The boy said he was sodomized in a viewing booth. Yes -- I can see how being raunched in the fudgetunnel would make you a silent little lamb -- nothing to fight or cry out about. Hell -- you prolly never felt your pants come down, right? Just a little up and down motion and, before you knew it, cum was dripping out your bunghole -- right? That pretty much how it happened? You can tell us -- we've ALL been there -- we understand -- now make a clean breast of it.

The teen said he had been hitching when he was picked up, so he doesn't know who the man was. The man was about 35 years old.

Earlier this week, Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders vowed to crack down on Erotic City. LOL @ "Crack" down. Yessir -- we're going to erect a stiff opposition to the smut front. WE CAN'T LICK IT BY BEING SOFT (George Carlin) More here:

Oscar nominees announced

OH - pardon me while I don't give a damn. Ok -- now -- what were you saying?

Oh -- the "Oscars?" Isn't that the award they give to movies which do the greatest harm to capitalism? Or -- maybe the movie who has the most communist director or actor? Or the one that puts America down the most?

You know -- like the uh -- the uh -- Oh yeah -- the Nobel peace prize?

Well -- the only reason I even care in the SLIGHTEST is because the writers are on strike and that is going to fuck the Oscars up, but good. And, if that happens, the egos of a WHOLE BUNCH of communist Hollywood pinheads are at risk.

World's biggest pool

Measuring almost 3,500 ft in length, even the strongest swimmers may baulk at the idea of doing laps in this pool.

So it's no surprise the San Alfonso del Mar seawater pool in Algarrobo, Chile has been named the world's largest outdoor swimming pool by the Guiness Book of World Records.

More (bigger) pics and stuff here:

WTF is a "Brokered Convention?"

Well -- I've been hearing this term batted about lately and I didna capisky -- so I looked it up. I still don't completely understand -- "Political horsetrading?" -- wtf does that mean in this context? I need an example.

Wikipedia says:
A brokered convention refers to a situation in United States politics where there are not enough delegates obtained during the presidential primary and caucus process for a single candidate to obtain a majority for the presidential nominating convention. Since no candidates receive enough votes on the first ballot to win the nomination, the convention is brokered through political horse-trading and multiple ballots.

Before the era of presidential primaries, conventions were routinely brokered. Adlai Stevenson in 1952 for the Democratic Party and Thomas Dewey in 1948 for the Republican Party were the last two candidates selected through a brokered convention. The last seriously contested convention was the 1976 Republican convention, where Gerald Ford beat Ronald Reagan on the first ballot without obtaining a majority of delegates through the primary and caucus process.

Since then, there have been many years where brokered conventions were projected, but did not come to pass. In 1988, a brokered convention was predicted for the Democrats since multiple candidates won the Super Tuesday primaries that year.[1] More here:

Shut your trap, jackass

From The Grodner Effect:

An elected official charged with falsely claiming he earned the military's highest honor has filed a motion to dismiss the federal case against him on free speech grounds.

The motion argues that the Stolen Valor Act of 2005, under which water board member Xavier Alvarez was charged, is incompatible with the First Amendment because it restricts free speech by criminalizing false claims of military honors.

Alvarez, an elected representative to the Three Valleys Municipal Water District, said last year at a water district meeting that he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his deeds as a Marine. More here:

What a dipshit. He was never even in the service. I wonder what his punishment will be.

The Klown speculates this guy was running down the war in Iraq, or Presidink Bush, or something similar and used his "Medal of Honor" to justify his positions -- of course, I could be wrong -- but I rarely am.

Carbon footprint contest

Found it at GOC:

Ye Olde Carbon Footprint Calculator:

We'll have a contest. You have to answer how many peeps in your household -- but then you click on "Calculate for me only." We'll see who's stomping the biggest carbon mudhole in whose ass.

Here are my results -- but I've been made to feel ashamed -- I think my emissions are only this low because I'm poor.

Post your results in the comments.

What? I'm just poking a bear?

From LGF:

Dutch politician Geert Wilders, whose hair puts John Edwards’ hair to shame, is about to broadcast a short film that many fear will provoke violence from followers of the Religion of Peace™.

The Dutch government is bracing itself for violent protests following the scheduled broadcast this week of a provocative anti-Muslim film by a radical right-wing politician who has threatened to broadcast images of the Koran being torn up and otherwise desecrated.

Geert Wilders, one of nine members of the extremist VVD (Freedom) party in the 150-seat Dutch lower house, has promised that his film will be broadcast - on television or on the internet - whatever the pressure may be. It will, he claims, reveal the Koran as ‘source of inspiration for intolerance, murder and terror’.

In Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other towns with large Muslim populations, imams say they have needed to ‘calm down’ growing anger in their communities. More here:

Ha Ha -- WTF is wrong with this Dutch guy -- has he grown tired of having his melon firmly attached to his shoulders?

Yes -- the "imams" are having to "calm down" the practitioners of the religion of peace."

Did you ever notice that twitching, pea-brained jackasses are ALWAYS on the lookout for a reason to get "offended" so they can have a reason to be violent? Think about it. Everyone knows the type.

This mindset can apply to an individual or a group -- either way, it never seems to apply to the likes of doctors or rocket scientists or surveyors -- it only seems to apply to idiots. Funny, huh?

Hey -- I wonder what the world would say if Christians starting beheading jackasses who insulted Jesus Christ? Or suicide bombing mosques? Not really -- I don't wonder.

Brown-out en masse


Chilean man wakes up at his own wake
An 81-year old man in the small Chilean village of Angol shocked his grieving relatives by waking up in his coffin at his own wake.

When Feliberto Carrasco's family members discovered his body limp and cold, they were convinced that the octogenarian's hour had come, so they immediately called a funeral home, not a doctor.

Carrasco was dressed in his finest suit for the wake, and his relatives gathered to bid him a final farewell.

"I couldn't believe it. I thought I must be mistaken, and I shut my eyes," Carrasco's nephew Pedro said. When I opened them again, my uncle was looking at me. I started to cry and ran to get something to open up the coffin to get him out."

The man who "rose from the dead" said he was not in any pain, and only asked for a glass of water.

Local radio also surprised listeners by announcing a correction to Carrasco's death announcement, saying the news had been premature.

Man -- if this guy had slept another 2-3 hours, he would have been toast -- capisce?

Gentle nazi shoots self by accidink

NEW YORK - A man who was arrested Sunday on charges of having a cache of weapons in his Brooklyn apartment has also been accused of spray-painting swastikas throughout a neighborhood in September, authorities said. Ivan Ivanov, 37, of Brooklyn Heights, allegedly painted the anti-Semitic markings on two synagogues, three private houses, two cars, and other areas.

In connection with the vandalism, Ivanov was charged with 23 counts of aggravated harassment and 23 counts of criminal mischief, the New York City Police Department said. Early Sunday, officers discovered the weapons cache that included eight pipe bombs, three firearms and a crossbow, police said. They said they were led to the discovery after Ivanov reported a gunshot wound to his finger.

Ivanov, the resident of the apartment, was arrested on charges of criminal possession of a weapon, unlawful wearing of a body vest and reporting a false incident, police said.

Ivanov initially claimed that someone had shot him in the finger, but investigators later determined that the gunshot wound was self-inflicted, police said.

Neighbors said Ivanov had lived in the apartment for several years.

"He seems like a really nice guy, a really gentle person," said James Robinson, 45, a resident of the same building as Ivanov, in Monday editions of the New York Times.

Yes -- very nice guy -- kept to himself -- very gentle person. I wonder if he'll even go to jail. I think the chances are low he'll spend much time in jail -- but, if he DOES go to jail, I'll bet he comes out a reformed person, don't you? I sure am glad our justice system knows how to deal with people like this.


Police stumbled upon a bomb-making factory Sunday in the home of a Columbia professor who specializes in the spread of infectious disease - and are investigating whether he and his roommate have terror ties. (Hmmm anthrax boy?)

Cops evacuated the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood around the Remsen St. home of Michael Clatts, a medical anthropologist, after finding seven pipe bombs fitted with fuses in his flat, police sources said.

Terrorists get free food and fuel

A worker unloads fuel at the main power plant in Gaza City, Gaza Strip, on Tuesday

GAZA City, Gaza Strip - Israel resumed fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip’s main power plant Tuesday, offering limited respite from a blockade that plunged much of the Hamas-ruled territory into darkness and touched off international protests.

The shipment included at least three days’ worth of European Union-funded fuel for the generating plant, which shut down on Sunday after Israel sealed border crossings in what it termed a response to Palestinian cross-border rocket salvoes. Free fuel for Gaza terrorists -- YAY!!!!

Israel said it would also allow in 132,000 gallons of diesel for generators, a supply of cooking gas and 50 trucks of food and medicine, though restrictions on petrol for cars remained.

“Our approach now is to assess what is acutely lacking, and permit imports on that basis,” Israeli Defense Ministry spokesman Shlomo Dror said.

The European Union and international agencies denounced the Israeli closure as illegal “collective punishment” against Gaza’s 1.5 million residents, many of whom depend on foreign aid. Gazans stockpiled food and medical officials. "Many?" -- Try "The great majority," Mr. OBJECTIVE JOURRRRRNALIST. Hey -- I'll bet the food and medical officials are free too. Get in the box you medical official, you -- and pipe down.

The decision to allow in emergency supplies, Israeli officials said, followed a decline in the number of salvoes. Not a "stopping" -- just a "decline."

“We have learned that Hamas controls the rocket fire. It has to be clear to the residents of the strip that it is Hamas' conduct that harms them, not Israel’s,” Dror said. Yes -- and correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the citizens of Gaza vote Hamas into their government? And the world is waiting for the Klown to feel sorry for the residents of Gaza?

Hamas refuses to give up its fight against Israel and opposes peace moves by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, whose administration condemned the Israeli closure as harmful to diplomacy.

Palestinians launched at least one rocket into Israel from Gaza on Tuesday, causing no damage, the military said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. More here:
I have to ask you -- if there were an area within a few miles of where you lived -- and the residents of that area launched missiles into your area every fucking day -- what would YOU expect your government to do about it? Would YOU be ok with just a couple of missiles a day and tell your government to go ahead and let them get their free food and fuel?

Quick - get the cash - BLAM!

MELBOURNE, Australia - Two Australian robbers thought they were hauling away a big sack of cash from the Cuckoo Restaurant, but it turned out to be bread rolls — and one of them accidentally shot the other in the buttocks during the heist.

Benjamin Jorgensen, 38, and his accomplice Donna Hayes, 36, were sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty to robbing the restaurant in the southern Australian city of Melbourne on April 1 last year.

During the April Fools Day holdup, Jorgensen grabbed what he believed was a bag with the Cuckoo's daily take of about U.S. $26,000 in cash, but later found it was full of bread rolls, the Victorian County Court heard.

He also fired his gun accidentally during the heist, shooting Hayes in the buttocks.

Judge Roland Williams told the robbers they were a "pair of fools," before sentencing Hayes to eight years in prison and Jorgensen to seven.

Earlier this week, defense lawyer Greg Thomas said Jorgensen had been under the influence of drugs at the time, had made a full admission to police and was remorseful, News Ltd. newspapers reported.

Shocker -- a couple of mental retards flailing around with guns and they SCREW UP? Holy smoke -- what are the chances?

But Klown -- he said he was sorry -- that shows he's not completely gone, right?

WRONG, libtard. You libtards keep confusing real life with the fairy tales your parents read you when you were kids. These fucks are ALWAYS remorseful when they get caught. Meanwhile, If they had gotten the money, the bread company would be missing $26,000 curp. Then they'd file with their insurance and the insurance company would have to raise EVERYONE'S rates to pay for it -- SEE?

But Klown, it's only a few pennies for everyone -- can't we just let him go this time?
The Klown will make a deal. YOU pay the $26,000 -- go ahead -- call your lib friends and get a collection going -- but keep your lib mitts out of MY pocket -- stop forcing your beliefs onto MY wallet -- otherwise I should be able to force you to contribute to the Church of the Thirsty Klown -- capisce?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Commune with THIS, bitch!

Jackass unhappy with MLK day

DALLAS, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- A Dallas minister who marched with civil rights leader the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., said Monday's birthday observance holiday is an insult to his legacy.

The Rev. Peter Johnson, 62, director of the Texas operations for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, told The Dallas Morning News the holiday should be on April 4, the anniversary of the date King was assassinated.

"We have ignored the essence of his life and the horror of his death," said Johnson. "We've allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination and we've allowed black America to drift back into a coma."

Yes -- but all the racist bullshit you spout is NOT an insult to his legacy, right -- REVEREND?

Here's some more of his bullshit.

... we play a speech by longtime activist and former SCLC staffer, the Rev. Peter Johnson who says, “War is not the answer. Only love can conquer hate. If Bush is right, then Marvin [Gaye] was wrong. If Bush is right, then Mohandas Gandhi was wrong. If Bush is right, Henry David Thoreau was wrong. If Bush is right, Martin Luther King Jr. was wrong. If Bush is right, Jesus of Nazareth was wrong.” More here:

Yeah - yeah -- Bush is the devil right? White America needs to feel guilty, right? Pipe down you racist communist hyena.

Have you noticed?

Oftentimes when someone does some off-the-wall crazy-assed shit -- when they get caught -- it's all "the voices told me to do it ... I did it to shut the voices up."

Hell -- these "voices" tell people to "kill him and take a bite out of his brain" -- or "strangle him/her and cut them up in small pieces and put them in the fridge."
How come the voices never say "go over to Klown's house when he's not home and paint the barn -- or wax his car etc" -- oh HELLLL no -- I mean, WTF @ these voices anyway? Are they ALL evil?

Not one person has ever been caught surreptitiously doing something good and then said "Man, I HAD to do it -- the VOICES man - THE VOICES!!"

Another thing -- do the "voices" tell you to simultaneously take on the look of a deranged, come-ass-pletely out-of-your-gourd psycho-killer whilst psycho-killing? I guess they must. Sheesh -- it's a huge problem.

Terrorist murderers inconvienienced

Palestinians wait to buy cooking gas from a station in the Gaza Strip on Sunday.

The Klown loves how the media refers to them as "Palestinians."

Israeli blockade deepens hardship in Gaza
Hospitals risk running out of drugs, fuel; main power plant shut Sunday

Uh-huh -- perhaps this headline should read:


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Gaza hospitals will run out of drugs and fuel for generators within a few days unless Israel eases the border blockade it imposed to curb Palestinian rocket attacks, international organizations said Monday.

Residents of the Hamas-controlled territory awoke to nearly traffic-free streets and shuttered shops, with petrol in short supply due to Israeli restrictions and Gaza’s main power plant shut down since late on Sunday.

European Union-funded fuel for the power plant is being held in storage at the Nahal Oz crossing, awaiting Israel’s decision on resuming supplies. Once Israel authorizes the transfer of the fuel, it will take more than 12 hours for the plant to begin operating, the officials said.

“If the Qassam (rocket) fire on Israel does not stop, Israel will continue with its pressure on Gaza,” Israeli Vice Premier Haim Ramon told Army Radio. “It is illogical for a country that is attacked by rockets to supply the attacker with power, fuel and water,” he said. Uh -- yeah -- I thought I was the only one who realized this -- you know -- since you allow them to launch rockets into your country every fucking day.

Despite its tough public line, Israel has not cut off its direct supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip. Egypt also provides power, to the southern part of the territory.

Well -- I think I recall reading that the Gaza strip is the most densely populated place on earth -- which means there are a lot of peeps in a small area -- which means that you can't really just "send them up the bomb" without someone seeing your raggedy ass doing it -- capisce?

Therefore, I submit that the people of Gaza could stop the rockets if they were sufficiently motivated.

I think I would set up a surveillance program to watch area from the sky -- and, anytime a rocket came up, immediately & completely obliterate the area within 100 yards of the site. 3-4 of those and I think peeps would stop their "brethren" from launching the rockets -- not to mention the probable demise of the terrorist jackasses who launched them.

In exchange for that, I'd go ahead and let them have their fuel & water.

Of course -- Israel needs to stop with the illegal settling of the west bank etc -- but illegal settlements don't blow limbs from people's bodies.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

You like zee potatos, yes?

From J-Walk:

They are DEEElicious ... But how much do you know about them?

I took the quiz -- to answer a question, you click on the question mark by the answer -- when you're done with a question, you click on the empty box to the right of 1/10 at the top. They take points off if you get it on the 2nd or 3rd attempt. No Googling.

Remember THIS jackass?

From Blackfive:


Anti-Military Lawyer Damages Marine's Car on Eve of Deployment

Marine Sgt Mike McNulty is on activation orders to Iraq (second tour). On December 1st, 2007, Mike went to visit a friend in Chicago before deploying to say goodbye. In order to get to his friend's residence, and keep in mind that Chicago is a myriad of diagonal and one-way streets, the front entrance (right way) to the one-way street was blocked. Mike, being a Marine, overcame and adapted by driving around the block to the other end of the street and backing up all the way to his friend's place.

While saying goodbye, at about 11am, he noticed a man leaning up against his car. Mike left his friend's apartment and caught the man keying his car on multiple sides.

Man -- what a jackass this lawyer is being. (Shocker) Read the rest here -- apparently there is going to be followup on this story.

Hey, lawyer-boy -- I hope he gets your arrogant ass disbarred. Although, I read the piece and they doubt the lawyer will get any punishment at all.

Isn't it funny -- a lawyer would ruin a politician's career for something like this -- but for a lawyer -- it's not a problem. The only time they "disbar" anyone is when the media is focusing on them daily for months -- and then only when they've almost murdered someone.
By Michelle Malkin • January 18, 2008 08:49 PM

I mentioned this morning that lawyer Jay Grodner, accused of keying a Marine’s car on the eve of his deployment, was scheduled to appear at a hearing today. The hearing took place and reader Beverly Pearson e-mails an account of what happened:

It was awesome. There were probably 15 folks who showed up in support of Sgt. McNulty. Big guys with Marine Corp. jackets on! The creepy attorney was late again! His lawyer got up and told the judge Attorney Grodner was late because he wanted to let the “press” clear out! The judge was really mad then and ordered a warrant immediately. Then the lawyer says Grodner is coming and will show up within 30 minutes. The judge says he will be arrested when he gets here. Sure enough, Grodner walks in and two cops take him out and cuff him.

Long story short, he has to pay $600 to a Semper Fi Fund (Marine [Corps] fund for the wounded) and he has to report for Social Services probation once per month for a year. Judge told him if he screws up and misses any he will be arrested and will serve 364 days in jail! He told Grodner that the reason the courtroom was so full was because Sgt. McNulty belongs to The Band of Brothers and this is what he can expect when he mistreats a Marine (not his exact words but the same meaning)…

He really admonished him and the part I really liked was when the judge made Grodner admit he keyed Sgt. McNulty’s car. He also explained to him about military plates and how people pay extra because the monies go into a fund for scholarships. I cried but they were tears of joy!!!!!!!!!!!

Sgt. McNulty’s damages were $2400 but his car is fixed and just like The Band of Brothers, he asks that this creep give $600 to a fund for his Brothers. God Bless The Band of Brothers. This is a story the whole world should read about.

Ahhhh -- heartwarming, eh? I'll bet you thought the Klown forgot all about this. Yes -- the Klown is known for being an amnesiac. I went ahead and posted this -- I didn't want to wait until the mainstream lib media covered it -- LOLOLOLOL.

What I really wonder though, is how can this guy keep on being an officer of the court? A Lawyer? I wonder if a cop could keep his job after being caught at this? Well -- no matter -- what were we going to do -- lose our respect for LAWYERS? Oh .. no wonder they call you the Klown -- you're so funny.

Sometimes Klowns aren't "funny" -- sometimes they try to figure out how to dispense justice -- then they go back to being funny -- see? HAHA!!!

Mexican geniuses learn Italian word

From Hot Air:

A delegation of nine state legislators from Sonora was in Tucson on Tuesday to say Arizona’s new employer sanctions law will have a devastating effect on the Mexican state.

At a news conference, the legislators said Sonora - Arizona’s southern neighbor, made up of mostly small towns - cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools it will face as illegal Mexican workers here return to their hometowns without jobs or money.

Now they know what it’s been like north of the border.

“How can they pass a law like this?” asked Mexican Rep. Leticia Amparano Gamez, who represents Nogales.

“There is not one person living in Sonora who does not have a friend or relative working in Arizona,” she said in Spanish.

HA - HA -- NO SHIT, LADY -- that's what we've been trying to tell you -- every Mexican with a bandanna is working illegally in the United States. The Klown suggests you get rid of the corruption in your government and go with a more capitalist system of economics if you want to haul your country's bean-eating ass out of third-world status - CAPISCE? (Italian word)

Citizen TRYS to kill jackass

From Newsbusters:
Guns Used in Self-Defense?

Apparently, Not News
By Tim Graham January 19, 2008 - 17:42 ET

An armed citizen surprised four men who robbed him at gunpoint last week.

After being ordered to his knees, Russel Olofson warned the men that "they should think about it," according to an Orlando police report released this week.

A private investigator with military training, Olofson, 24, told police the robbers snatched his cell phone and a wallet containing his concealed-weapon permit shortly before 10 p.m. Friday outside Ridge Club Apartments.

After the robbers took his items, Olofson stood up, drew his Springfield XD sub-compact 9 mm handgun "and fired two rounds toward male #1 with the silver handgun, possibly striking him," the report states. "Males #2, #3, and #4 then ran southeast . . . and male #1 ran northeast . . ."

A search by police quickly turned up a pistol likely used in the holdup, the report said.

The .45-caliber Ruger pistol and clothing believed to have been worn by male 1 were found in the backyard of a home on Alrix Drive, reports state. The serial numbers on the pistol had been scratched off, a common sign the weapon may have been stolen.

Cam felt a story like this had all of the inherent drama and suspense that the networks can find in a human-interest story. But we suspected that TV assignment editors like "kids with a bat" stories better than a trained man with a gun.

The Klown bows his head and prays:

Heavenly father ... please watch over this disgusting criminal and make sure he gets what he so richly deserves ... you know .. with the gurgling his own blood and so forth ... and please make sure the media get what they deserve also ... for hurting America by deliberately being biased, misleading ,and manipulative ... Amen.

Border guard damages illegal's truck

Border cop dies, struck by fleeing truck
Vehicle suspected of entering illegally from Mexico

YUMA, Ariz. - A Border Patrol agent trying to stop a vehicle that had illegally entered the U.S. was struck and killed Saturday in southeastern California, agency officials said.

The agent was killed about 20 miles west of Yuma in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, a spot along the border that is popular with off-road vehicle enthusiasts and frequently used by smugglers.

The agent attempted to impede the vehicle's progress before he was hit, but the Border Patrol did not immediately have more information, said agent Eric Anderson, a spokesman for the agency's Yuma sector. More here:

Hey -- I wonder if they'll give immunity to the drug smuggler so he can testify that the agent damaged his fucking hummer -- so he can sue the widow of the border agent to fix the truck. You can prolly see the teeth marks on the fender.

Let me tell you people something -- this guy died trying to stop illegals from crossing into the US from Mexico. He's a far better man than I.

After his compatriots, Ramos and Compean, were jailed for shooting in the ass an illegal alien who was transporting 743 pounds of drugs. THEN, the authorities gave immunity to the drug dealer to testify against the agents -- and was caught YET AGAIN smuggling drugs into the US. Yes -- using his "immunity" to smuggle drugs -- for -- the umpteenth time -- and yet -- the illegal alien drug dealer testifies -- and our agents are in jail. GREAT JOB, LIBS. PACK SAND.

Were I the agent above -- I would not have given two flaming shits whether those people crossed illegally or not. You think I'm risking my life for a bunch of ingrates? Think again, Batman. No way a bunch of braying jackasses are going to put ME in jail. Let them cross -- I'll make it look good - but FUCK YOU if you think I'm actually going put myself at risk or do something that requires ACTION.

I can only hope that the people who prosecuted and imprisoned our border guards get what they so richly deserve. One thing I DON'T want though is for an illegal "immigrant" to make it across and rape/murder their wife or daughter and then burn their house to the ground.

By the way -- you can go here and send an e-mail to Presidink Bush -- pretty much "click the red arrows" to add the text you want -- free -- takes 3 minutes of your life -- prolly too much to ask though -- you're prolly very busy. Here's what it looks like if you're not too busy.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm no fan of Bush, but ...

You know how the genius libs are always trying to portray Presidink Bush as an idiot?
The guy who graduated Yale with a degree in history?
The guy who graduated Harvard with an MBA?
The guy who flew fighter jets in the service?
Here is the plane the "chimp" flew. The F-102 Dagger.

Yep -- Presidink Bush -- he's a real "Chimp" (isn't that what they call him?) -- according to the elite genius Democraps.

Here's the cockpit -- it's only obvious any chimp could manage it -- at supersonic speed -- under fire -- right genius Democraps?The really cool part is, I can be sitting in a bar, having a beer, and hear some mental fucking retard talk about how dumb Presidink Bush is -- and yet -- I don't get up and bash their fucking skull to a pulp with a baseball bat ... and then piss on the pulp -- now THAT, is cool -- you know -- because I resisted the urge -- but I usually still have to pee anyway.