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No Media Bias.

Et Tu, Mexicanos?

Found it over at Hookers and Booze:

Smart and good looking, just like me

Gee, why don’t more Hollywood conservatives come out of the closet? Well, part of the reason is that the only media pipe organ in Los Angles is left of Fidel Castro, even more dishonest, and almost as mean. Nothing Ms. Heaton said at a recent Romney-Ryan campaign event in any way justifies this headline the L.A. Times, uhm,  slammed her with: "Patricia Heaton slams California, Obama at Romney-Ryan rally."

According to the Times' own reporting, here's what she said:
 “I live out in California, it’s a beautiful state with a lot of beautiful resources and wonderful people but it’s being run into the ground,” she said. “The taxes are out of control in California, the jobs are going down, businesses are fleeing, and that’s happening all around the country as you know.”
Heaton cited the nation’s debt, the high unemployment rates and the number of Americans on welfare, telling the crowd, “It doesn’t have to be that way.” More here:
I have nothing to add.

PBS/Communist "newsman" cries about losing monopoly on "news"

BELLINGHAM - A fragmented nation and a fragmented audience for news is making the country more difficult to govern, PBS News Hour co-anchor Jeffrey Brown said during a weekend talk at Western Washington University. 

"More difficult to govern"??

What does that mean?  Does it mean it's harder to stop people from committing crime? Is it harder to protect the liberty of the people?  I don't "get it," do you? Unless by "govern," you mean "push the people around without them complaining about it."

A generation ago, before cable news channels and internet news sources, most people got their news from the same small collection of sources: three major TV networks and a hometown newspaper or two, Brown said. People gathered around their televisions for the assassination of a president, a walk on the moon, and other major events.

"It was an age of mass media news, one audience sharing a common experience," Brown said. "For the most part, the mass audience experienced such things together." 

LOL ... "We had free reign brainwashing all the sheep" ... there were no opposing viewpoints in "the news" ... the people were much easier to "govern."

Brown, featured speaker for the university's Fall Family Open House Saturday, Oct. 27, contrasted that world with the one we live in today, in which Americans can restrict themselves to cable news stations and internet news sources they find most congenial.

Oh crap, you mean they're just out there exercising their freedom?  Well, we can't have THAT, can we?All this "restricting themselves" ... i.e. "They're fed up with your bias and outright lies so they go somewhere else ... somewhere they TRUST for news."  Yes, he HATES that action.

See he thinks that more choices are GREAT, as long as you don't choose something with which he disagrees.

"For the most part, we now live in the world of niches," Brown said.

Huh? Who cares?  Oh, that's right, libs MUST tell you how to live ... what's good for you ... what's bad for you.  A good lib will be totally concerned with every little thing in your life ... oh yes, very concerned.

He acknowledged that the availability of more choices was a good thing, but also noted that the change seems to be part of a far more divided and bitter political atmosphere.

Well, he's right about that.  You have the people who have awakened and those that have not ... and guess what ... "political division."   See, because when someone is voting to steal my money and liberty, I want to kill them am "politically divided" with them.

"If we only connect with like-minded people, how do we hear other views?" Brown asked. "It's hard not to feel it has some relationship to the divisions around us." More here:

LMAO, how's THAT for ironing?  A lib ... wanting to hear "other views."  

Hey, jackass, I have a view for you ... how about you and your fellow libs go and be free ... and leave me alone ... leave me out of your plans ... how would THAT be?  Would that be ok with you? 

What do you think his answer would be?

There's a problem, see ... I have zero interest in wasting my time listening to some "other view" moron tell my why I should be giving up my liberty.

Read more

ACK! It's Halloween and a scary zombie has arisen from the depths of hell

While it did not take long it was expected. Former vice president Al Gore put out a statement on his blog on Tuesday and blamed the intensity of Hurricane Sandy on "global warming pollution." : More here:

What?  I thought he said there was no such thing as "global warming."  I thought he called it "climate change" now ... to protect himself in case it warms or cools ... that way he's always right.

The great part is, whichever is the case (warming or cooling,) his solution is the same ... stop using fossil fuels and expand government get rich selling government-required carbon credits.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Have you heard about this? No? My, what a shocker

Gen. Carter Ham

About the recent hub-bub in Libya.

The information I heard today was that General Ham as head of Africom received the same e-mails the White House received requesting help/support as the attack was taking place. General Ham immediately had a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the Pentagon that he had a unit ready.

General Ham then received the order to stand down. His response was to screw it, he was going to help anyhow. Within 30 seconds to a minute after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now relieved of his command.

The story continues that now General Rodiguez would take General Ham's place as the head of Africom. More here:

My helpful state government - i.e. jackasses stealing my freedom

So, just for fun, I was going to start an affiliate account with Amazon. But during the sign-up process I saw this message: 

Note: Residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina or Rhode Island are not eligible to participate in the Associates program. 

Right, I am not "eligible to participate."  You know, like people in NYC aren't eligible to "participate" in Big Gulps ... and "salt on the table."  

Only in this case, something tells me the NC politicians are trying to extort Amazon.  Ha ha, they're going to teach Amazon a much-needed lesson.

And why?  Because taxes are the be-all and end-all to these tyrants.  They need money -- more and more -- it's never enough -- there's NOTHING that isn't taxed to death anymore, so, when they find something new, the FIRST thing they want is their cut -- like the mob.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the helpful, freedom-stealing jackasses who "represent me" in government.  Because I don't know what I'd do without you protecting me from all manner of liberty.

I can only pray that one day soon the people awake and hold your shit-stained petty asses accountable for stealing their freedom.

Maybe Stephen Hawking should be a cop

Horror: A member of the Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church in Forest Hill, Texas, reacts in terror to pastor Kirk's murder

Mega church pastor beaten to death with electric guitar by man who rammed car into church 

The unidentified assailant apparently drove his car into the church wall on purpose shortly before noon. 

 He then began to attack Kirk in the parking lot before chasing him into the church, according to Forest Hill Police Chief Dan Dennis. 

When police arrived they found the suspect striking Kirk with an electric guitar they believe was already in the church. When police arrived they had to use a Taser to subdue the man, handcuffed him, and locked him in their patrol car. 

Sadly it was too late for Kirk who had already died.

The assailant himself was found unresponsive shortly after being taken into custody and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. More here:

Well, I don't have any comment except "Let's all pretend this was totally unprovoked, shall we?"

I really only posted the story to observe how people have actually become convinced that it's ok to have absolutely ZERO fitness requirements for cops.  I mean, we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, right?  

Never mind she has ZERO chance of running down a criminal (unless it's a donut thief) ... and if someone is hurt or murdered and the criminal gets away, that's fine because, at least we didn't hurt her feelings ... it's a fair price.

LOL - Dog fakes death

The well-deserved ass-kicking has begun

Romney Up 52-45% Among Early Voters

When you consider the fact that the CorruptMedia's been talking for weeks about how Obama's crushing Romney in early voting, you would think Gallup proving that Narrative a big fat phony lie would be news. Instead, though, they bury this explosive news at the bottom of a piece headlined: "In U.S., 15% of Registered Voters Have Already Cast Ballots".

Sounds like a nothing story, right?
Except waaaaay at the bottom we learn this: 
Thus far, early voters do not seem to be swaying the election toward either candidate. 

Romney currently leads Obama 52% to 45% among voters who say they have already cast their ballots. However, that is comparable to Romney's 51% to 46% lead among all likely voters in Gallup's Oct. 22-28 tracking polling. At the same time, the race is tied at 49% among those who have not yet voted but still intend to vote early, suggesting these voters could cause the race to tighten. However, Romney leads 51% to 45% among the much larger group of voters who plan to vote on Election Day, Nov. 6. 
When Gallup says early voters don’t seem to be swaying the election, presumably what they means is that because Romney is ahead by five points nationally, an early voting advantage of seven-points isn't going to "sway the election." 

LOL @ the media flailing away ... "THERE'S STILL HOPE FOR OBAMA ... IT'S MERELY A FLESH WOUND."

Right, except if it were Obama leading, the media would be telling you how "it's all over, Obama is still the king, ha ha, in your FACE, prepare your doom you racist jackass." 

Meanwhile, here in "Realityville" the pollsters need to start getting their results in line with actual outcomes now that the election is a week away.  Who could have seen this coming?

Thoughts on Hurricane Sandy ... and a new name for wind storms

So for the last week, it seems every politician with excess ear wax is trying their best to outdo each other with regard to how bad Hurricane Sandy is going to be.  It started out with "bad storm" ... to "Frankenstorm" ... to "worst disaster in out lifetimes."  Media examples follow:

“This is the most catastrophic event that we have faced ... in any of our lifetimes."

"People Will Be ‘Fighting In The Streets’ For Gas, Food In Sandy Wake"

Seriously, it reminds me of libs always trying to be the one that "saves" the biggest thing.  (Trees, Whales, Rain Forest, Africa, Planet, etc etc.)  Shut up you gd idiots ... someone ought to hit you in the teeth with a hammer.

And then governors all over the east were racing each other to "declare emergencies." So I was thinking, why?  Why do they do this?  And then it hit me ... money and power (and avoiding lawsuits.)

That's right, first and foremost, everything we do must revolve around the fear of being sued (FOBS.)  Isn't that a great way to spend your life?  Oh yes ... the freedom.  Thanks, slip-and-fall lawyers ... and thanks, politicians, for allowing us to be pillaged exploited like that.  But I guess they're too busy banning big gulps to attend to our liberty.

And when you think of it, fear of being sued is why we do a LOT of stupid things in life.  Whenever you see a company or municipality doing something idiotic, there is at LEAST a 50-50 chance the FOBS is behind it. 

For example, when produce etc is about to go bad or food is slightly damaged at large supermarket chains, they take the food out to dumpsters.  Much of it is still edible though so they have to keep the dumpsters locked so that poor people can't get to it ... otherwise, the poor person stands a chance of getting food poisoning ... and would be in a position to claim that the supermarket "knew or should have known" that this was a possibility and thus would be liable in a lawsuit.  

How do I know this?  Because it has been done before ... and that is why the dumpsters are locked.

Oh crap, I digressed ... that hardly EVER happens ... back to the hurricane.

Anyway, it occurs to me that governments have all kinds of money available to spend and distribute to their buddies when a disaster strikes ... and they've all been very careful to write this into their laws.  

That's right, it's VERY successful ... that's why most (if not all) states now have an official "declaration of disaster" which officially releases a TON of cash in whatever direction the politicians decide.  Part of that is handing out work contracts to their buddies in related businesses.  That's why they can't WAIT to declare a disaster ... well, that and the FOBS.

I Googled "Sandy worst disaster" and got a ton of hits.  In doing my research on these hits, I ran across this tidbit ... which I'm sure is an old one but I just heard it so it's new to me and it shall be my new term for any kind of windstorm from now on.
Farther south in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, Jimmy Butts raised hurricane warning flags over his seaside bar Saturday.

"It's going to be a ... strong mullet blow, what we call here in the fall," Butts told CNN affiliate WSOC. "(There will) be a lot of rain and maybe 30, 40 mph winds." More here:

How "redistribution of wealth" actually works

Monday, October 29, 2012

President concerned about terrorism

Some "So Trues"

H/T Wombat - from The Chive:

A Puzzle for my Cuzzle

A puzzle by Henry Dudeney:

A lady is accustomed to buy from her greengrocer large bundles of asparagus, each twelve inches in circumference. The other day the man had no large bundles in stock, but handed her instead two small ones, each six inches in circumference. 

"That is the same thing," she said, "and, of course, the price will be the same." But the man insisted that the two bundles together contained a bit more than the large one, and charged a little bit extra. Which was correct -- the lady or the greengrocer? From the Futility Closet:

Highlight/select the following (blank) paragraph for the answer:
Both were wrong, and the lady was badly cheated. She only got half the quantity that would be contained in the large bundle, and therefore should have been charged half the original price. A circle with the circumference half that of another must have its area a quarter that of the other.

The lefties in San Francisco - your intellectual betters

San Francisco leaders were forced on Monday to begin cleaning up parts of the city after vandals  wreaked havoc after the Giants swept the Tigers in the World Series on Sunday night.

Crews from the city's department of Public Works worked overnight through the morning, cleaning the streets of garbage and debris.

That's because some fans lit bonfires along Mission Street and around AT&T Park, and some revelers threw beer bottles at police just before midnight. Some fans hopped on top of Muni buses and cars along Market Street; at least one car had been tipped on its side. More here:

Sure, because everyone knows, when your team wins a big sporting event you go apeshit, light fires in the streets, and clash with police ... it's auto-matic.

For the corporate types

H/T A is A

Ok, DUH!

H/T - A is A

Idiot lib mayor is finally being "helpful"

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Sunday evening urged New Yorkers in Evacuation Zone A to heed the warnings and get out for the Hurricane Sandy “Frankenstorm.” 

Zone A includes the following areas of New York City:
• Coney Island, Manhattan Beach and Red Hook and other areas along the East River in Brooklyn;
• All of the Rockaways, as well as Hamilton Beach and Broad Channel in Queens;
• Almost all of the coastline of Staten Island;
• City Island, a small patch of Throgg’s Neck, and another patch of the South Bronx in the Bronx;
• Battery Park City and stretches of the West Side waterfront and of the Lower East Side and East Village in Manhattan.

A total of 375,000 people live in Zone A alone.

“I can’t stress enough that this is for your own safety, and if you refuse to evacuate, you are putting not only yourself at risk, but also the first responders who would have to assist you in an emergency,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg previously warned residents who live in Zone A that all elevators in the zone will be shut down at 7 p.m. and urged residents to get to higher ground quickly, before subway and bus service is shut down.

LOL.  Yep.  They have to shut these things down ... but not "for your own good/safety," really ... more for "your own financial well being."  

You see, the helpful libs have written the tort laws so that lawyers can easily sue the every-loving-crap out of municipalities and businesses.  And their favorite way to peel you is the old "knew or should have known" argument.  So, no matter how unlikely an event might be, if it was "possible" then you "should have known."

See how it works? And right now, the helpful lawyers are ready to strike.  Of course, they're only doing it to help you, right?  

When the lawyers take money from businesses and government, they're actually taking it from you ... because the cost of defending lawsuits is a cost of doing business ... and consumers ... (that's right, poor people too) pay the cost of it every single time they buy an item/service.

“It is dangerous to drive when the winds get very high,” and it is particularly dangerous to drive over bridges, he said. More here:

Really?  Oh, whatever did we do before these idiot libs were warning us every five seconds about how dangerous the world is ... except for fluffy animals like polar bears, of course.

Dangerous to drive across bridges in high winds? Do tell.

Wait, let me make a quick note of that so I can disperse it as a helpful fact the next time I'm sipping hi-falutin' wine with idiot liberals at the charity auction.

Oh yes, and they can all nod knowingly and murmur in agreement as if they've just "learned."

As an aside, were you wondering whether hurricane Sandy was caused by global warming?  Well, if so, wonder no longer cuz I found an article about it.

Just remember this, in the 70's the libs were crying "global cooling -- the science is settled."  And now they're crying "global warming -- the science is settled." And somehow the "solution" to cooling and warming is the same ... "stop using fossil fuels."  Makes sense to me idiot-liberals.

Modern Day Geniuses "think" it's time to do away with the Electoral College

Excerpts from this article:

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are among the politicians whose past criticisms of the Electoral College system would draw new scrutiny if there is a split verdict in this year’s presidential election. More here:

Well, of COURSE they do ... they're modern day geniuses.


President Obama — Obama said he supported eliminating the Electoral College as a Senate candidate during a WTTW television debate against Republican Alan Keyes in 2004.
When asked, “Yes or no, eliminate the Electoral College?” Obama responded, “Yes … I think, at this point, this is breaking down.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — Shortly after the 2000 election, as a newly-minted Senator-elect, Clinton called for direct elections of the president. She argued the country has changed since the Electoral College was put in place.

“We are a very different country than we were 200 years ago,” Clinton said at a news conference.

Former Vice President Al Gore — After the 2000 election, Gore continued to support the current system. But Gore reversed course during this year’s Democratic National Convention, criticizing the process that ignores voters outside of swing states and cost him the election. More here:

Ever notice how these "Genius Democratics" are always looking for a way to diminish and defeat the Constitution?  

I mean, if the founding fathers wanted "majority rule" then why did they bother writing the Constitution?  Ever wonder that? If not, then start wondering and you'll soon be a conservative.

Anyway, here's what Mark Levin thinks of the whole idea.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Poor old hippies ... they got no respect

I found this on someone's Facebook page but I won't say exactly where ... in case, inexplicably, they don't want to be associated with me.

The communists really care about you, unless you object to them stealing your freedom

ALTA LOMA (CBS) — A case of campaign vandalism is under investigation Friday in Alta Loma.
Someone keyed the word “Obama” into two cars and slashed seats in another outside a residence that had Mitt Romney campaign signs.

CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Rob Schmitt spoke to Ken Slown, owner of one of the keyed vehicles.

Slown actually supports President Obama!

He explained to Schmitt that he and his wife — both currently unemployed — are staying with her parents and it’s her parents who support Romney.

LOL.  It figures, the unemployed leeches support Obama and their parents (who are paying to support the leeches) support Romney, go figure.

“I don’t know if they were trying to get a point across, to vote for Obama,” said Slown, “but to do something like this is not going to get the point across.”

Yes, that's what the tolerant intellectual communist was trying to do ... he was trying to "get a point across."  And the point is, if you object to them stealing your freedom then they'll teach you a much needed lesson ... got it?

He estimates the damage to both of his vehicles at about $3,400.

In addition to both cars being keyed, his wife’s vehicle had her seats slashed, as well. Said Slown, “They pretty much cut the backs of all of the seats.”

A neighbor, who also has a Romney/Ryan sign in their front yard, were also hit. “Obama” keyed in the hood and on the black gate of an SUV.

Yep, pretty costly.  The part I like best is when they catch the guy, they'll do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to him.

13-Year-Old Jenny Gives Report Cards to Obama and Romney

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Halloween pins

H/T Wombat

Watch this video and then vote for Obama

If you still can...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama is great!

H/T Wombat

Scumball (alleged) burglar sues victim

Greenbrae resident Jay Leone, 90, waits outside court earlier this year before testifying against his alleged shooter, Samuel Cutrufelli. At right is one of his tenants, Sara Navon, who was in the house when the shooting occurred. (IJ photo/Gary Klien)

Bold is mine ... Excerpts from this article:

A 90-year-old Greenbrae man who was shot in the head during an alleged burglary has been sued by the alleged burglar.

LOL @ lawyers.  All of their slip-and-fall suits have forced our "jourrrrnalists" to use the word "alleged" every other word.  See how helpful that is to society.  Yes, I thought you would appreciate the contribution this makes to all concerned.

Samuel Cutrufelli, who was also shot during the incident, claims Jay Leone "negligently shot" him during the confrontation inside Leone's home.

The incident occurred at about 10:45 a.m. Jan. 3 at Leone's home on Via La Cumbre. Authorities said Cutrufelli entered the home, put a gun to Leone's head, tied his hands with a belt and rummaged through his bedroom for valuables.

Leone said he was able to wriggle his hands free, then convinced the burglar to let him use the bathroom.

Then he got one of the five handguns stashed in his bathroom, sneaked back to the bedroom and spotted Cutrufelli in his closet.Cutrufelli allegedly fired his gun, hitting Leone in the jaw area, and Leone fired back. Cutrufelli then wrestled his gun away, put it to Leone's head and pulled the trigger, but no bullets were left in the gun. More here:

So a burglar kicks your door in ... ties you up and rummages through your stuff and shoots you in the head can now sue you in court.

That just gives me so much faith in our justice system.  Yes, and thank God for the bar which sets standards to ensure that only people with the highest morals are admitted to their ranks.

See, what we need is a super-hero ... an independently wealthy ex-CIA guy or something.  Someone who could go around killing the scum of society like this alleged burglar ... with the alleged shooting of the victim and the alleged bullet hole in the alleged victim's alleged skull.

Wouldn't it be great ... to wake up in the morning with the news telling us of another scumball removed from the planet?  What a great way to start the day.

Let's see, what could we name this super-hero?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's this? A "Democratic" stealing your vote/freedom?

From here:

For those who are interested in such things

H/T Wombat.

Gotta hand it to them, they tried to cheat for Obama

GREENSBORO, N.C. –The Presidential election is just around the corner and voting issues have already become a problem in Guilford County. 

On Monday, several voters complained that their electronic ballot machine cast the wrong vote.  All the complaints were made by people who voted at the Bur-Mil Park polling location.

Yep, the OLLLLLLLLLLdddd Bur-Mil Park location.

One of the voters, Sher Coromalis, says she cast her ballot for Governor Mitt Romney, but every time she entered her vote it defaulted to President Obama.

Whaaaaaa?  Why, this IS a mystery ... a real stumper if ever I saw one.

“I was so upset that this could happen,” said Coromalis.

Yes, I can imagine.

Guilford County Board of Elections Director George Gilbert says the problem arises every election. It can be resolved after the machine is re-calibrated by poll workers.

Huh?  Re-calibrated?  Is it a voting machine or a scale?  Who makes VOTING machines that can make mistakes?  Seems to me the machine either counts the vote or does not ... but this whole "defaulting" to a particular candidate is idiocy.  Who approved machines/programming with these defects?  Why aren't they in jail?  Is voting some kind of joke to them?

“It’s not a conspiracy it’s just a machine that needs to be corrected,” Gilbert said.

No, no, it's not a conspiracy ... nothing to see here, moooooove along now. No more questions, ok, thank you, bye bye now.

After the third try, Coromalis says she was able to get her vote counted for Gov. Romney but was still annoyed.

“I should have just mailed it in,” Coromalis said.

Well, Mrs Cormalis, let me ask you this.  If you can't count on these asshats to have the voting machines prepared when you arrive in person, what makes you think they'll give a damn about  the "calibration" when you aren't right there in their face?  Because all they're going to do is slide your ballot into a vote-counting machine, which, apparently, may or may not be "calibrated."

Elections officials say the machines have been fixed as of Tuesday, and no problems have been reported since.

LOL, yes, they've been "fixed" ... because who thinks to test the machines before election day, right, jackasses?

Yes, they were busted and now are laying low ... hoping nobody thinks to ask about  this "calibration" question.  "Calibration"  Hoooo-weeee.  Seriously?

I'll say this much, I was not aware that voting machines/programming had flaws like this.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh, the children ... THE CHILDREN!!!!

Vindalee Smith (credit: CBS 2)
Excerpts from this article:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –Sources tell CBS 2 that a note was found next to the body of a pregnant Brooklyn mother of four who was found stabbed to death in her apartment Saturday. 

Meanwhile, Anthony Jackman, the fiancĂ© of the victim – Vindalee Smith, 38 – has been arrested and charged, but not in connection with the woman’s death. 

The New York City Medical Examiner’s office ruled Smith’s death a homicide. Autopsy results were released Sunday. Sources said the type-written note found next to her body referenced Beltway sniper Lee Boyd Malvo. 

“It said ‘I will kill one pregnant woman a month starting now until Lee Boyd Malvo is set free,’” NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told WCBS 880′s Alex Silverman. “We haven’t determined whether this note is just a ruse to try to throw detectives off.”

“It’s scary. Scary. It makes me want to get out of here,” one area resident said.

“Horrible. Horrible. And she’s pregnant. Horrible,” Gloria Brown said.

“Anybody going to kill someone with a baby, that’s wrong,” Irving Liburd added. More here:

LOL @ the last guy ... thoroughly brainwashed moron.  This is the kind of muddled thinking that comes bleating out of the sheep.

Never mind a lady was stabbed to death because some psycho wants to release the DC sniper ... no ... the bad thing is "she was pregnant and that's just wrong."  Good thinking, genius.  I can just see the body libtard nodding in agreement.

I guess it's no co-winkydink that his last name is "Liburd."  I figured it'd be "lib" something.

Ohhhh. let's tax the witches ... nobody will say a word

WASHINGTON - Several members of the D.C. Council have come out in favor of restricting the sizes of sugary sodas sold in the District - a ban similar to one in New York City.

At a recent debate between candidates for the at-large council seats, current Councilmembers Michael Brown and Vincent Orange said without hesitation they would vote to ban the sale of large drinks.

That news was music to Councilmember Mary Cheh's ears.

"I'm very excited by that," said Cheh (D-Ward 3), who fell one vote short of passing a tax on sodas and other sugary drinks. More here:

Right. I guess these asshats have nothing better to do than increase taxes on witches and ban things.  Never mind that Washington DC is the murder capital of the country .. LET'S BAN LARGE SODAS AND INCREASE TAXES WHENEVER WE POSSIBLY CAN!!! WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Does government EVER get smaller?  Does government EVER decide to leave peaceful people alone?  No.  Instead  they NEVER pass up a chance to push us around.  We must defund their asses.

I can never get enough of political correctness

The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill has removed the word “freshman” from official university documents, citing as their reason an attempt to adopt more “gender inclusive language.”

We are “committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community,” reads a statement administrators sent to Campus Reform on Monday.

 “Consistent with that commitment, gender inclusive terms (chair; first year student; upper-level student, etc.) should be used on University Documents, websites and policies,” it continues. More here:

When are we going to start ridding ourselves of these morons?  When are we going to point at them and laugh them off the planet?  Oh, I forgot, these people don't suffer humiliation or embarrassment.

Mitt the Prankster

Even out of fly-fishing season, Mitt was known to hone his angling skills among Detroit’s poor.

More photos of Mitt the Prankster at Vanity Fair:

I wasn't aware of this - some World Series baseball stats

So I never watch baseball anymore unless the SF Giants are in the playoffs. Am I'm always lamenting "My giants, my poor, poor, Giants."  It always seemed to me like they were getting creamed in some new way.  But I was doing some research today and ran across the following info:

World Series appearances by franchise

Team League Wins Losses Win % Last win Founded
40New York Yankees AL 27 13 .675 2009 1901
19 San Francisco Giants NL 6 12 .333 2010 1883
18 Los Angeles Dodgers NL 6 12 .333 1988 1883
18 St. Louis Cardinals NL 11 7 .611 2011 1882
14 Oakland Athletics AL 9 5 .642 1989 1901
11 Boston Red Sox AL 7 4 .636 2007 1901
11 Detroit Tigers AL 4 6 .400 1984 1894
10 Chicago Cubs NL 2 8 .200 1908 1876
9 Atlanta Braves NL 3 6 .333 1995 1871
9 Cincinnati Reds NL 5 4 .556 1990 1881
7 Philadelphia Phillies NL 2 5 .286 2008 1883
7 Pittsburgh Pirates NL 5 2 .714 1979 1882
7 Baltimore Orioles AL 3 4 .429 1983 1894
6 Minnesota Twins AL 3 3 .500 1991 1894
5 Chicago White Sox AL 3 2 .600 2005 1894
5 Cleveland Indians AL 2 3 .400 1948 1894
4 New York Mets NL 2 2 .500 1986 1962
2 Kansas City Royals AL 1 1 .500 1985 1969
2 Miami Marlins NL 2 0 1.000 2003 1993
2 San Diego Padres NL 0 2 .000 1969
2 Toronto Blue Jays AL 2 0 1.000 1993 1977
2 Texas Rangers AL 0 2 .000 1961
1 Arizona Diamondbacks NL 1 0 1.000 2001 1998
1 Colorado Rockies NL 0 1 .000 1993
1 Houston Astros NL/AL[L2] 0 1 .000 1962
1 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim AL 1 0 1.000 2002 1961
1 Milwaukee Brewers AL/NL[L1] 0 1 .000 1969
1 Tampa Bay Rays AL 0 1 .000 1998
0 Seattle Mariners AL 0 0 1977
0 Washington Nationals NL 0 0 1969

FYI, the Giants last won the World Series in 2010 over the Rangers.

Want to know who won in any given year?  Click here:

Anyway, I wanted to find out the last time the Detroit Tigers were in the series and the last time they won. 

Last time they were in the Series was 2004 - they lost to the Cardinals.
Last time they won the world series?  1984 - over the Padres.

Also, I found this. I love the name of Boston's team back then.

At the first World Series, held in 1903, the Boston Americans (front row) defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates (back row) in eight games.

LOL @ Walmart

Excerpts from this article:

My favorite detail, though, is this Washington Times report by data hound Luke Rosiak: Wal-Mart heir Sam Walton has apparently given big to Obama’s SuperPAC.

This is at first surprising for a couple of reasons. First, the Waltons tend to be Republican. Second, the conventional wisdom is that megacorps like Wal-Mart are a Republican thing.

But Sam Walton gave the maximum $30,800 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2008, and $40,000 to the OVF this election.

Policy-wise, there’s plenty of reason for the Waltons to like Barack Obama:
  1. Wal-Mart endorsed the employer mandate in ObamaCare, which gives Wal-Mart an advantage by crushing smaller competitors.
  2. Wal-Mart has profited from Dodd-Frank, which fixes the price Wal-Mart has to pay banks for processing debit cards.
  3. Wal-Mart has lobbied for and profits from higher minimum wage.
  4. Wal-Mart is a top beneficiary of eminent domain takings, a government power protected by the types of judges Obama appoints.
  5. Big Business generally benefits from Big Government.
Yes, by all means, let's involve the government in every little decision possible.  The more paperwork and rules and lawyers involved, the better for the average Joe, right?

Walmart backs big government, jeesh, how principled.  I certainly hope they get what they deserve ... and very soon.  I mean, all this guy is doing is giving money to the liberals so he can make more money easier ... never mind asking himself "what is the right thing to do," no, the hell with that.  Thanks a lot, Sam Walton, you braying jackass.

Oh, the shame.

Sad day for conservatives everywhere

Perhaps you were of the understanding that Kelsey Grammer is a straight conservative. 

Well then explain this?

Oh, the shame ... the SHAME!

Now, how much trouble does THAT look like? Looks like a Rubik's cube made out of cloth to me ... with a baby inside ... so don't fuck it up when you're arranging the gd thing.   Yep, I don't think I'm going to have a couple of beers and then start screwing around with that thing.

Anyway, no way a conservative would wear this thing out in public ... NO ... WAY.  I just canna think of a situation that would end with me wearing this thing.  I can only think of a three things (off the top of my head) that might drive a weaker man to wear this:
  1. You're gay and you want the world to know
  2. You're a lib and as such you associate yourself with anything that a gay reporter calls "cool."
  3. You're a straight conservative and your lib wife/girlfriend is extra hot and she makes you wear crap like this to get laid.
Oh, and here's why they don't need proofreaders anymore ... the headline:

Kelsey Grammer wears son in a sling as he goes through airport

And here's part of the article following the headline: 

For the Frasier favourite looked as cool as a cucumber as he carried his fourth, baby daughter Faith, through an airport in Los Angeles on Thursday.  More here:

See, no problem at all, right?  Proofreaders? Nah, that's outdated.

LOL @ the idiot libs ... this look ... it's "cool" .. got it?  

Good lord, no WONDER there's so many psychotic, mass murdering, "and then turned the gun on himself" types out there.  They can't reconcile the incoming lib-nonsense with what they know to be true ... and they can't ignore it.  What it boils down to is ... they can't take it man ... they CAN'T TAKE IT.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Rawh-Roh, the fix is in, baby -- Obama wins reelection!!

The 2012 presidential election is still more than two weeks away, but on Friday a CBS News affiliate in Arizona called the race for President Barack Obama.

For 17 seconds, Phoenix, Arizona CBS News affiliate KPHO ran a lower third graphic that showed that Obama had won the Nov. 6 election over Gov. Mitt Romney with 99% of the precincts reporting. The lower third graphic appeared around 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 19, during an episode of “The People’s Court.”

The CBS News graphic showed Obama winning the election with 43 percent of the vote nationwide to Romney’s 40 percent -– or 40,237,966 votes to 38,116,216. It is unclear who garnered the other 17 percent in the fictional election results.

KPHO’s general manager did not return The Daily Caller’s request for comment by time of publication. From the Daily Caller:

Hmmmm, now who would go thru the trouble of creating this graphic? Was this some sort of test or something?

The Helpful Klown

Have you ever heard these incessant "" ads running all day every day on the radio? Yes. 

Did you ever call them? No? 

Gee, I wonder why not. Let me guess, you've turned the crank on the jack-in-the-box enough times you know what's going to happen, right? That's right, in the back of your mind, you know you're going to get ripped off if you make that call and go along with their shenanigans. 

Well, this guy made the call, paid the money ($10,) got his package etc and then set up his appointment to call his "mentor." 

And the whole time up to this he was unable to find out what the big "opportunity" was. So after some sputters etc he gets his mentor on the phone and I have pulled out a section of the transcript for you to read below. 

"You ARE interested in starting your own business aren't you?" she slices in. "You DO want to be able to take advantage of this incredible opportunity don't you?'

"If it is such and incredible opportunity, then why is is so difficult to get you to simply tell me who the big company is that I could ultimately be working for?" I reply in an increasingly frustrated tone.

"Is that all you are interested in right now?' She replied sharply.

"Yea, pretty much. I have paid my $10, read your booklet, watched your DVD, and am now on the phone with you, and I still don't know any more about who the actual company is behind So, Yes. I would like to know who it is you actually represent. If this opportunity is so great, what's there to hide? From the commercials, and your booklet, this is supposed to be this easy, step-by-step process, but I have experienced nothing like that." I say in exasperation.

"It's HerbaLife. The company we represent is HerbaLife." she spits out in a caustic tone.

LOL - Yes, that's right, the fine and upstanding company, Herbalife. The guy has made a whole website out of his experience and you can read a lot more about the whole thing here:

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Obama, he's so honest and forthright

Notice how the left side (the Obama commercial) leaves out the part that says the money has already been taxed at the higher rate. See, by leaving out information, the Obama campaign makes sure you have all the information you need. 

I mean, let's face it, you're not really that smart, are you. You're not going to check his "facts." You'll just believe him, right? More here:

Planned Parenthood Rally - Oh, it's soooo crucial

Cecile Richards speaks Sept. 6, 2012 during a Planned Parenthood rally in D.C. 
Credit: Michelle Bauman/ EWTN News.

I used to support "Planned Parenthood" without much question.

And then I realized something.  They support "Democratics."  I knew this already but I had always just sort of accepted the premise that they did so on principle.

And why ... why would they support Democratics?  I'm sure they'd tell you it's because "women's reproductive rights etc etc" (which I support) but when I saw this picture it hit me that "this is a huge, organized business."  And I got the feeling they were fighting for my tax money more than anything else.  And they're DAMN SERIOUS about it.

This reminds me of the fight about Sesame Street ... Big Bird, etc ... they all act like it's such a huge deal.  And there are people that will argue as if it's the end of the earth but ... no ... leave me and my money out of it, thank you.

All this is is the government handing out MY money (and power) to their friends.  That's it.  Republicans give money and power to some organizations and Democratics give to others ... and they fight amongst themselves to take money away from each other ... in the name of "religion" or "women's rights" etc ... it's disgusting.

That's right, instead of YOU donating your money to the charities you like, the government takes that money off you and the POLITICIANS give it to their favorite charities.  You know why?  Because they're smarter than you, that's why ... oh, and because they can buy more votes with that money ... AND, they can get jobs for their friends in these "needy charities" ... see?

More on their big rally here:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Liberals have no sense of humor, unless they're making fun of conservatives

DAVIS (CBS13) – A soccer game taunt is getting a lot of attention, not only for the message, but for who’s behind it.

A group of fans from Davis made the controversial banner for a high school game against Jesuit. Some call the sign homophobic, and that’s just the beginning.

“I got pretty disgusted as the night went on,” parent Christine Totah said.

In fact, sisters, and mothers, Christine Totah and Lisa Qvistgaard say the behavior at Davis High School’s recent boys’ soccer game was downright disgusting.

“They were chanting, f******s, f******s; because they were playing Jesuit and it’s an all boys school,” said Totah.

It was blatant nonstop homophobic slurs hurled out of the Davis fan section.

“The parents were laughing; they thought it was funny,” said Totah.

Then three young men, dressed in hot dog outfits, came out with a sign reading “Jesuit Hearts Weiners.”  

More on the perpetual indignant idiot-liberal outrage here:

Well, I hate to be the one to point this out, but aren't gay people witches?  

I thought we were allowed to make fun of them and call them stupid, harass them in court, fine them, tax them at higher rates, harass them at work, make them follow all kinds of rules if they want to be homos ... you know, like people who drive with an alcohol content above the current "legal limit" ... or smokers, etc.

Did someone dewitch them?  It's hard for the old Klown to keep up anymore.