Friday, April 30, 2010

I just got this email from my congressman

Dear Klown,

I recently became a co-sponsor of the Spending Reduction Act of 2010 to require the federal government to cut non-defense and non-security spending by nearly 6%, saving the American taxpayers over $400 billion.

The proposal, which will reinstate caps on federal discretionary spending, is a key component of the Blue Dog Blueprint for Fiscal Reform, a comprehensive plan to reduce the deficit, balance the budget, and lay the groundwork for sound fiscal policies over the long term.

Specifically, this proposal would:

  • Cut non-security discretionary spending by 2% for each of the next 3 years, and freeze spending levels for the subsequent 2 years.
  • Complement the recently restored statutory PAYGO law which will help prevent increases in mandatory spending.
  • Force Congress to prioritize our limited resources and make the tough year-to-year decisions necessary to restore balance to the federal budget.

Originally enacted under bipartisan agreements in the 1990s, discretionary spending caps have a proven track record of controlling spending and reducing the deficit. Alternatively, since they were allowed to expire in 2002, discretionary spending has jumped by more than $538 billion, an alarming trend that threatens to cripple the nation’s economy and saddle future generations of Americans with mountains of debt. This important legislation is a solid step toward getting the federal budget under control in order to build a foundation for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Ok, that's SOMETHING but I would have been much happier with 20 or 30%.  As far as I'm concerned the government uses most of our (non-discretionary) money to fund agencies to hassle us and get in our business.  Jackasses.

Friday Pins

Dirty, dirty pins...

Lesson Learnt.

A pet cat freaked out after giving birth and "tried to kill" its owner, the woman reports. Jackie Ostermiller of Idaho was sleeping when she heard a strange noise. She saw her cat, Renesmee, and went to pick her up. "All I heard was rrwwwrrrr hiss," she tells "She came at me with the deadliest eyes," she says. "She got ahold of my nose first, my face, my arms." Her husband was able to pry off the feline, but not before his wife suffered 35 bites and 15 bruises.
The Ostermillers think the cat was spooked by something and was trying to protect her litter. Still, Ostermiller was surprised by the feline's ferocity. "I want people to know how dangerous cats can be, they can turn on you in a dime," she says. Renesmee was sent to a shelter, where she will probably be put down. The family plans to keep one of the kittens.

It's "turn on you on a dime", dimwit. Let's face it, no animal should be considered "dangerous" if you can pick it up in one hand and throw it against the wall.

"The family plans to keep one of the kittens." Great idea especially when genetics mean nothing to you.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

You heard me, I said TAKE IT OFF ... GAAA

And libs STILL think the US is the worst country on earth

Women With Suntans Will Be Arrested, Iran Police Chief Warns

Women with suntans are violating Islamic law and will be arrested in Iran, the capital city's police chief was reported by The Daily Telegraph as saying Wednesday.

"The public expects us to act firmly and swiftly if we see any social misbehavior by women, and men, who defy our Islamic values," Brigadier Hossien Sajedinia said.

"In some areas of north Tehran we can see many suntanned women and young girls who look like walking mannequins," he continued. "We are not going to tolerate this situation and will first warn those found in this manner and then arrest and imprison them."

The warning follows recent comments made by a hard-line Iranian cleric, who claimed women dressed in revealing clothing were disturbing young men and causing earthquakes. (What about global warming?)

A preacher has also told the residents of Iran's capital Tehran to leave the city.

"Go on the streets and repent for your sins. A holy torment is upon us. Leave town," said Ayatollah Aziz Khoshvaqt during a recent sermon in northern Tehran. From FOXnews:

These people are COMPLETELY insane.  They remind me of libs.  Their first inclination is to BAN things ... and then imprison people. 

I ask you, if you go to jail because you violate a religion, are you a free person?  What if the government forces you to donate to the state religion?  What if the religion is global warming?

Hey ... Fatty Fatty Fo Fatty ... GAAAAAAA

A Lincoln woman is accused of biting off part of a man's ear who insulted her, police say.

Anna Mae Godfrey, 21, 1101 D St., was arrested on suspicion of first-degree assault after an incident outside a house party on the 7400 block of Greenwood Street, said Lincoln Police Officer Katie Flood.

Flood said three men in their twenties at the party were arguing with the rest of the partygoers as they left around 3 a.m. Then, Flood said, one of the men shouted an insult at Godfrey.

Godfrey allegedly ran half a block, tackled the man and bit off a chunk of his right ear.

Flood said the missing piece of the man's ear was not found, and he would likely require plastic surgery. From the journalstar:

LMAO. How ya doin' NOW, genius?  I'll bet that insult seemed like a good idea at the time, eh?  Big, bad man ... yelling at a fatty ... what could go wrong?

I wonder if she swallowed the ear ... you know ... maybe she was hungry after all that running. Don't tell her I said that though.

Holy Cripes, You Capitalists Are a Bunch of Liars and Criminals!

Show's over. Nothing to see here. Move along. We're taking care of everything.

Remember those hearings that Rep. Henry Waxman called, in order to compel those evil big corporations like AT&T to explain exactly why they were declaring huge losses only weeks after ObamaCare was signed? Why did the hearings all of a sudden disappear?
Click here for more.

Just in Case You're Interested in Being Better Informed Than Most Americans...

The funny thing about all these Democrats (including the lead Democrat President Obama) getting outraged over the newly passed Arizona law concerning illegal aliens is that they don't understand the law in the first place. Simply put, there must be legal contact with the individual before they can be asked for identification. In other words (for our Democrat readers), the individual must break a law or appear to have broken a law before they can be asked for identification (or as Socialists call it, "papers").

If you're interested in getting ahead of the curve, click here to read the common myths about the law. If you're a Democrat, go ahead and click here because let's face it- you're not really interested in the facts or the truth anyway.

Special thanks to WAMK for bringing this to my attention.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This reminds me of the time when David Dinkins (former mayor of New York) was pictured in Hamptons magazine but the caption read "Nelson Mandela". I clipped it out and kept it on my refrigerator the entire summer. People who commented either called me a racist or commented "I don't get it- why is that on your fridge?".  I got a lot of enjoyment out of that clip. Now here's one from recent history:

nothing else has to be said

A woman goes to the doctor, beaten black and Blue.

Doctor: "What happened?"

Woman: "Doctor, I don't know what to do.

Every time my husband comes home drunk he beats me to a pulp."

Doctor: "I have a real good medicine for that.
When your husband comes home drunk,
just take a glass of sweet tea and start swishing it in your mouth. Just
swish and swish but don't swallow until he goes to bed and is asleep."

Two weeks later the woman comes
back to the doctor looking fresh and reborn.

Woman: "Doctor, that was a brilliant idea!
Every time my husband came home drunk, I swished with sweet tea. I
swished and swished, and he didn't touch me!"

Doctor: "You see how much keeping your mouth shut helps?"

Tragedy and Mystery? Please Get Yourselves Ready in the Wings.

This brainiac climbed to the top of a 20 foot step ladder, stood on the top (which is typically labeled "NO STEP" for some reason) and does a backflip to dunk a basket. Amazingly, his mascot head does not come off! Needless to say, his success in this endeavor will ultimately lead to his mysterious and tragic death... some day.

It's as if She Got the Face She Deserved.

What Will They Think Of Next?

For your enjoyment, the "Sheep-Pig"
More here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Put the hammer down (in this case it did not mean to go faster)

WHIO Local News

Cop shoots and kills man who was beating girlfriend with hammer
By Tom Michaels - Internet News Director @ April 26, 2010 5:34 AM Permalink | Comments (0)
HAMILTON, Ohio -- A Hamilton cop shot and killed a man who was beating a woman with a hammer.

Hamilton police say the shooting early Sunday morning came after officers were called to an address to look into a possible assault. They say officers ordered the 25-year-old man to stop beating the woman and was shot one time in the chest when he refused.

Police say the woman, who's 23, had serious injuries to her head and was taken by medical helicopter to Miami Valley Hospital. They did not have an update on her condition.

The officer who shot the man is on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Names were not released.

Obama's national security advisor is a funny guy

Oh oh, watch out, I'll bet Sharpton is threatening a march on this administration unless this "racist" is fired.

This "Surveyor" Might Look Familiar.

Sad news! ACORN is limping along on a paltry $4,000,000 a year.

ACORN bertha lewis
Bertha Lewis spends $4,000,000 for four employees. We'd say the organization sounds a little top heavy.
Bertha Lewis is dumb as a rock for admitting this. And we hope we haven’t offended any rocks with that statement.
Associated Press reports the details of the organization’s dollar deficit:
Bertha Lewis, the chief executive officer for the group, said ACORN was getting by on about $4 million annually rather than its one-time $25 million budget and had reduced its staff to four, down from between 350 and 600 employees.
“We’re still alive. We’re limping along. We’re on life support,” Lewis said in an interview just after a government lawyer asked a federal appeals court to temporarily block a judge’s ruling that it was unconstitutional for Congress to cut funding to ACORN.
A $4,000,000 budget with a staff of four?
Who said socialism doesn’t pay?

From IHTM.

Cure for cancer? No ... wait

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Noam Chomsky is scared of "dangerous" right wingers

Noam Chomsky - in great fear

Bold is mine:

Disenchantment with the government and politicians has grown to unprecedented levels in recent times according to research. There is growing anger, uncertainty, pessimism and distrust in Washington, and the fruit of popular frustration is being harvested by rightists. 

Listen, the "rightists" don't have to "harvest" frustrations in order to make a difference at the polls.  It is the LEFTISTS who "harvest frustrations" by getting the evil rich (George Soros, et al) to donate money to their cause, run ads, pay professional protesters, and the like.  We righties just turn out en masse when mightily provoked  We don't need a "leader" with a megaphone and premade signs to do it either.

Recent research from the New York Times / CBS News poll (Yes, gotta take that "research seriously - after all, the NYT and CBS have no bias) revealed that 18% of Americans identify themselves as supporters of the Tea Party, classify themselves "very conservative" and are very pessimistic about the direction of the country and severely critical of Washington and, of course, Obama. Over 90% of them believe that the country moves to a wrong path and the same percentage disapproves of the president and his administration policy. Already 92% of respondents estimated that Obama leads the country "toward socialism" (an opinion shared by more than half the population in general).

What I've learned here is that it's VERY bad when Obama's numbers are low, yet somehow, it was VERY good (in an "I told you so" kind of way) when Bush's numbers were low.

Moreover, the expressions of popular right-wing anger are registered when referencing more hate crimes, a rise of radical right-wing groups, as well as unofficial reports of a growing number of death threats against the president. Public safety agencies have raised the alert status for what is called "domestic terrorism."

Hmmmm, how about that.  What do they call it when the lefties are constantly rioting at the WTO & G8 meetings?  You know, when they are throwing bricks through windows and setting street fires etc ... is THAT terrorism?  They do it all the time.  I guess this must come as a shock to "public saftey agencies" every single time because I've never heard of them putting out a domestic terrorism alert, have you?

Incidents were reported, several under investigation, of acts of intimidation against congressmen and other elected officials. Earlier this month, more than 30 governors received letters from an anti-government, ultra-conservative group who demanded their resignation in a period of three days (although there was no threat of violence), which meant that federal authorities have warned local police that the letters could lead to violent behavior. As such, there are more examples throughout the country.  Whoa ... violent behavior?  You mean like when the leftists protest at various and multiple locations about the latest bullshit frenzy, concocted by the very latest idea, from the very coolest professor at Berkeley?  Well then, I understand.

The wave of disillusionment with the government and its rulers causes concern among some politicians who do not know what impact this might have on the elections of next November. But for others the issue is more alarming.

"Its rulers?" ... I wasn't aware we had "rulers," were you?  And, I have news for you ... if you "do not know what impact this might have on the elections of next November" then your stupidity defies description.

"It's very similar to Weimar Germany, the parallels are striking." Here, too, there is a tremendous disappointment with the parliamentary system, pointed Chomsky interviewing on Truthdig.

Ahhhh, and there it is, the inevitable comparison to the Weimar Republic.  (i.e. how Hitler grabbed power.)

"The United States is very lucky that no honest and charismatic figure has appeared, and if this were to happen this country would be in real trouble for the frustration, disillusionment and the justified anger combined with the absence of a coherent response," he concludes.

Hey, Chomsky, perhaps you've never heard of Sarah Palin.  Are you saying that Barak Obama isn't "honest and charismatic?" Also, what do you mean "the country WOULD be in real trouble?"  As far as I'm concerned this country has been in serious trouble since FDR and it's getting worse as time goes by.

In Germany, he recalls, an enemy was created to explain the crisis which was the Jew. "Here they are the illegal immigrants and blacks. We will say that white men are a persecuted minority. We will say that we must uphold and defend the honor of the nation. Military force will be exalted. There will be blows. This could be converted into an undeniable force. And if it takes place, it will be more dangerous than Nazi Germany. The United States is a world power ... I do not believe that this is far from happening," he says.

WOOPS, someone must have dropped a hat because a leftist just compared righties to Hitler.

Hey, Chomsky, you mean the same dangerous United States that comes to the aid of every country on earth when disasters strike and/or dictators start killing people by the millions?  You mean the United States that has given more money to various and sundry third world countries and causes than any nation on earth?  Are you talking about the imperial United States that goes around defeating enemies in world wars and keeping all their land after defeating them?  Wow, I can see your fears are rational and well founded.  It's thinking like yours that really commands my respect for lefties.

Anyway, no, it's not far from happening (at the hands of lefties) ... but we plan to kick you racist/socialist/communist jackasses out of congress this November.  Please keep in mind, it's not the righties who want to order people around and steal their money in order to give it to the "less fortunate" (or any cause the "majority" thinks is worthy,) it's the lefties.  It's not the righties who insist that everyone exists for the good of the state, it's the lefties.  It's not the righties who look for every possible way to increase taxes and expand the federal government, it's the lefties. 

The righties just want their freedom, that's all.  They want to be left alone and not constantly tormented "for their own good" by their own government.  You see, Chomsky, in OUR country, the politicians work for US, not the other way around.  And when the politicians forget that, they lose their jobs ... nothing "scary" about that to me ... maybe to you, but not to me.

From here:
Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Aliens are out there but Hawking says "Fucketh not, with them"

Excerpts - the rest here - bold is mine:

THE aliens are out there and Earth had better watch out, at least according to Stephen Hawking. He has suggested that extraterrestrials are almost certain to exist — but that instead of seeking them out, humanity should be doing all it that can to avoid any contact.

The suggestions come in a new documentary series in which Hawking, one of the world’s leading scientists, will set out his latest thinking on some of the universe’s greatest mysteries.

Hawking’s logic on aliens is, for him, unusually simple. The universe, he points out, has 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars. In such a big place, Earth is unlikely to be the only planet where life has evolved.

“To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational,” he said. “The real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like.”

What ... to your "mathematical brain?"  Who the hell are you ... the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics (see footnote) at Cambridge or something?  Sheesh @ the ego on this guy.

Now, using his logic of "huge numbers make anything probable," I'd like to point out that those numbers make it probable that huge numbers of intelligent civilizations formed long before ours.  And I mean REALLY long before ... long enough to figure out how to travel through interstellar space (if that is possible.) 

And, if that IS possible then we'd have encountered aliens long before now ... but we haven't.  (You followin' me, camera guy?) That means that it's either impossible, in which case we have nothing to fear, or, that is IS possible but hasn't been done, which means there are no other intelligent civilizations. 

Please keep in mind, he is justifying his thinking by using VERY big numbers.  To me that means if there's one intelligent civilization then there might as well be millions.  That's my Klownasian mathematical brain at work (which luckily, doesn't really take math, just logic.)

Hawking believes that contact with such a species could be devastating for humanity. He concludes that trying to make contact with alien races is “a little too risky”. He said: “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

A little too risky?  Oh, COME ON!!  Surely any advanced society is full of liberals filled with love for "mother universe" and all that's in it.  Probably the worst we have to fear is being condescended to death.  God help us if they catch us letting the polar bears float on those little pieces of ice breaking off the arctic.

Similarly, Lord Rees, the astronomer royal, warned in a lecture earlier this year that aliens might prove to be beyond human understanding.

“I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive,” he said. “Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there are aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.”

"Beyond the capacity of our brains "...  this is something that need to be said more often 

Also, I just want to go on record as being a HUGE fan of Stephen Hawking.  I've read a couple of his books and I love how he can put very complicated ideas into very simple terms so that I can damn near understand them.

An important Professorship of Mathematick was deeded in December 1663 at Cambridge University, England, as a result of a gift from Henry Lucas, M.P. for the university. The Lucasian Professorship of Mathematics is the most famous academic chair in the world. This is due in no small part to the current holder of the chair, Professor Stephen Hawking, who is a well known theoretical physicist, and Sir Isaac Newton who was the second holder of the chair. What is not so commonly known is that the chair has been held by others who represent the best and most influential minds in science and technology the world has known. As a group, the seventeen men who have held the chair have made a unique contribution to the world. The three hundred thirty years that have passed since its founding have seen a dramatic evolution of science. The Chair represents a microcosm of the world's progress over the last three centuries, from the Scientific Revolution to the world of technology that we know today. More here:

White supremacist killed by black guy - motive a big mystery

Excerpts - bold is mine - the rest here
A white supremacist lawyer was stabbed and beaten to death by a black neighbour who had done yard work for him at his home in Pearl, Mississippi.

A preliminary post mortem showed Richard Barrett, 67, was stabbed multiple times in the neck and bashed in the head, Sheriff Ronnie Pennington said.

He had burns over 35 per cent of his body, though investigators believe he was killed on Wednesday night and his house set on fire Thursday to cover up his death.

Pennington did not disclose a motive but said neighbour Vincent McGee, 22, was charged with murder on Thursday and deputies charged three other people in the case on Friday.

Barrett traveled the country to promote anti-black and anti-immigrant views and founded a supremacist group called the Nationalist Movement. 

McGee was released from state prison in February after serving five years of a six-year sentence for simple assault on a police officer and grand larceny.

Barrett, a New York City native and Vietnam War veteran, moved to Mississippi in 1966, just before he founded the Nationalist Movement.

He ran it from an office in the small rural town of Learned, about 20 miles southwest of Jackson, where he also ran a school for skinheads.

Barrett attracted about 50 supporters to a 2008 rally protesting the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in the Louisiana town of Jena, where six black teenagers were charged with beating a white classmate.

Yes, this killing is really baffling the police.  Why,  OH WHY, did McGee do this?  It's a mystery.  Did you ever notice ... in 99% of these brutal crimes nobody talks about motive.  I wonder why that is.  No doubt nothing a gaggle of suing lawyers mouthful of legalese couldn't explain. Hell, they don't even explain WHY they keep mum about the motive.
I don't see why people can't speculate as to a motive.  Is that illegal?  Has it come to that in America ... you can't even say what you think?.

Goodbye pollen ... see ya next year

The weather channel posted about 10 pics of the pine pollen event this year.  You can click here to see the rest.

Pollen on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean about 100 yards off the beach at Myrtle Beach, SC. Picture taken from crew of Carolina Lifecare AStar Helicopter on April 4, 2010.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Known as "Operation Drop in the Bucket"

"Undercover cop removes more than 150 illegal guns from Brooklyn's streets in 'Operation Phoenix'" 

Although statistics are sparse, it's estimated that there are roughly 2 million illegal handguns circulating in New York City (Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island (aka "and another borough I can't remember")). To remove "more than 150" (153 to be precise) means that this guy singlehandedly removed 0.00765% of the estimated illegal handguns.

This is hardly newsworthy. It reminds me of a government operation intended to "wipe out" illegal marijuana farms across the U.S. After four years of covert operations and millions of taxpayers' dollars, they reported that they had found and destroyed 150,000 pot plants and deemed the operation a success. Of course, if you do the math, that's about an acre of pot plants.

I guess Liberals bank on the fact that nobody will do the math. Keep in mind that these are the same people who are responsible for the quality of education in our public schools.

From the Daily News.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I've thought similar things about this before

The Gospel of Luke contains a parable about a rich man and a beggar. Both men die, and the rich man is consigned to hell while the beggar is received into the bosom of Abraham. The rich man pleads for mercy, but Abraham tells him that in his lifetime he received good things and the beggar evil things: “now he is comforted and thou art tormented.” The rich man then begs that his brothers be warned of what lies in store for them, but Abraham rejects this plea as well, saying, “If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead.”

Now, writes E.V. Milner:
Suppose … that this last request of Dives had been granted; suppose, in fact, that some means were found to convince the living, whether rich men or beggars, that ‘justice would be done’ in a future life, then, it seems to me, an interesting paradox would emerge. For if I knew that the unhappiness which I suffer in this world would be recompensed by eternal bliss in the next world, then I should be happy in this world. But being happy in this world I should fail to qualify, so to speak, for happiness in the next world. Therefore, if there were such a recompense awaiting me, its existence would seem to entail that I should at least be not wholly convinced of its existence.
“Put epigrammatically, it would appear that the proposition ‘Justice will be done’ can only be true for one who believes it to be false. For one who believes it to be true justice is being done already.”

fri pins

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Bowel Movement?"

This woman is a bowel movement. Thanks to Glenn Beck's show.

Socialists of the World, Unite!

OK, maybe these are just coincidences.
On Monday, Climate Wire reported that Danish Socialist MEP Dan Jørgensen, vice-chairman of the European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment, called for Europe’s cap-and-trade scheme to be more purely socialist like — wait for it — Barack Obama’s.
Today, E&E News reports (subscription required) that Obama “climate czarina” Carol Browner — who was, until her appointment to a new post created to skirt constitutional constitutional Senate confirmation requirements for such influential posts, was an official of the Socialist International — is behind Obama’s cap-and-trade proposal and particularly the effort to sneak it in the filibuster-proof budget reconciliation measure.
In the words of Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
 From PlanetGore via IHTM

Perpetual motion - is it possible?

Patent examiners are busy people, and when this application arrived at the U.S. Patent Office in 1881 it seemed innocuous enough — the inventor, John Sutliff, had called it simply “motor.” So they issued the patent.

It is, in fact, a perpetual motion machine. When ball L rolls to the left, it depresses the bellows, which fills the submerged bulb, raising the lever and turning cogwheel F. This pivots the box, which sends the ball back to the right, drawing air into the bellows and submerging the bulb again, “and so on alternately.”

Thus the cogwheel turns forever, driving shaft H, which you can hook up to anything you like. A convenient source of endless free energy, and it’s been under our noses all this time.

From The Futility Closet:

When I was in school, I used to devote a lot of time thinking of ways to make perpetual motion. It was fun.

New Honeybee

This is a pic of the new hundred dollar bill coming in Feb 2011.  You can click here for images and info of other redesigned crisp.

Look for a blue ribbon on the front of the note. Tilt the note back and forth while focusing on the blue ribbon. You will see the bells change to 100s as they move. When you tilt the note back and forth, the bells and 100s move side to side. If you tilt it side to side, they move up and down. The ribbon is woven into the paper, not printed on it.

Look for an image of a color-shifting bell, inside a copper-colored inkwell, on the front of the new $100 note. Tilt it to see the bell change from copper to green, an effect which makes the bell seem to appear and disappear within the inkwell.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whew, finally an "Anti-burst" balance board

Your Price: $13.00
Quantity Available:
In Stock

This inflatable balance board wobbles during exercise to improve your core strength, balance and agility. It can be inflated to any level . The more it's pumped, the more challenging your workout becomes. A ribbed pattern on top ensures feet have a firm grip. (Does everything has to be "ribbed" with women?)

Coach Nicole says "An inflatable balance board is more affordable and portable than traditional balance training devices, but works just as well! You can perform exercises while standing, lying on or lunging onto this wobble board to increase the intensity of your exercises and improve your balance (and core strength) at the same time! Try pushups (with one hand or one foot on the board),(sure)  plank exercises, crunches (with the board under your hips), standing strength-training moves and more on this versatile board--the possibilities are endless!" 

Hey, I had no idea that "bursting" was such a huge problem that they felt compelled to include the words "anti burst" in their description of the thing.  I saw this ad and started imagining people using the old "bursting" type and the looks on their faces during the inevitable, brutal  but short-lived, apres-burst flailathon.

Turns out that there are also "anti burst" stability balls for sale also.  Anyway, you can buy one here ... if you're so inclined ... and have a huge (unreasonable?) fear of the "bursting" type.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Federal government upholding the Constitution

The Food and Drug Administration is planning an unprecedented effort to gradually reduce the salt consumed each day by Americans, saying that less sodium in everything from soup to nuts would prevent thousands of deaths from hypertension and heart disease. The initiative, to be launched this year, would eventually lead to the first legal limits on the amount of salt allowed in food products.More here 

Yes, this is what the FEDERAL government should be doing ... killing the enemies of America.  Never mind the border ... GET THAT SALT .... and OHHHhhhhh those TRANSFATS ... and CIGARETTES ... and BLOCK THAT OIL DRILLING .... FLAIL TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT!!  SPEND SPEND SPEND!!!!

Where did these people get the idea that Americans want the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to manage every little tiny thing??  I can just see the state delegates back in the day ... "Please ... let the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT do everything, we states don't want to manage our own affairs.   We know the FDA the EPA etc etc can do a MUCH better job than we. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT knows what's best for everyone.  In fact, why even have states?  And while we're at it, let's shitcan the free market right now, it'll never do us any good.  The free market is the ENEMY!!!"  Just ask Karl Marx.
Seriously though, these liberals people MUST be stopped.  If the government can just do any damn thing it wants, then why even have a Constitution?

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Going to Have to Pick This One Apart Bit By Bit.

From CNN:

Editor's note: Roland S. Martin, a CNN political analyst, is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of "Listening to the Spirit Within: 50 Perspectives on Faith," and the new book, "The First: President Barack Obama's Road to the White House." He is a commentator for TV One Cable Network and host of a Sunday morning news show.

(CNN) -- An angry bunch of Americans has taken to the streets to protest government spending and the direction of the nation, and judging by the massive media coverage, it's as if we have been invaded by a foreign entity, marching on state capitals and Washington ready to lead a coup d'état against our elected officials.

The rise of the Tea Party is being chronicled as a threat to democracy, or a grassroots collective unlike anything we have seen in many years.

As Public Enemy wisely put it with their hit song in 1988, "Don't Believe the Hype!"

First, let's deal with the Tea Party haters. Please, shut up. [With this part I agree.]

How can any liberal, progressive, moderate or conservative be mad about a group of Americans taking to the streets to protest the actions of the country? What they are engaged in is constitutional. The freedom to assemble, march, walk, scream and yell is right there in the document we all abide by. [I also agree with this part.]

Do I object to idiots holding up clearly racist signs, as well as the stupidity of images of President Obama as Hitler? Of course. That ignorance detracts from whatever commentary they are trying to make on the status of the nation. [This part too... at this point, I double-checked to see if I was actually reading CNN.]

When I debated Tea Party leader Mark Williams on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 show a few months ago, I was appalled when he was unwilling to say that if someone came to one of his rallies with a racist sign, he would tell them to take it down. [Uh... I'm not pro-racism but "appalled"? I started suspecting self-righteousness- you know Libstink.]

He tried to invoke the First Amendment, but he was clearly offering people comfort for such shenanigans. [Here's where he started reading minds. A Lib getting to full stride now.]

But it's clear that most of the folks ["folks"- Libspeak] attending Tea Party rallies are not bigots and homophobes ["or" perhaps?]. There are ignorant fools in all groups, and the Tea Party is no different.

If anyone wants to oppose the Tea Party for spreading misinformation, do that [I guess we should all go ahead and assume that the Tea Party is known for spreading misinformation]. But to assert that it's wrong to take part in civic engagement is utterly silly. The best of this country came out of the action of those in the streets. [A lot more than just the best came out of the action of those in the streets- don't forget the worst (the L.A. riots spring to mind) and don't forget that there are countless other better venues from which "the best" of this country come.]

For those who oppose the Tea Party, you have every right to gather with those who agree with you and take to the streets. If they oppose the policies of President Obama, and you support them, demonstrate your support for his agenda. Don't whine about someone else making noise. Men and women, stand up and be heard.

And if you want to oppose the Tea Party, do so on the facts.

It's laughable when a Tea Partier laments taxes in the U.S. when, for the middle class, they are virtually at their lowest level in more than 50 years. [Straw Man fallacy- Tea Partiers don't lament taxes in the U.S.- they lament the fact that Obama has raised them and plans on raising them further.]

To suggest that 95 percent of Americans didn't get a tax cut in President Obama's first year is just dead wrong. [Who suggested that? Many (including Saturday Night Lib) have suggested that Obama did absolutely nothing his first year. Unless you're a Lib, doing nothing is unimpressive.]

The reality is that the Tea Party is more aligned with Republicans. According to a CBS News/ New York Times poll [How about citing an unbiased poll instead?] released last week, 18 percent of Americans say they view themselves as a member of the Tea Party; 54 percent are Republicans; and 89 percent are white. [54 percent is "more aligned"? Once you take standard deviation, sampling error and poll bias possibilities, it's not exactly "statistically meaningful".]

Sen. John McCain received 59 million votes to Obama's 69 million votes. Those 59 million voters didn't move to Canada or Mexico, so they are predisposed to oppose the president's agenda. [Maybe. In my case, I accepted the fact that Obama was elected president and it wasn't until I saw what he was doing that I opposed it. I suspect there are plenty of other people who voted for McCain who felt the same way.]

So what we really have here is a group of people who are more likely than not to support GOP candidates nationwide. [Straw Man II. The statistics he cited don't necessarily support this argument... you know- unless you want them to.] I don't view the Tea Party as being some new entity that is drawing out disenfranchised voters who have long been absent from the process. They are no different in 2010 than what was in 1998: a group of disgruntled Americans operating outside of the traditional two-party apparatus and expressing their own self-interests. [That's not exactly what was in 1998. MoveOn's originated to petition Congress to "censure President Clinton and move on" as opposed to impeaching him. You know- "no big deal- let him go without punishment. Don't go making such a big deal out of the whole thing." Furthermore, MoveOn has raised millions of dollars for candidates of the Democrat part. In other words, MoveOn is a Democrat "movement" whereas the Tea Party is not affiliated with either the Democrats or the Republicans.]

I more than welcome the Tea Party folks ["folks"= Libspeak]. Protesting is America at its finest [Really? Really?]. But I'm also not fooled one bit by them. [Again the Liberal's overwhelming feelings of inadequacy comes out of the shadows. He's not "fooled" by them. Not one bit. Because he's smarter than the rest of you.]

They are a rowdy, loud and forceful bunch filled largely with Republicans [Straw Man III. Nobody has reasonably established that they're rowdy, loud, forceful OR filled largely with Republicans. I guess we should just take his word for it... or something.] who oppose the policies of the president [BTW, now that Bush is out of office, it's no longer patriotic or intelligent to oppose the policies of the president.]. Nothing wrong with that. There were a bunch of rowdy, loud and forceful liberals and progressives taking to the streets to oppose the policies of President George W. Bush. [Of course, it has been reasonably established that Liberals and Progressives are rowdy, loud and forceful and they opposed the policies of President G.W. Bush, but just because half of what you say in a paragraph is true, it doesn't mean the whole paragraph is true.]

Folks [again? Really?], this isn't a radical transformation of the nation shaping up. It's the latest effort by citizens primarily in one party [He sneaks it in one more time cuz "no, really"] or professing one ideology to rise up and allow their voices to be heard.

And that's a good thing.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Roland S. Martin.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poor Al Gore. He Probably Thought Nobody Would Notice or Care.

MORE SCANDAL? Gore takes cash for water campaign from chemical firm. “Al Gore, the self-styled squeakiest-clean and deepest-green politician in American history, has some explaining to do this weekend. His environmental organisation has taken money to raise awareness about the need for clean water from a controversial chemicals company involved in the aftermath of one of the world’s worst pollution disasters.”
From Instapundit.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Charles Krauthammer Responds to Obama's "You would think they'd be saying Thank You"


17:04 mins and worth it.

South Africa, 1980s. Using a young Xhosa boy as a pawn, a farmer teaches his puppy to be white man’s best friend. Ten years later, both their lives hang in the balance at the mercy of the dog. [No animals were harmed during the making of this film.] Winner of Second Prize in the Student Live Action Film over 15’ at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, USA 2001, Best Student Film at Aspen Shortfest, USA 2002, Best Short Film and Best Achievement in Writing for a Short Film at St Kilda Film Festival, Australia 2002, Best Short Film at the Nashville Independent Film Festival, USA 2002, Best Foreign Short at LA Shorts Fest, USA 2002, FEDIC Plaque at the Film Video International Film Festival, Montecatini Terme, Italy 2003 and nominated for an Oscar in the Live Action Short Film category at the 75th Annual Academy Awards in 2003. Made in 2001.
 Click here to watch the film. Discuss your thoughts in comments if you like.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flash Mob Invades Tea Party Rally- Only One Set of Handcuffs Required.

This idiot Liberal "infiltrator" and all of his friend [sic] invaded a Tea Party rally and fired up a flash mob of one (plus a cameraman to document the humiliation). There's no telling why the cameraman allowed this video to get out to the internet. I suspect he's so deluded that he thought it was a "success".

Sean Hannity Might Get Fired!

Bold is mine.

Popular Fox News host Sean Hannity is reportedly in the doghouse with executives at the conservative-leaning cable network for charging admission to attend a scheduled taping of his show from a Tea Party rally at the University of Cincinnati yesterday — with the proceeds going to the rally's organizers. Fox honchos were reportedly so angry when they learned of the arrangement that they pulled the plug on the event (the whole event??) and ordered Hannity to return to the network's headquarters to tape the show at his studio there. (Nor (NOR? nice grammar!) was that taping without controversy, as one of Hannity's guests, Col. Oliver North, who was convicted on three felony charges for his role in the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal, described President Obama's governing philosophy as "anti-American." )

From Yahoo! "News" Brett Michael Dykes "National Affairs Writer". Rest of pablum here.

You Would Think They Would Be Saying Thank You. Indeed.

The one is amused. He honestly thinks he can still control the narrative the way he did during the campaign. Instapundit is posting reports from around the country. I've seen reports on Twitter of 25,000 in DC, 10,000 plus in Madison and Barry is amused. Keep laughing right through to November, bud. We'll see who's laughing then.
Obama makes light of anti-tax protests
MIAMI (AP) -- President Barack Obama says he's amused by the anti-tax tea party protests that have been taking place around Tax Day.
Obama told a fundraiser in Miami on Thursday that he's cut taxes, contrary to claims of protesters.
He says he's been a little amused over the past couple of days when people at the rallies complained about taxes.
Quoting the president: "You would think they'd be saying thank you."
 From RiehlWorld.

With Only One Minor Criticism.

The statue in the picture is not on the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building is in the background. Close enough... I guess.

From ChannelNewsAsia.

How do I get the state to take away my children?

I've just lost my job and life is really stressful right now, my (ex)wife is a meth addict we haven't heard from in 2 years and I'm stuck with 3 children (9 11 and 14) that I hate and are a huge drain on my finances.

They've never liked me and only care if I buy them things and I hate their personalities, they don't know what good music is and don't know how to act like civil human beings. I'm not getting any joy out of them and they'd be better off somewhere else.

I think the best way is to have the state take them away from me, the only thing is I don't want to get arrested as well, so developing a drug habit is out.

My plan is to not pack them a lunch and tell them to take it up with their teacher, when she calls I'll call her a whore and tell her to mind her own damn business. She'll send over social services and I'll act like a complete ***hole (although not doing anything illegal) and say I hate my kids and then they'll take the kids away and I can enjoy the single life again. Will this work?

PS. -- Preemptive for all the haters! My kids just suck. Did you ever meet a really cool guy and then meet his kids and they're a bunch of wieners and you're like "how did such an awesome guy end up with such lousy kids?" That's my situation.

Think Steve Buscemi's kids on the Sopranos, they're that lame.

Click the link below to read the comments to this idiotic post. Be prepared though- they're all sane and reasonable so they're less entertaining than the original question.

fri pins

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Isn't Usually My Thing.

But since it actually happened to me just now, I had to share. Improper ad placement FAIL.

Uh... "we"???

A visibly perturbed Jay Barbree, during MSNBC live coverage on Thursday, called out Barack Obama for making cuts in NASA that could result, as he claimed, in 9,000 employees losing their jobs even though during the campaign, as the long time NBC correspondent reported, the President "told 15,000 workers here at the Space Center that if they would vote for him, that he would protect their jobs." This sent MSNBC live anchor Alex Witt immediately into administration defense mode as she asserted: "I will say on behalf of the Obama administration, they contend that 2500 new jobs will be created."

The following exchange was aired during MSNBC's live April 15 coverage at around 12pm Eastern:

ALEX WITT: Right now on MSNBC, President Obama gets ready to head to NASA to try to build support for his efforts to revamp the nation's space program. Although the international space station will remain active, plans to send astronauts back to the moon are being scrubbed for now and that is dividing, not only Congress, but also some of the few people who have actually stepped foot on the lunar surface. Let's bring in NBC's Jay Barbree who's live for us at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Jay, good day to you.

JAY BARBREE: Good day to you Alex.

WITT: Okay so this is really, there's a dividing line here between these very few elite men.

BARBREE: It sure is. Well I'll tell you it's really not. You have, you have Buzz Aldrin, who is - has his oldest son Andrew Aldrin is a, is the chief planner of the Launch Alliance Group, the Delta 4 rocket and the Atlas 5 rocket and they are the people who are trying to get the job of hauling the Orion spacecraft into space and they're going to downsize it so they can put them on these rockets. So what - they're trying to do that. Neil Armstrong and all the rest of the guys, they see what's happening here. We do not have a conceivable...I can't get the word out. They do not have continuation of the space program.

WITT: Okay.

BARBREE: But I'm a little disturbed right now, Alex. I just found out some very disturbing news. The President came down here in his campaign and told these 15,000 workers here at the Space Center that if they would vote for him, that he would protect their jobs. 9,000 of them are about to lose their job. He is speaking before 200, extra hundred people here today only. It's invitation only. He has not invited a single space worker from this space port to attend. It's only academics and other high officials from outside of the country. Not one of them is invited to hear the President of the United States, on their own space port, speak today. Back to you Alex.

WITT: Alright Jay I can understand why that would certainly get you a bit upset. I will say, on behalf of the Obama administration, they contend that 2500 new jobs will be created, even more, they say, than the 2012 Constellation would have created, that program. So I know all this remains to be seen, but understandably we get why you're upset, right now. Along with many others down there. Let's see if the President clears that up later today. Jay thanks so much.

I know this goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway. How on earth does a newscaster- an actor who gets paid not to smile- dare to speak for the Obama administration? That makes about as much sense as a Jets fan proclaiming, "we kicked their ass last night" after the Jets win a game. There is no "we". You didn't have any impact on the outcome of the game at all except that you bought a ticket (theoretically) and made some noise along with 50,000 other people in the stands. Sure, you could argue that without fans, there would be no team in the first place but that doesn't mean you can personally take any credit for the performance of the team. Well, not without being made of rubber and the ability to stretch pretty far for a nugget of truth.

Furthermore, I'm sick and tired of these idiots asserting that we really don't know what is going to happen but they're sure it'll all be fine if we just wait patiently. That's a painful reminder of the passengers on the planes that crashed on 9/11. They all sat there patiently because at the time, everyone "knew" that if you obeyed the terrorists, they'd let you go peacefully. Of course, that wasn't exactly the case and the passengers on the plane that crashed in PA knew better and did something to prevent further carnage.

I feel like conservatives are the passengers on the plane in PA and liberals are the passengers on the planes in NY and DC. I'd even bet that if someone stood up to do something to stop the terrorists on one of those three planes, the liberals would have done everything in their power to stop him or her. Furthermore, those who didn't physically intervene would probably be calling them a racist and a danger to us all. I hate to break the news here but when a certain group of people repeatedly behave in a certain way, it's not racism to expect them to continue to behave in that way- it's common sense.
It's not okay to demean, ridicule, insult, or abuse people based on these behaviors, but it is okay to modify your behavior- and theirs, if necessary- to protect yourself and those around you.

To stay on point here, the President is NOT going to be clearing anything up later today or later this week or ever. I certainly don't advocate any kind of action which would bring harm to the President mostly because I think we need to suffer through 4 years of this shit just to remind all the slow learners out there that what he's doing is not good for us, it's not good for the country, and it's not good for the world. I just hope he gets voted out before anything really bad happens. I know things suck pretty badly now but there's an old Jewish proverb I keep close to my heart, "Things can always get worse".

A Lib Throws Up a Straw Man For a Change.

I'm not sure how "abolish the IRS" equates to "killing federal employees". Of course, I'm not a Lib so that might explain it.

Whether We Like it or Not... Unreal

I mean for fuck's sake- whom would you prefer to be the dominant military superpower?

New metaphor needed

My friend, Hector, sent me this in email. He's a lib so he probably didn't see much humor in it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The other day, I wondered what happened to Al Gore. Someone found him.

Good Question. Not Many Answers Though.

They've Got it All Wrong.

I'm not crazy... THEY'RE crazy... THEY'RE the crazy ones, see... I'm not crazy...

I Guess They Wanted to Appear to Be Non-Racist.

Instead, they appeared to be brain donors.

Billy is Gray.

Billy is Gray is a seldom updated but worthwhile blog.

More here.

Running Out of Ideas: Methane Isn't the Problem Either.

In the past environmentalists, from Lord Stern to Sir Paul McCartney, have urged people to stop eating meat because the methane produced by cattle causes global warming.
However a new study found that cattle grazed on the grasslands of China actually reduce another greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide.
…Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, carried out the study in Inner Mongolia in China. He found that grassland produced more nitrous oxide during the spring thaw when sheep or cattle have not been grazing. This is because the greenhouse gas, also known as laughing gas, is released by microbes in the soil. When the grass is long snow settles keeping the microbes warm and providing water, however when the grass is cut short by animals the ground freezes and the microbes die.
Dr Butterbach-Bahl said the study overturned assumptions about grazing goats and cattle.
“It’s been generally assumed that if you increase livestock numbers you get a rise in emissions of nitrous oxide. This is not the case,” he said.
From Telegraph UK.

People Are Morons.

This is a paragraph from a CNN report:

"As Ms. Nguyen ran to the cab, Mr. Seagal followed a few steps behind, shining a flashlight with a gun attached to it," it said.
Shining a flashlight with a gun attached to it. I guess that makes perfect sense when you're a brainwashed Lib who doesn't believe in guns. For the rest of us though, it makes about as much sense as reporting someone was run down by a rear-view mirror with a car attached.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Crazy Irish Sport - Road Bowling

I saw this first on, of all places, Anthony Bourdain's food/travel show on The Travel Channel. For more info and rules, click here. It looks semi-dangerous to be a spectator (or a parked car).

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Found This Funny.

I'm not suggesting this guy is a misogynist. I'm not suggesting he hates women. I'm just saying that his last name is a little ironic given this particular topic. It's probably just a coincidence.

And Now, Some Real Science

While one can intellectually research and learn about crystal skulls, it has been found that to fully comprehend the crystal skull phenomenon, one is best to experience being in the presence of a crystal skull - particularly a life-size, old or ancient crystal skull. Amazing experiences have been encountered in the presence of crystal skulls - including profound healings, accessing astounding insights, receiving spiritual awakenings and life-changing transformations, as well as extraordinary dreams and meditations.
It is interesting to note that new crystal skulls seem to absorb some of the healing properties and wisdom of old and ancient crystal skulls when placed in their vicinity - the old/ancient skulls effectively program the newer skulls in order to spread their ancient knowledge and power throughout the Earth. This may be a great part of the mission of the ancient crystal skulls.

Wow - and I thought "regular" religions were insane.

Wacky website here.


Further proof that Tea Party protesters and not their detractors are racist.

Oh the IRONY!

Many more ironic tales including:


Soon-to-be-former-speaker Pelosi's Simile.

The Speaker compared it to the enactment of social security, medicare and the civil rights act.
And while she said it may not be perfect, it’s a bold step in the right direction.
”It’s like the back of the refrigerator. You see all these wires and the rest,” said Pelosi. “All you need to know is, you open the door. The light goes on….”
No, that's not all I need to know. I need to know that it's keeping my food cold enough to prevent premature spoilage- 37°F, please. I also need to know that the refrigerator is energy efficient so I'm not wasting my money cooling my kitchen. I also need to know that it's in good working order so that I don't come home from a long weekend to find melted ice cream coating my kitchen floor.

I mean, thanks for oversimplifying the ELS out of it for me but frankly, I'd prefer to do my own thinking. Believe it or not, I know what's good for me better than you do. I moved out of my parents home decades ago for that very reason and I have never looked back.

I get it that there are plenty of morons in America who don't have the intellectual wherewithal to make good decisions in their own best interest. Some of them would hide the fact that they own a TV and DVD player because they don't want to seem too wealthy while at the same time hiding the fact that they don't have indoor plumbing or heat because they don't want to seem too poor (Superfreakanomics). I also get it that there are plenty of morons in Congress who got voted into office by plenty of morons in America and I don't want those morons making decisions on my behalf- particularly when those decisions received such vehement disapproval by the American public- morons and cogs alike.

Not to Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth, but Where is Al Gore Lately?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tina Fey does Sarah Palin - again

Skittles - they're not just for kids anymore

Tiger Woods - He has it tough

Tiger Woods, who paid a heavy price for uncontrolled lust, struggled to control his emotions but blasted out curses on several bad shots while staying in contention Saturday at the 74th Masters.

Woods unleashed a profane tirade during a run of three bogeys in four holes on the front nine, failing to live up to his goal of curtailing the curses out of respect for golf before eventually regaining his composure and shotmaking.

"Tiger Woods, you suck. God damn it," Woods yelled after a poor shot off the sixth tee that led to back-to-back bogeys. More here:

This guy is not a fast learner, is he.

Olbermann Ties FOX News to Anti-Pelosi Threats.

On Thursday’s Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann tied Fox News to the recent threats against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as he quoted the mother of the accused, Greg Giusti. The MSNBC host teased the segment at the top of his Countdown show, "The mother of the man accused of threatening Nancy Pelosi says he was driven to it in part by Fox News," and later opened the segment: "The man arrested yesterday on charges of threatening House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about passage of health care reform got his ideas from Fox News. We know this because in our fourth story tonight: the defendant`s mother says so." ["We know this because his mother says so." That's about as credible as quoting a balloon vendor. It's like a pattern with these people.]

 Soon an audio clip of Giusti's mother, Eleanor Giusti, was played:

Greg has frequently gets in with a group of people that have really radical ideas, and that are not consistent with myself or his, the rest of the family, and which gets him into problems. And apparently, I would say, this must be another one that somehow he`s gotten on to, either by, I say, Fox News, or all of those that are really radical, and he, that`s where he comes from. [Translation, please. I mean is this supposed to be the best source you can find? How about quoting someone who doesn't speak like they've just experienced a traumatic brain injury?]
 Read more: NewsBusters

I Need a Little Help Here.

What's the name of the logical fallacy for this? The author found some some obscure fact that no reasonable person would know and uses his adversaries ignorance of this one fact to proclaim that she is completely ignorant. I mean it's one thing to mock someone who doesn't know that Pi=3.14 but it's another thing entirely to mock them for not being able to recite Pi to 26 digits- particularly if they're not a mathemagician.

This idiot is making a mountain out of a mole hill and crowing about it with abandon.

I owe NewsBusters an apology

April 08, 2010 1:17 pm ET by Simon Maloy
Sometimes, in this crazy world of internet journalism, mistakes are made, erroneous information is passed on, and things that once seemed incontrovertibly true are revealed to be false. When that happens, the proper thing to do is issue an apology, take your lumps, and move on. And it turns out that when it comes to my extensive reporting on the crack bias sleuths at NewsBusters, I've been way off-base for quite some time now.
You see, several times now I have pointed out among the various NewsBusters contributors wild inconsistencies and ridiculous hypocrisies that, in my estimation, could have been explained in only one of two ways -- either the NewsBusters don't read their own blog, or they just don't care if they contradict each other willy-nilly. In my view, it was so improbable that they didn't actually read their own blog that the more likely explanation was that "[t]hey'll readily sacrifice what little credibility they have just to make a lame attack on a political figure they don't like."
Turns out I was wrong. They really don't read their own blog.
NewsBuster Kathleen McKinley provided confirmation of this fact as she reprinted a Twitter-fight she got into with CNN's Roland Martin. When, during the exchange of tweets, Martin mentioned one Matthew Balan, McKinley responded: "Who is Matthew Balan[?] Since he's 'my boy' I should know him."
Matthew Balan is a news analyst for the Media Research Center and -- you guessed it -- a regular contributor to NewsBusters. So not only does she not read the work of her fellow NewsBusters, she doesn't even know who they are...
As a fun postscript, McKinley offered this nonsensical update to her NewsBusters post:
It turns out that Matthew Balan is a news analyst for the Media Research Center who covers CNN. I guess since I write for NewsBusters and it is run by The Media Research Center, I'm supposed to know everyone there even though I live in Houston. Being that Matthew is bi racial, isn't is bit insulting for Mr. Martin to call him,"my boy."
If Mr. Martin were white and a conservative, I suppose we could make a big deal out of it, and force him to apologize. Even being black and a liberal, it's still insulting. But is it really something to go nuts over?
Which was my entire point.
So please accept my apologies, NewsBusters. All this time that I've been calling you hypocritical hacks, I should have been calling you ignorant. It's a mistake I won't repeat.
From Media Matters.

Here's the result of my comment on the post. I will report if it ever gets posted. Don't hold your breath though.

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Once you have posted enough comments that do not violate our terms of use, your comments will go through automatically.