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Just relax, baby - let it happen

by Mark Silva

"Just relax,'' former President Bill Clinton says to people calling for his wife, the senator from New York, to quit the Democratic presidential contest.

Clinton was marching today in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Girardville, Pa., a tiny town in the coal region of northeastern Pennsylvania, which will hold a party primary election on April 22 that Hillary Clinton counts on reestablishing her claim to the nomination.

Clinton responsed to the argurment voiced by many -- but most notably Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), an Obama supporter, this week -- that Clinton cannot win enough delegates.

Clinton suggested that Leahy doesn't want the former first lady to compete in states such as Pennsylvania because — as he put it — "she might win."

"People should just relax and let the process go on."

I wonder if Monica has heard these words before.

Nobody wants to ride any further?

From Nothing to do with Arbroath:

Muslim bus driver told passengers to get off so he could pray

A Muslim bus driver told stunned passengers to get off so he could pray. The white Islamic convert rolled out his prayer mat in the aisle and knelt on the floor facing Mecca.

Passengers watched in amazement as he held out his palms towards the sky, bowed his head and began to chant. One, who filmed the man on his mobile phone, said: “He was clearly praying and chanting in Arabic.”

After a few minutes the driver calmly got up, opened the doors and asked everyone back on board. But they saw a rucksack lying on the floor of the red single-decker and feared he might be a fanatic. So they all refused. After seeing that no-one wanted to get on he drove off. LOL @ "What? what's the matter?" Ha ha -- No shitsky. What a shocker.

The bizarre event unfolded on the number 81 in Langley, Berkshire, at around 1.30pm on Thursday.

Yesterday the driver, who said his name was Hrun, said “I asked everyone to get off because I needed to pray. I was running late and had not had time. I pray five times a day as a Muslim — but I don’t normally ask people to get off the bus to do it.”

A spokesperson for bus company London United said: “We are aware of a reported incident involving our route 81. We are currently undertaking a full investigation into the matter.”

Ohhh - so close to the Klown's dream

Man killed while robbing the robber

Facing the barrel of a sawn-off shotgun on a dark West Baltimore street, Roland Scott fought back. He pulled out his own weapon - a fake handgun - and wrested the shotgun away from his attacker.

Scott ordered the man to strip naked in the middle of Laurens Street, took $800 from him and forced him to march into the laundry room of a nearby apartment building.

"He starts beating him, telling him to get more money, saying, 'Get me a cell phone or I'm going to kill you,'" said Sgt. Dennis M. Raftery Jr., a supervisor in the Police Department's homicide unit. "He is beating him with the butt of a sawed-off shotgun."

Raftery said the shotgun, then pointed at Scott, discharged, hitting Scott in the stomach and killing him. Son of a _ _ _ _ _. Authorities said his death will be ruled accidental.

Still naked, the other man ran from the apartment building in the 400 block of Laurens St. - the incident occurred about 4 a.m. Wednesday - and went down Monroe Street. He cut his foot and was treated in the emergency room at St. Agnes Hospital.

"You can't make this up. You just can't," Raftery said. "There is no way that two different people who don't know each other ... there is no way he could come up with the collaborating information. I guess the moral of the story is if you get the jump on someone who is robbing you, call the police. Had he just held him there and called the police, then we would have done what we need to do."

Hammer those Emos

Brock Thiessen at Exclaim reports on the anti-emo backlash said to be sweeping through Mexico:

According to Daniel Hernandez, who’s been covering the anti-emo riots on his blog Intersections, the violence began March 7, when an estimated 800 young people poured into the Mexican city of Queretaro’s main plaza “hunting” for emo kids to pummel. Then the following weekend similar violence occurred in Mexico City at the Glorieta de Insurgents, a central gathering space for emos. Hernandez also reports that several anti-emo riots have now also spread to various other Mexican cities.

Via the Austin American Statesmen, several postings on Mexican social-networking sites, primarily organising spot for these “emo hunts,” have been dug up and translated. One states: “I HATE EMOS!!! They are not even people, they are so stupid, they cry over meaningless things… My school is infested with them, I want to kill them all!”

Another says: “We’ve never seen all the urban tribes unite against one single tribe before… Emos, their way of thinking is for crap, if you are so depressed please do us all a favour and kill yourselves!” LMAO.

Poor peeps - bad way to croak

T'was this kind of plane -- Cessna Citation

A WITNESS told last night how he looked into the despairing eyes of the pilot before his plane ploughed into a house.

People on the ground also saw the faces of terrified passengers at the stricken executive jet’s windows as it screamed low overhead.

Dad-of-four Jason Murrell, 39, said: “I saw it coming straight at us. I looked into the eyes of the pilot and a female passenger.

“I thought it was going to hit our house and kill us — looking up I could see the terror in the passengers’ eyes as they whizzed past.

“The plane was so close you could see the panic on their faces.

“The pilot was struggling to bank away from our house and a terrified woman was staring straight at me. I’ll never forget that sight.”

Tom Walker, 16, said: “I could see people in the plane looking terrified. It was coming in way too low, then all of a sudden the tail end of the plane dipped. We knew it was going down.

“The aircraft then flipped over on its side, as if the pilot was trying to dodge something.

“He would have known by then he was doomed but he was obviously trying not to hit houses.”

Gary Walcraft, 16, was one of about 20 people playing football on a playing field when he saw the jet heading for them.

He said: “I could see someone in the plane waving frantically at us to get out of the way but at the last second he gained a little height. I could see them grappling with the controls.

“You could make out two people in the cockpit, fighting to pull up. They didn’t stand a chance.” More here:

Uh -- 2 people in the cockpit fighting to pull up? The Klown has serious doubts about this. If he truly did see two peeps fighting the controls then I see the pilot trying to put the nose down to get a little bit of control -- and a panicked passenger fighting him for the controls -- trying to pull up -- stalling it and kaboom -- this makes more sense to me.

Teach them bitches a lesson

From Sugiero:

Saudi-Arabia: Facebook Girl Beaten, Shot Dead By Her Father

Un-Islamic behaviour alert:

A woman was beaten up and shot dead by her father for talking online with a man she met on the website Facebook.

The case was reported on a Saudi Arabian news site as an example of the "strife" the social networking site is causing in the Islamic nation. Oh -- the strife *touches back of hand to forehead*

It said the man shot his daugther after discovering she had been chatting online to a young man she had met on Facebook. Gaaaa -- not the dreaded "chatting online."

“Security sources assured that the father beat up his daughter and then shot her dead,” it said.

According to the Muslim cleric the problem is not the father and his interpretation of the Qu'ran. Facebook is the Great Satan: Yeah -- every Muslim with a goat is a "cleric" -- and everywhere you look is the Great Satan.

A leading Saudi preacher told that Facebook was a "door to lust" for women and called for it to be blocked to prevent social "strife". Strife -- O M G -- not STRIFE!!!

Sheikh Ali al-Maliki said women were posting "revealing pictures" and "behaving badly" on the site, which has become popular with young Saudis.

Well then -- there you have it -- this is a clear case -- and anyone with a half a brain can see she needed the beatin' and the killin' -- no need to question it.

Birkie communes with Cheetahs

(CBS/AP) Wildlife officers are investigating after two cheetahs mauled a woman at a wildlife sanctuary in Florida. Yes -- we better "investigate" this mystery.

Judy Berens, who owns and operates the Panther Ridge Conservation Center near West Palm Beach, has been hospitalized after the two animals attacked her during an exhibition Saturday. Wait -- she "owns" it? You mean she's making a profit by caging wild animals?

CBS Affiliate WPEC reports that Berens was airlifted to the Delray Medical Center with about 40 puncture wounds on her torso, arms and legs. 40? Ouchie.

The sanctuary provides homes for exotic cats. Yes -- it's a "sanctuary." You know -- for wild animals who want to be caged up -- this is where they come for "sanctuary." They should start calling prisons "sanctuaries."

Witnesses say Berens was alone in an enclosure with two male cheetahs conducting an exhibition when a ball bouncing nearby distracted one of the animals. Now what weird set of circumstances led to her "being alone in an enclosure" with dangerous wild animals with large claws and teeth? I'm sure she'll laugh and laugh when she tells stories later about how this came to be.

Witnesses say Berens was knocked down when the cheetah moved toward the ball. They say the cheetah then started biting and clawing her. The other cheetah attacked shortly after.

Several people entered the enclosure and rescued her. Sure they did -- the cats are ripping her apart and, boom, in they went to save her. The Klown has to call "shit-crock" on that one. The Klown says the cats got tired of tearing her a new asshole and they went to lay down or something -- then the peeps got themselves some weapons like tire-irons or something -- and THEN they went in to rescue her. The Klown figures, if they really went in during the attack, the reporter would have said so -- you know how they're always looking for heroes -- heroes that aren't in the military.

"Anytime you work with animals, and I don't care what it is, I don't care if it's domesticated animals, wild animals, there is always a risk factor," wildlife sanctuary curator David Hitzig told WPEC. "And yes, there is a greater risk factor when you're working with large, wild animals." Wait -- let me write that down -- working with domesticated animals is a risk -- BUT -- there is a GREATER risk factor working with wild animals. What a genius -- it must be a great pleasure working with him each day at the "sanctuary." He must have received his masters in "The Obvious."

Asshat will not go away

Gore Launches Ambitious Advocacy Campaign on Climate
By Juliet Eilperin
Washington Post Staff Writer

Former vice president Al Gore will launch a three-year, $300 million campaign Wednesday aimed at mobilizing Americans to push for aggressive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, a move that ranks as one of the most ambitious and costly public advocacy campaigns in U.S. history. "Public advocacy" -- ROFL -- Yes -- Gore is advocating ON YOUR BEHALF -- HE'S DOING IT ALL FOR YOU. $300 MILLION curp? Prepare to be force-fed -- the tube is going down your throat -- for your own good, of course -- just like everything else liberals do.

The Alliance for Climate Protection's "we" campaign will employ online organizing and television advertisements on shows ranging from "American Idol" to "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." It highlights the extent to which Americans' growing awareness of global warming has yet to translate into national policy changes, Gore said in an hour-long phone interview last week. He said the campaign, which Gore is helping to fund, was undertaken in large part because of his fear that U.S. lawmakers are unwilling to curb the human-generated emissions linked to climate change. "Alliance for Climate Protection" -- don't you love how the libs name their little organizations the exact opposite of what they are -- you know -- like "Democrats." Who, in their right mind, do you know, would spend $300 MILLION DOLLARS, just out of the goodness of their little hearts?

"This climate crisis is so interwoven with habits and patterns that are so entrenched, the elected officials in both parties are going to be timid about enacting the bold changes that are needed until there is a change in the public's sense of urgency in addressing this crisis," Gore said. "I've tried everything else I know to try. The way to solve this crisis is to change the way the public thinks about it." Solve what crisis? Is nobody buying his stupid carbon offsets yet? So this $300 MILLION is an ad campaign to sell his carbon credits. And he's going to get congress to force you to buy them -- LMAO. Prepare your wallets. I told you it was coming. More here:

The debut ad, "Anthem," is posted here.

Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton just filmed an ad for the We Campaign, sitting on a couch on the beach. In the ad, now being produced, they say that while they may not agree on many things, they do agree that they have to work to save the planet. "Save the planet" -- is there anything dumber than this? Think about it. Al Bore and the libs have people actually saying those words. The libs -- they're always "saving" something -- except my money.

A future couple in the “strange bedfellows” or "unlikely alliances” spots will be recorded soon: Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Robertson and Sharpton? Pelosi and Gingrich? This is just pure GD evil. By the way -- I used to have respect for Newt Gingrich but he has done one dumb thing after another for the last few years. I just lost the final remaining tidbit of respect.

There is one problem though -- Gingrich has serious management skillz and is very goal oriented -- let's hope he doesn't go to work for the libs.
More here:

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Monday Morning Happiness

This posting is for the special friend who gave this photo to me. All I can say is "Thank You"

The Klown's house

My friend JF's computer

Found it at Bits and Pieces:

On his next PC, he's getting a "photos" button.

Wow @ this little nugget

Found it at J-Walk Blog:
By: Ronald Kessler

Despite saying she wants to return to Stanford University, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has let it be known in Republican circles that she would consider running for vice president if asked.

One source told Newsmax that she expressed interest in the possibility when Rudy Giuliani was running for president. Another source said she has more recently let her interest be known discreetly within top Republican circles, presumably including John McCain’s camp.

Fueling speculation that she would consider being on the ticket, Rice appeared for the first time this week at the so-called Wednesday meeting run by Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. Rice spoke for 20 minutes at the off-the-record meeting of conservative leaders, then took questions for 20 minutes.

Presidential candidates, White House aides, Cabinet officers, and members of Congress routinely speak to the group, but the talks generally are far shorter. In her talk, Rice stuck to foreign policy. When asked about her future, she said she plans to teach at Stanford, where she was once provost, and she plans to write a book.

Asked for comment, an aide to Rice said it was “not true” that she has expressed interest in a run and pointed to what she said at the Wednesday meeting about intending to return to Stanford.

“No one can accurately say she was encouraging it or that she expressed interest, as your two sources apparently told you,” the aide said. “That is wrong. Her answer [about being interested in running for vice president] was clearly and unambiguously negative.” More here:

I don't know much about Condi Rice -- but what I know, I like

Confusing -- you know -- to some peeps

Gaaa -- I ain't got no closure

For Missing Guards' Kin, An Agonizing Conclusion
By Steve Fainaru
Washington Post Foreign Service

Excerpts - the bold emphasis is mine - the rest here:

BLOOMINGTON, Minn., March 29 -- Relatives of five private security contractors abducted in Iraq gathered at the Comfort Inn near Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this weekend. Their 16-month nightmare had reached an excruciating and prolonged conclusion that began with the delivery of five fingers to U.S. authorities last month and continued late Saturday with the identification of another victim.

OK -- does anybody wonder how these people get the money and time to come flying into some airport so they can "be together?" You don't? Do you at least wonder why the media completely skips asking this question? "So how did you all come to be here at the same time?" Yes, it's quite a mystery -- but never mind that -- how could you even ask that question in this time of deep mourning -- don't you have any respect? After all, for all you know, it's just a big coinkydink.

The ordeal is still not over. The fifth guard, Jonathon Cote, 25, a former U.S. Army paratrooper from suburban Buffalo, remains missing. U.S. authorities have told his family they are aware of a body near the southern city of Basra, but its recovery appears to have been delayed by fighting between Shiite militias and Iraqi and U.S. government forces there.

"I don't know which is worse, to know that your child is gone or to be waiting like this," said Cote's mother, Lori Silveri, as she sat at one of several tables pulled together to accommodate the relatives at a steakhouse Friday night. "I still don't have any closure."

"I figured this would be a closure for us, but it's not," DeBrabander said Saturday afternoon as she smoked a cigarette in front of the airport hotel. "It just opens up another can of worms. There's too many questions unanswered. And we're going to keep at it until we get our answers."

Er -- is it just me -- or does everyone eating a free rare steak need closure on everything now? I don't even know how people made it the last 10,000 years without their "closure." How did this come to be? How did people suddenly come to the conclusion that they MUST HAVE CLOSURE? And what, exactly, does closure get you? I don't know, Klown, but I gotta have it -- the media and the great "science" of psychology tell me so. And -- if I don't get it, I have to mention it in conversation -- so everyone knows how smart I am.

It never ceases to amaze me how the media can brainwash the sheeple so easily -- and the sheeple just lap it up and regurgitate it as if they had studied it like a math course.

Contrast the above with this guy -- who actually has a brain.
Three times in the past week, FBI agents visited or called Jon Cote's father and stepmother at their home outside Buffalo. On each occasion, the agents informed the Cotes that at least one of the missing guard's colleagues -- but not their son -- was dead.

"At this point, I assume the worst," said Francis Cote, who did not attend the Minneapolis gathering. Asked how he dealt with the uncertainty, he said: "My wife and I have a strong Christian faith. We pray to God for strength. And our relationship with each other is strong enough so that when one of us falters, the other person can be there for them."

Good for you, Mr. Cote -- the Klown is sorry for your loss and wishes you the best. Looks like you'll do fine -- even without "closure." I'll bet that pisses the media off.

SF Chronicle says "Obama is 2nd coming"

From the San Francisco Chronicle:
Obama inspires racial dialogue in churches

Sen. Barack Obama's historic speech earlier this month in Philadelphia on race relations has elevated the discussion about the issue to the point where it has worked itself into the pews and pulpits of Bay Area churches.

Local ministers say they gave sermons about it on Easter, the holiest day of the year for Christians, and others plan to do so in the future.

These ministers - Pentecostals, Episcopalians and Baptists, Republican and Democrat, white, black and Asian - say Obama's honesty offers a steppingstone to wade into the volatile waters of race relations.

Oh my God -- this guy is soooo inspiring. A "historic" speech and everything. Nobody has ever called for a racial dialogue before. Finally, finally, FINALLY, we can discuss race.

Seriously -- is there ANYTHING this guy can't do -- I mean -- just look!!! -- the reporter says everyone is together on this '' white, black, asian - all religions - Republican and Democrat" -- and for sure you can't question it because it's the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- and they are always honest and forthright in their presentations of political issues. We can trust them. Let's have a round of Kumbaya.

Speaking of racists -- a bunch of them gathered recently. You can't call them racists though -- cuz they're black and have the title of "Doctor." LMAO.
Sen. Barack Obama's former pastor surprised a South Side congregation Friday night by showing up at an event marking poet Maya Angelou's birthday.

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright received a thunderous, standing ovation from members of St. Sabina Church, which hosted Angelou as she nears her 80th birthday.

"When he came out, people literally went wild," said St. Sabina's pastor, the Rev. Michael Pfleger.

Wright, Obama's spiritual adviser for years, has lain low ever since his fiery past sermons became political fodder in the presidential campaign.

Obama has condemned remarks by Wright that denounced America for allegedly racist and genocidal acts. More here:

Seal hunt very "contentious"

Canada's Contentious Seal Hunt Begins
By ROB GILLIES – 1 day ago

TORONTO (AP) — Vessels pursuing seals maneuvered through heavy ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence on Friday at the start of the largest marine mammal hunt in the world.

Only a few seals had been killed so far, said Fisheries and Oceans Canada spokesman Phil Jenkins said, noting that the ice had hampered about 16 vessels and kept the sealers "quite a distance from a herd."

OK -- wait a minute. Ice? What ice?

I thought we've been told that the whole North Pole is melting right before our eyes -- DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING. This isn't anywhere NEAR the North Pole -- it's off the northwest coast of the United States.

The Klown is getting mixed signals. The Klown is confused. Are you telling me the ice comes back every year? This is quite a shocker. Seriously -- the media told me that a two degree temperature change, over a hundred years, would melt the poles, flood the earth, cause massive famines, and block supermarket aisles in the pizza sections -- you know -- a really serious problem.
Animal rights groups with observer permits were expected to monitor the hunt later Friday. They say the seal hunt is cruel, difficult to monitor and ravages the seal population. First of all -- who cares if it's "difficult for you to monitor." SCREW YOU, PINHEADS.

Second of all -- Is there ANYTHING that isn't CRUEL to these morons when it comes to slaughtering animals? The answer is "NO." They do not want you to kill animals -- for ANY REASON -- and that includes wolves that kill your livestock etc. Because, if you didn't have livestock -- wolves wouldn't be bothering you -- capsice?

The fisheries department estimated the total harp seal population to be 5.9 million in 2004, the last time it conducted a survey. The government says there were about 1.8 million seals in the 1970s, and the population rebounded after Canada started managing the hunts. Hey -- Birkies -- so much for your "ravages the seal population" argument -- now STFU, jackasses.

Sealers and the fisheries department defend the hunt as sustainable, humane and well-managed, and say it provides supplemental income for isolated fishing communities that have been hurt by the decline in cod stocks.

Fishermen sell seal pelts mostly to the fashion industry in Norway, Russia and China, as well as blubber for oil, earning about $78 for each seal. The 2006 hunt brought in about $25 million.

Here's a representative pic I found while going through the news items. All the pics were of white selas like this. I guess the media wants to give you fair representation of the facts and just what exactly is going on up there -- because, as you know, they are very fair and objective and they would NEVER misrepresent any situation.

Registered hunters in Canada are not allowed to kill seal pups that have not molted their downy white fur, typically when 10 to 21 days old.

Hmmm -- can't kill white seals huh? Then why does the media show me nothing but white seals when they talk about this "contentious" hunt? And why can't the Candians hunt seals without Birkies going apeshit about it?

It's a good thing cows aren't "cute." Otherwise, I get the feeling we'd have to start a hunting season for Birkies.


From the Fail Blog:

More failing here:

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Can you figure out the famous American city the puzzle is trying to name? I'll post the answer in a day or two if there are some guesses but nobody solves it.
Note: DIIYO, aka Wombat was the first to solve the puzzle. With his permission, I have deleted his solution in the comments so that others may continue to try.
A few hours later, "Anonymous" got it -- and I deleted that answer for the same reason.

Well all like patio furniture -- but jeez

Well -- my friends Jerry and Laura recently got new patio furniture and it's very nice -- but not THIS NICE.

From First Coast News:

BELLEVUE, OH -- A man in central Ohio is accused of having sex with his picnic table.

The investigation began when a tipster gave police three DVDs showing Arthur Price having sexual intercourse with a metal round table on his deck.

The incidents occurred between January and March 2008.

Police say the DVDs show Price involved in a sex act in his bedroom. He walks out to his deck, tilts the table on its side and has sex with it.

Police say Price lives near an elementary school.

Price admitted that he had sex with the picnic table when police questioned him.

Real man's six-pack

From Nothing to do with Arbroath:

Go FBI -- Get the SOB

From Fox News:

FBI Focusing on 'About Four' Suspects in 2001 Anthrax Attacks
By Catherine Herridge and Ian McCaleb

WASHINGTON — The FBI has narrowed its focus to "about four" suspects in the 6 1/2-year investigation of the deadly anthrax attacks of 2001, and at least three of those suspects are linked to the Army’s bioweapons research facility at Fort Detrick in Maryland, FOX News has learned.

Among the pool of suspects are three scientists — a former deputy commander, a leading anthrax scientist and a microbiologist — linked to the research facility, known as USAMRIID.

The FBI has collected writing samples from the three scientists in an effort to match them to the writer of anthrax-laced letters that were mailed to two U.S. senators and at least two news outlets in the fall of 2001, a law enforcement source confirmed.

The anthrax attacks began shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, further alarming a nation already reeling from the deaths of 3,000 Americans. Five people were killed and more than a dozen others were infected by the deadly spores in the fall of 2001.

A leading theory is that the anthrax was stolen from Fort Detrick and then sealed inside the letters. A law enforcement source said the FBI is essentially engaged in a process of elimination. More here:

If the FBI solves this case, I will be very surprised but very happy. I didn't even realize they were still working on it.

Highway shooters busted

New York Times

2 Arrested in Virginia Highway Shootings One of the suspects, Slade A. Woodson, 19, of Afton, Va.

Two teenagers were arrested on Friday in connection with a series of highway shootings near Charlottesville, Va., that left two people with minor injuries and shut down the road for several hours early Thursday, the state police said.

Slade A. Woodson, 19, of Afton, Va., was arrested at a single-story clapboard house in Albemarle County, the authorities said, after an early-morning standoff with the police that culminated in gunfire. A second suspect, a 16-year-old resident of Crozet, Va., was also taken into custody but was not identified because he is a juvenile.

The two men, who the police said were friends, will be charged in the shootings that took place along a stretch of Interstate 64, the police said in a statement. The police also charged Mr. Woodson with two separate shootings, one at a credit union and another at a residence in Waynesboro, Va., that also took place early Thursday morning.

The highway shootings, which appeared to be random, offered a faint echo of the 23-day string of sniper shootings that terrorized the Washington area in 2002. The rural stretch of Interstate 64 is about an hour’s drive from the location of the 2002 shootings.

Six vehicles, including a tractor-trailer and a dump truck, were hit by bullets Thursday, along with a maintenance building owned by the Department of Transportation. Two drivers were treated for minor injuries at a local hospital and released.

Mr. Woodson was arrested early Friday at a small house on Yonder Hill Farm, in Crozet. Another person in the house, a man who was not identified, was shot and wounded by the police after he confronted them by brandishing a handgun, the police said. The man was flown to a hospital for treatment, and a police spokeswoman said he was in stable condition. What? He wasn't going to do anything with that gun -- and those low-down cops shot him.

Mr. Woodson was one of five people in the house at the time. Police officers said he was the owner of an orange 1974 AMC Gremlin that appeared to match the one in a surveillance tape of the credit union shooting. Ha -- a Gremlin -- very stealthy, Einstein.

The initial reports of gunfire came in early Thursday, when the police were notified shortly after midnight that a car had been hit by bullets near the University of Virginia.

Well -- be sure to give them light sentences -- I'm sure they've learned their lessons and will never do anything like this again.

I saw pics on the news -- bullet holes in windshields -- ah -- prolly just an unlucky shot -- they weren't aiming for it -- t'was an accidink.

Hey -- I wonder if he wrote a manifesto.

Nothing is Anti-Christian

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday condemned as "offensively anti-Islamic" a Dutch lawmaker's film that accuses the Koran of inciting violence. Yes -- and when is the last time you condemned something as "offensively anti- Christian?"

Ban acknowledged efforts by the government of the Netherlands to stop the broadcast of the film, which was launched by Islam critic Geert Wilders over the Internet, and appealed for calm to those "understandably offended by it." Uh-huh -- and do you ever have to "appeal for calm" when Judaism or Christianity is insulted? Or do you only have to "appeal for calm" to the peaceful religion of Islam?

"There is no justification for hate speech or incitement to violence," Ban said in a statement. "The right of free expression is not at stake here." More here:

Fuck you, you jackass. Get your anti-American "United Nations" organization the hell out of my country.

Nutra Loaf - prison food tested by public

Murtha - forced to bray in court

Charges against a US Marine allegedly involved in the killing of 24 Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha were dropped on Friday ahead of his trial, the military said in a statement.

A court martial for lance corporal Stephen Tatum had been due to start on Friday on charges of involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault.

However in a statement released from the Marines Camp Pendleton base outside San Diego, the military said the charges had been dismissed "in order to continue to pursue the truth seeking process into the Haditha incident."

It was not immediately clear if fresh charges could be laid against Tatum at a later date or whether the soldier may now cooperate with prosecutors.

Tatum had been accused of shooting dead two unarmed children as Marines cleared houses near the scene of a deadly roadside bombing in Haditha, 260 kilometers west of Baghdad, on November 19, 2005.

The deaths were part of a grim civilian toll from the Marines' actions in Haditha. Four soldiers were initially charged with murder and four officers accused of staging a cover-up.

However, since charges against the soldiers were first announced in late 2006, prosecutors have struggled to make the allegations stick.

Four of the eight have had charges against them dropped, while charges of murder were replaced by the lesser offence of manslaughter in the cases of Tatum and his squad leader Sergeant Frank Wuterich.

The military investigator overseeing Tatum's pre-trial hearing had recommended all charges against the soldier be dismissed.

The killings in Haditha are the most serious allegations of war crimes leveled at US forces since the 2003 invasion to topple Saddam Hussein.

Allegations by whom? The Democrats? Yes -- this sounds perfectly plausible to me -- our soldiers running into houses and killing children on purpose.

John Kerry and Jack Murtha

A federal judge has ordered Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Pa.) to testify in a defamation case related to the deaths of Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha in 2005, according to the Associated Press.

Murtha, a former Marine. accused Marines of "cold-blooded murder and war crimes'' during the Haditha incident. Frank Wuterich, a Marine sergeant involved in the incident, has sued Murtha for libel and invasion of privacy over his comments. (He's going to get away with it because of the "speech and debate" clause of the Constitution -- if you want to know more, click here:)

Hey -- Murtha -- nice to know you always rally to America's defense when times are tough. I wonder if the objective media will be running any stories about Murtha being forced to testify. You know -- since they ran stories non-stop when he was out there accusing them of murder.

Terrorist suspect claims torture

(CBS) A German resident held by the U.S. for almost five years tells 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley that Americans tortured him in many ways - including hanging him from the ceiling for five days early in his captivity when he was in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Even after determining he was not a terrorist, Murat Kurnaz says the torture continued. (Well of course it did -- we Americans don't stop with the torture just because you're innocent.) Kurnaz tells his story for the first time on American television this Sunday, March 30, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Kurnaz, an ethnic Turk born and raised in Germany, went to Pakistan in late 2001 at age 19 to study Islam (To study Islam -- that's all) and wound up in Pakistani police custody. (Yes -- he "wound up" in police custody -- prolly just walking down the street -- you know -- studying Islam.) It was three months after 9/11, and Kurnaz says the U.S. was offering bounties for suspicious foreigners. Kurnaz says he was "sold" to the Americans for $3,000 and brought to Kandahar as terrorist suspect.

He claims American troops tortured him in Afghanistan by holding his head underwater, administering electric shocks to the soles of his feet, and hanging him suspended from the ceiling of an aircraft hangar and kept alive by doctors. "Every five or six hours they came and pulled me back down and the doctor came," he recalls. "He looked into my eyes. He checked my heart and when he said 'okay,' then they pulled me back up," he tells Pelley. "Gaaa - I wake up ... my pants unbuckled."

The U.S. Pentagon responding by e-mail says, "We treat all detainees humanely… and all credible claims are investigated thoroughly…. The abuses Mr. Kurnaz alleges are not only unsubstantiated and implausible, they are simply outlandish." More here:

Well -- Two things come to mind here:
1 - Why is "60 Minutes" so Anti-American whenever there is a Republican president? They give voice to enemies of America whenever they possibly can. Oh -- never mind -- we should never question their motives -- after all, they're "Totally Objective Jourrrrrnalists." I wonder when they'll have Hugo Chavez on.

2 - Why do you have to travel all over hell and high water to "study Islam." Seriously -- we catch their asses all over the world and what do they say when they're caught? "I was just studying Islam." Pay attention next time you hear one of these asshats on TV -- you'll hear it.

Death for jackass called "tragic."

By Theodore Decker

A South Side man fatally shot his father Monday after the father "went to jump on" him during a fight in the family home, according to a 911 call to police.

In a weary, subdued voice, Janice Carson detailed in the tape-recorded call the moments that led up to the killing of Steven J. Carson about 3:40 p.m. inside her home at 1348 Oakwood Ave.

Steven Carson, 51, no longer lived there, Janice Carson said, but she didn't explain why he was in the house.

"My ex-husband came in and went to jump on my son, and my son has shot his father," she told the call-taker.

Homicide detectives have not charged the son, identified in various police and court documents as Derick W. Carson, 23. They said the younger Carson might have acted in self-defense, and the case will be presented to a grand jury.

A woman who answered the front door of the home yesterday politely declined to comment, calling the shooting a devastating family tragedy.

In 2000, Steven Carson was charged with aggravated menacing and domestic violence, according to Franklin County Municipal Court records. Arrest documents accused him of threatening to kill Janice Carson, and he ultimately was given a 180-day suspended jail sentence and placed on probation for two years. More here:

Ha -- I love it when someone takes the trouble to inflict themselves on others in their own home and then dies a grisly death as a result. You hear me? I LOVE IT.

Bigfoot raunched me in the fudgetunnel

From the Free Lance Star:
A man who claims that he was molested by Bigfoot as a child was ordered to serve 20 years in prison yesterday for his own molestation-related activities.

Gene R. Morrill, 57, of New Ipswich, N.H., had previously pleaded guilty in Stafford Circuit Court to 20 charges stemming from his efforts to solicit 13-year-old boys over the Internet.

Defense attorney Terrence Patton cited Morrill's mental health issues in seeking leniency from Judge J. Howe Brown.

Morrill told an investigator preparing his pre-sentence report about being sexually assaulted by the legendary Bigfoot, a North American folklore character said to be between 7 and 10 feet tall, and covered in dark brown or dark reddish hair. Patton said Morrill really believes the assaulted happened.

However, Morrill was determined to be mentally competent to stand trial. The judge also couldn't have been impressed with Morrill's criminal record, which includes a rape conviction involving a child in New Hampshire. More here:

Media pisses off Supreme Court Justice

Bold emphasis is mine.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Justice Antonin Scalia took the news media to task Thursday for some recent coverage of the Supreme Court.

At a conference of attorneys in Washington, Scalia said news organizations often fail to focus on the text of the laws the court interprets, citing accounts of last month's 8-1 decision that made it harder for consumers to sue makers of federally approved medical devices.

He singled out for criticism a New York Times editorial on the case headlined "No Recourse for the Injured."

The media often make it appear as though the court is reaching policy judgments on its own rather than basing its decisions on the text of the law at issue in a case, Scalia said.

In some instances, said Scalia, the news media leave the impression that no ruling based on the text of a law "is even possible."

Ha ha -- imagine that -- the media "often make it appear" -- and "leave the impression" -- but -- it's all "free speech" -- until they misrepresent YOU, right Scalia?

Friday, March 28, 2008

TROPO expresses, well, outrage over Geert Wilder's video, Fitna

Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh are protesting this video. Jihadi world wide are making death threats. Pakistan blocks YouTube in its country and accidently blocks it for the world. Wait a minute... Bangladesh protests? Don't they have enough problems of their own already? Well anyway, they protested. Click HERE for the article and watch the video that spurred further outrage amongst TROPO. Islam therefore I am.

By the way, TROPO=The Religion Of Perpetual Outrage.

Jackass makes jackass of self - again

(CBS) Self-avowed "P.R. agent for the planet" Al Gore says those who still doubt that global warming is caused by man - among them, Vice President Dick Cheney - are acting like the fringe groups who think the 1969 moon landing never really happened, or who once believed the world is flat.

The former vice president and former presidential candidate talks to 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl in an interview to be broadcast this Sunday, March 30, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Confronted by Stahl with the fact some prominent people, including the nation’s vice president, are not convinced that global warming is man-made, Gore responds: "You're talking about Dick Cheney. I think that those people are in such a tiny, tiny minority now with their point of view, they’re almost like the ones who still believe that the moon landing was staged in a movie lot in Arizona and those who believe the world is flat,” says Gore. "That demeans them a little bit, but it's not that far off," he tells Stahl.

Hey -- Al Gore -- Mr. Nobel Peace Prize -- Mr. Oscar -- Mr. 60 Minutes -- I hate to hurt your self esteem but I have something to tell you. It doesn't matter how many communist organizations tout your idiotic theory. It doesn't matter who is "in the minority" with regard to science. Scientific principles are not up for a vote -- braying jackass.

Hey, Gore -- if you're such a "PR agent" for the planet, howcum you're getting rich selling carbon credits to peckerwoods? It's funny -- if people believe you, you get richer -- isn't that - uh - what do they call it -- oh yeah -- a conflict of interest -- PR man. I sure hope you have to pay all that money back soon.

No, we're not hiring cretinous egomaniacs

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Reuters) - The head of the top U.S. phone company AT&T Inc (T.N) said on Wednesday it was having trouble finding enough skilled workers to fill all the 5,000 customer service jobs it promised to return to the United States from India.

"We're having trouble finding the numbers that we need with the skills that are required to do these jobs," AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson told a business group in San Antonio, where the company's headquarters is located.

So far, only around 1,400 jobs have been returned to the United States of 5,000, a target it set in 2006, the company said, adding that it maintains the target.

Stephenson said he is especially distressed that in some U.S. communities and among certain groups, the high school dropout rate is as high as 50 percent.

"If I had a business that half the product we turned out was defective or you couldn't put into the marketplace, I would shut that business down," he said.
More here:

What's that? Businesses don't want to hire the self-centered illiterate morons that our schools are putting out? Who could have predicted this? Who could have seen this coming? If only we had a clairvoyant genius who could have warned us. Now we've gone and ruined at least two generations with our idiotic education policies.

Well -- at least all the kids have great self esteem ... right? That's right, "I can't read or do math but I'm special ... and I always got one of the trophies in whatever contest I entered."

Friday Pins - YAY!

Click image to enlarge

Thursday, March 27, 2008

More objective jourrrrrrnalism

From Newsbusters:

AP Math:
0.6% Rise is 'Feeble'
0.6% Decline is 'Plunge'

By Noel Sheppard March 27, 2008 - 10:03 ET

Want an even clearer picture of how media are intentionally reporting economic data in a way that makes the public feel things are much worse than they are?

Consider the different adjectives the good folks at the Associated Press use to describe a 0.6 percent change depending on whether or not it's an increase or a decrease.

As reported by NewsBusters two weeks ago, when the Commerce Department announced that retail sales for February had declined by 0.6 percent, the Associated Press declared that a "plunge."

Yet, when the Gross Domestic Product grows by a similar amount, the AP reports it as "feeble" (emphasis added, h/t NB reader Matthew Noll):

The Commerce Department reported Thursday that gross domestic product increased at a feeble 0.6 percent annual rate in the October-to-December quarter. The reading -- unchanged from a previous estimate a month ago -- provided stark evidence of just how much the economy has weakened. In the prior quarter, the economy clocked in at a sizzling 4.9 percent growth rate.

How do these people look at themselves in the mirror each morning?

Baaaaa - Baaaaaa -- that sure sounds Baaaaaaad to us sheeple. The Republicans have GOT to go. Thank god we can count on the totally objective media to present an unbiased view of "the facts" so we can decide for ourselves.

Democrat group totally "non -partisan"

From Newsbusters:

Newspapers Fail to Recognize Liberal Leanings of Families USA
By Lyndsi Thomas March 27, 2008 - 12:41 ET

From windy Washington, D.C., to sunny Palm Beach, Florida, the liberal print media are refusing to note the liberal bent of an interest group vocal in the health care debate.

The March 26 edition of the Palm Beach Post -- a broadsheet notorious to conservatives for its unbalanced treatment of Rush Limbaugh -- featured not one but two articles which pushed government-run universal health care. In both of them, the Post asserted that Floridians are dying daily due to a lack of health care coverage.

The source for the Post’s assertion was a recent study by the liberal group Families USA. Not surprisingly, the Post described the organization as simply a “nonpartisan” group that advocates for “comprehensive health care” while conveniently leaving out the group’s liberal tendencies, its support of socialist-style universal healthcare and that its political allies include liberal Democratic politicians such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.)More here:

Sure fooled the sheeple. Boy do WE look stupid ... AGAIN.

Woopsie -- we forgot -- AGAIN!

AP Ignores Fact Indicted Puerto Rico Gov an Obama Superdelegate
By Ken Shepherd March 27, 2008 - 13:14 ET

Color me unsurprised.

The Associated Press, reporting the indictment of Puerto Rico Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila (pictured at right via AFP/Getty Images file photo) failed to note Vila is a Democrat, let alone that he is an Obama superdelegate.

But Vila's party affiliation is hardly a state secret. Indeed, ABC's Jake Tapper noted the Obama connection on his Political Punch blog this morning:

More here:

Way to go, very trustworthy and "totally objective jourrrrnalists."

Er ah -- Er ah -- Under oath?

From HotAir:

Guy mistakes self for The Klown

Arrest warrant issued for 'God'

A magistrate has issued an arrest warrant for a man who failed to turn up to court because he is "God" and above the law.

Richard James Howarth was remanded to appear in the Ipswich Magistrate's Court to answer a string of traffic offences, including four counts of driving with a blood alcohol content more than three times the legal limit.

However, his lawyers said he failed to appear after having earlier informed them he would not talk to them because he is was the almighty and above answering to Queensland laws.

Sheesh -- somebody is a little full of themselves.

Obama says the Klown should pay

Democrat Barack Obama mocked John McCain on Wednesday for urging government restraint in responding to the mortgage crisis, saying the Republican would "just sit back and watch" as millions of Americans lost their homes.

"We've been down this road before," Obama said. "It's the road George Bush has taken . . . for the last eight years. It's the idea that government has no role at all in solving the challenges facing working families -- that all we can do is hand out tax breaks for the wealthiest few and let the chips fall where they may." Gaaaa - tax breaks for the evil rich.

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds dismissed Obama's comments as "old attack and smear tactics."

"John McCain has called for an immediate and balanced approach to provide transparency and accountability in an effort to help homeowners who are hurting, while Barack Obama has made a $10-billion election-year promise that is sure to raise taxes and handcuff an already struggling economy," Bounds said.

In a Santa Ana speech Tuesday, McCain said that he was open to ideas on weathering the crisis, but that government should not reward banks or small borrowers that had acted irresponsibly. More here:

Yes -- after all -- people aren't capable of reading their own contracts -- you know -- since liberals have blocked discipline in classrooms for 2 generations. Now it's a huge surprise when these illiterates are "ripped off" by "predatory lending" practices.

After all -- why should people have to pay attention in school? What benefit do they derive from it ... the ability to earn a living and avoid "rip offs?" Why should they work and study hard ... hell ... if I make a huge mistake, the Klown will gladly pay ... he doesn't mind ... just ask Obama and the libs.

But Klown -- Obama is only going to "tax the rich."

Sure he is -- and the rich will never raise my prices to make up the difference -- right? Let me tell you -- if you ever sit in on a corporate board meeting, you will see -- if expenses (taxes) go up, the corporation MUST raise their prices or cut expenses. If they do not, their profits will decrease -- if their profit decreases the stockholders will start to fire the executives. So -- you end up paying the higher tax FOR THEM ... CAPISCE?

Meanwhile, that McCain, boy -- he sure is a cruel Republican. He's going to let the idiots suffer the pain for their own actions. And when I say "idiots," -- I mean ALL the idiots -- borrowers and lenders.

And then there's this at the bottom of the article:
Obama leads Clinton in delegates won in primaries and caucuses -- 1,621 to 1,499 -- according to the AP. But it is virtually impossible for either candidate to win enough delegates to capture the nomination, so more than 700 superdelegates will decide the race.

Spokesman Brendan Daly said Pelosi believed "it would do great harm to the Democratic Party if superdelegates are perceived to overturn the will of the voters. This has been her position throughout this primary season, regardless of who was ahead at any particular point in delegates or votes."

Ok -- I have to ask a question of this idiot lib. Hey -- idiot lib -- if the superdelegates are supposed to vote exactly the same as the regular voters -- then why have superdelegates? Answer that, shitforbrains.

Dung catapult to target vandals

A former stuntman has warned would-be vandals they face being fired at with a catapult loaded with chicken manure.

Former stuntman Joe Weston-Webb, 70, said his offices in Kegworth, Notts, have been attacked by arsonists and he was fighting back with the weaponry.

Mr Weston Webb said: "There's no way anyone will get I thought I would set up my own defence."

A police spokesman said they would give "practical security advice" but warned against using "unreasonable force".

Warning sign

Mr Weston-Webb, who supplies flooring to hit BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, said he will also use a cannon, which once shot his wife Mary across the River Avon in a circus show, to fire a railway sleeper at intruders.

"I have put up a sign warning anyone who enters the property that they could get hit with a railway sleeper or chicken poo.

"I have got all this old kit and I am going to put it to some use and stop it rather than letting it rot in a field."

Mr Weston-Webb said the arsonists had caused £2,000 of damage to his offices. More here:

Yes -- a catapult full of chicken shit -- that ought to smell for days.

Hey Klown -- what is a railway sleeper?

I had to look it up -- but it's another name for a railroad tie. I guess he was going to put that in the cannon. I guess that would kill an arsonist in a grisly way. Put ME on the jury please.


SEATTLE -- A parachute unearthed in Southwest Washington could explain whether D.B. Cooper survived his leap from a plane 36 years ago.

The man calling himself Dan Cooper, also known as D.B. Cooper, boarded a Northwest flight in Portland for a flight to Seattle on the night of Nov, 24, 1971, and commandeered the plane, claiming he had dynamite.

In Seattle, he demanded and got $200,000 and four parachutes and demanded to be flown to Mexico. Somewhere over southwestern Washington, he jumped out of the plane's tail exit with two of the chutes and the money strapped to his body. He was never seen again, alive or dead.

Cooper's crime has kept investigators guessing over the decades. But the parachute, which was recently dug up by the children of a Clark County farmer in the area where the mysterious skyjacker likely landed, has raised new questions.

"It's fragile to the touch, and it's obviously been in the ground for some time," agent Larry Carr said of the canvas.

Children playing outside their home near Amboy found the chute sticking up from the ground this month in an area where their father had been grading a road.

Carr says they pulled on the fabric as much as they could, then cut the parachute's ropes with scissors. They had seen recent media coverage on the D.B. Cooper case and urged their dad to call the FBI. More here:

Communist jackass hates McCain

Chavez says U.S. relations could worsen with McCain

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a socialist and fierce U.S. critic, warned on Tuesday that relations with Washington could worsen if Republican candidate John McCain wins this year's presidential election.

Chavez said he hopes the United States and Venezuela can work better together when his ideological foe, U.S. President George W. Bush, leaves the White House next year, but he said McCain seemed "warlike."

"Sometimes one says, 'worse than Bush is impossible,' but we don't know," Chavez told foreign correspondents. "McCain also seems to be a man of war."

Chavez -- who has called Bush "the devil", "a donkey" and 'Mr Danger" -- accuses the United States of having imperial designs in Latin America and says the White House has plotted his overthrow. More here:

Pipe down, Chavez -- dumbass. Go back to seizing private businesses and price controls and creating shortages of food in your stores -- you're much better at that. Of course, I don't like McCain either -- he's Mr. Amnesty and for a few other reasons, but I shallna digress. If YOU hate him, suddenly, I like him better.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

El Al comes under fire for finding a system that actually works- racial profiling

Israel's renowned airline security faced a legal challenge Wednesday from a civil rights group charging that its practice of ethnic profiling is racist because it singles out Arabs for tougher treatment.

Arabs have said over and over that they want to kill jews... that it's their mission... their right... their duty... and they back up their words with actions... over and over and over again... so the Jewish airline decides it's going to defend itself and now THEY'RE the racists? Next thing you know, uttering "I feared for my life" won't absolve you of murder because there will be no longer be such a thing as self-defense.

CLICK HERE for entire article.

UFO Identification Chart

Found it at Miss Cellania:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

School principal = candyass

By ALLIE SHAH , Star Tribune Forest Lake High's principal said the decision was spurred by concerns that the presentation was more political than educational.

A national tour featuring decorated veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan won't be stopping at Forest Lake Area High School today as planned, after school leaders abruptly canceled the visit.

Steve Massey, the school principal, said the decision to cancel was prompted by concerns that the event was becoming political rather than educational and therefore was not suitable for a public school.

He said the school had received several phone calls from parents and others, some of whom indicated that they may stage a protest if the event took place.

"The event was structured to be an academic classroom discussion around military service. We thought we'd provide an opportunity for kids to learn about service in the context of our history classes," Massey said. "As the day progressed, it became clear that this was becoming a political event ... which would be inappropriate in a public setting.

"We decided to cancel," Massey said. Organizers of the National Heroes Tour then scrambled to relocate the event to the American Legion building in Forest Lake. The visit, which U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Stillwater, had been scheduled to attend, is sponsored by Vets for Freedom, a national organization run by Pete Hegseth, a 1999 graduate of Forest Lake Area High School who served with the 101st Airborne in Iraq in 2005-06.

"I think it's extremely unfortunate that a school would bow to the political pressure of outside groups and not bring in a veterans organization," Hegseth said. "Are we saying that patriotism and duty and honor have no place in our public schools?" More here:

Yes, Mr. Principal -- and what are you teaching your students by folding? Are you teaching them that the military is bad? Are you teaching them to fold and give up under the slightest bit of pressure? Are you teaching them that 15 people with signs and shit-for-brains can dictate the school's agenda? Are you teaching them to avoid controversy at any cost? Are you teaching them that there really is no difference between right and wrong? RESIGN, BRAYING JACKASS, I don't want you teaching kids a damn thing.

I wasn't going to pound it -- sheesh

Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Published: March 25, 2008

MANATEE COUNTY - Prosecutors are moving ahead with a case against one of two 93-year-old men picked up during undercover prostitution stings.

In the case of Frank Milio, prosecutors have issued subpoenas and plan to take him to trial in April.

Milio, according to police records, tried to pay $20 in November to an undercover officer on 14th Street West.

Milio recently told the Herald-Tribune he was only flirting with the woman.

"I haven't had that in years," he said. "Ninety-three is kind of old."

Carlos Underhill, 93, will not be charged, although he does not deny stopping to chat with the "good-looking girl" who made eyes at him and turned out to be an undercover officer.

Police say Underhill was willing to pay $30 for sex and that he promised to come back a few hours later to consummate the deal.

Prosecutors say that they cannot move ahead with the criminal case because there is no way to prove Underhill planned to come back.

Underhill was fined $150 for trying to pick up a prostitute in 1990, when he was 75. In the latest case, he says, he was not cruising Tamiami Trail for sex: He just wanted to chat with the buxom woman who smiled at him as he drove past.

"All I was going to do was talk," he said Monday. "It wasn't for sex. I am 93, you know."

Yeah -- lay off -- he wasn't going to pound it -- he just wanted to chat. LMAO. Wait -- The Klown is getting a psychic message -- it says "HE WAS GOING TO POUND IT TO DEATH."

Objective jourrrrrnalists make "mistake"

From Newsbusters:
By Brent Baker

Two weeks since the ABC and NBC evening shows took multiple days before getting around to informing viewers that disgraced New York Governor Eliot Spitzer belonged to the Democratic Party -- after every ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news program last year immediately highlighted the party of Republican Senators David Vitter and Larry Craig -- Monday's broadcast network evening newscasts all failed to note, verbally or on-screen, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's party.

ABC anchor Charles Gibson announced on World News: “Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was charged today with felonies that could cost him his job and 15 years in prison.” NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams relayed how “Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick...was indicted on perjury and other charges in the wake of a sex scandal there.” (NBC also refused to tag Kilpatrick in a full story aired Friday night.) Over on Monday's CBS Evening News, fill-in anchor Harry Smith introduced a full story: “In Detroit, a sex scandal led to criminal charges today against the Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, a married father of three.”

Hahahaha. They fooled us -- boy, do WE look stupid.

Gaaaa - I thought he was dead

By Mark Tomasik

U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney, whose district includes much of Martin and St. Lucie counties, is hoping he won’t have to attend the Democratic Party national convention in Denver in August.

If he does go, that will mean the Democrats still haven’t decided a nominee for the presidential election. And if neither Sen. Hillary Clinton nor Sen. Barack Obama has clinched the nomination by August, Mahoney says we may see a brokered convention, meaning the nominee could emerge from a negotiated settlement.

“If it (the nomination process) goes into the convention, don’t be surprised if someone different is at the top of the ticket,” Mahoney said.

A compromise candidate could be someone such as former vice president Al Gore, Mahoney said last week during a meeting with this news organization’s editorial board.

If either Clinton or Obama suggested to a deadlocked convention a ticket of Gore-Clinton or Gore-Obama, the Democratic Party would accept it, Mahoney said. More here:

Pic from The Onion - "Al Gore, caught warming globe."

Allahu Akhbar - gotcher hat - OW!!

Jay Dow

BROOKLYN (CBS) ― A Brooklyn rabbi is speaking out after a scary encounter with a man accused of snatching his yarmulke off his head.

Rabbi Uria Ohana's crash course on street justice -- and the justice -- system continues.

"I got a call from the district attorney," Ohana said. "I'm going to testify in front of the grand jury."

The case is against 18-year old Ali Hussein, accused of snatching Ohana's yarmulke last week inside a Park Slope subway station. It was an offense Ohana says he couldn't let pass.

"I decided to chase him to get my yarmulke back," Ohana said.

Prosecutors haven't classified the incident as a bias crime yet, but a Brooklyn resident who spoke to CBS 2 HD says he's not encouraged by what happened.

"It's unfortunate that these two cultures that don't get along a world away … even here in Brooklyn … are not getting along," Brooklyn resident Miguel Yazinsky said.

Rabbi Ohana says as he ran back down the station's stairs two of Hussein's friends got up from this bench and chased him out of the station.

"They were screaming 'Allahu Akhbar (God is great) and punching my face," Ohana said.

But Ohana says things came to a head when Hussein was hit by a car as he ran out onto Fourth Avenue. EMS officials confirm responding to a call at that time and location for a pedestrian struck by a vehicle.

At the subway station, CBS 2 HD found little sympathy for Hussein.

"So you're trying to say the guy who grabbed it got hit by a car? That's justice, isn't it?" Brooklyn resident Kevin Ryan said.

Not for Rabbi Ohana, who says despite the fact Hussein was injured, he still wants him prosecuted to fullest extent of the law.

Hussein is charged with grand larceny, petty larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. Prosecutors expect more charges will be filed.
(© MMVIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

So -- two guys were beating him and nobody helped him? Why?

Oh -- yeah -- because the American justice system sees to it that you're tied up in court for years afterward. The media and cops tell you that you should never get involved -- you know -- cuz it's so dangerous and so forth and it's always much better to just "give them what they want."

The Klown says, "it is always better to just give up -- unless it's possible to make them gurgle their own blood ... especially these 'allahu akhbar' fuckwits."

We were in great danger - snipers, Gaaa

"... And then we had to run for cover under sniper fire." 2 minutes.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Welfare recipient PWNS idiot citizens

From The Gateway Pundit:

Islamist Scrounger Receives £25,000 Each Year in Welfare While Preaching War Against the UK

Fanatical Islamist Anjem Choudary was again caught preaching hate in Great Britain.
News of the World reported on the latest tape of Anjem Choudary

A FANATICAL preacher of hate has been recorded urging impressionable young British Muslims to go to WAR against our troops.

Yet, sickeningly, crazed cleric Anjem Choudary and his wife rake in more than £25,000 a year in welfare BENEFITS—while he plots to destroy British society.
Sure -- these people look like fine, upstanding citizens to me. You know, being practitioners of the peaceful religion of Islam -- or as I've heard said elsewhere -- the religion of perpetual outrage.

Now Choudary —who once called for the Pope to be executed and described the September 11 hijackers as "magnificent martyrs" — could face arrest under anti-terror laws for his evil ranting on the tape, which was passed to the News of the World. (Tape HERE)

After hearing his latest inflammatory remarks, terror experts asked: "What more does this man need to do before he is locked up?"

Choudary, 41, was taped lecturing a secret meeting in west London earlier this month. On it he urges his Islamic followers to persuade would-be terrorists to sign up for killing campaigns.

The bearded mullah describes non-Muslims as "the enemy" and tells his sympathisers they should brainwash at least TEN Britons a month into becoming al-Qaeda supporters.

FIGHTING jihad \ against Western society is an obligation.

BRITISH Muslims should travel abroad to fight our troops.

TERRORIST wannabes should "put fear into the hearts" of non-Muslims in the UK and spread al-Qaeda messages.

Choudray's lecture tour was launched with the aim of teaching Islamic extremist recruiting teams how to win new members and brainwash them into backing the mass-murdering terror group.

LMAO -- taking welfare from them and preaching their death at the same time. Makes perfect sense. I love how the idiot British let him get away with it. He'd NEVER get away with it here in the US -- what? -- oh -- he would? Our politicians are helpless morons and couldn't stop him either? Oh. Well -- if the Klown were in charge, he'd be wearing his ass for a hat if he wanted to keep getting welfare from the Black Klownstone Nation.