Sunday, January 31, 2010

Interesting population statistics


Michael Moore - Upstanding hero of the working man

Boy does Michael Moore hate it when BIG BUSINESS gets taxpayer subsidies ... MAN, I TELL YOU HE HATES IT!! Here's what he had to say about it at a forum back in 1998:
"These are large multinational corporations — Viacom, GE, Rupert Murdoch — that own these studios," said Moore at the Traverse City event. "Why do they need our money, from Michigan, from our taxpayers, when we're already broke here? I mean, they play one state against another, and so they get all this free cash when they're making billions already in profits. What's the thinking behind that?"
GRRRRRR. Doesn't that make you HATE those big companies? It does me ... I HATE 'EM, I HATE 'EM, I HATE 'EM. Thanks, Michael Moore for pointing this out. We should HANG THEM FROM THE HIGHEST TREE, RIGHT? Oh, wait: (Bold is mine)

MIDLAND — The 2009 documentary "Capitalism: A Love Story," produced by Michigan filmmaker Michael Moore, has been approved for a subsidy from the Michigan Film Office, according to a video released today by Kathy Hoekstra, communications specialist for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Moore is a member of the Film Office Advisory Council, which advises the state-run Michigan Film Office. More at

Ha ha ha, who would have guessed this might happen? A man of Michael Moore's principles and convictions would NEVER do this ... would he? I think someone is lying and trying to make him look bad. Everyone knows he's the hero of the working man. Everyone knows he hates profit. How can this be?

Keep watching and believing that bloated communist libtard sympathetic community activist.  He's become filthy rich by telling the sheep how bad they've got it.  Baaaa - Bleat.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Daily Show hammers dipshit (Chris Matthews)

Global warming criminals get ZERO punishment

Scientist at the heart of the 'Climategate' email scandal broke the law when they refused to give raw data to the public, the privacy watchdog has ruled.

The Information Commissioner's office said University of East Anglia researchers breached the Freedom of Information Act when handling requests from climate change sceptics.

But the scientists will escape prosecution because the offences took place more than six months ago. More here:

Right, but never mind prosecuting them.  Just let them continue to squander billions.  Keep moving ... nothing to see here. We're pretending like nothing happened.  Baaaa - Bleat.


Rajendra Pachauri

Bold is mine:

The chairman of the leading climate change watchdog was informed that claims about melting Himalayan glaciers were false before the Copenhagen summit, The Times has learnt.

Rajendra Pachauri was told that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment that the glaciers would disappear by 2035 was wrong, but he waited two months to correct it. He failed to act despite learning that the claim had been refuted by several leading glaciologists.

The IPCC’s report underpinned the proposals at Copenhagen for drastic cuts in global emissions.

Dr Pachauri, who played a leading role at the summit, corrected the error last week after coming under media pressure. He told The Times on January 22 that he had only known about the error for a few days. He said: “I became aware of this when it was reported in the media about ten days ago. Before that, it was really not made known. Nobody brought it to my attention. There were statements, but we never looked at this 2035 number.” 

Yes, you were only told ten days ago.  Except, that's a lie.

However, a prominent science journalist said that he had asked Dr Pachauri about the 2035 error last November. Pallava Bagla, who writes for Science journal, said he had asked Dr Pachauri about the error. He said that Dr Pachauri had replied: “I don’t have anything to add on glaciers.” More here:

Let's see, should the jackass resign in disgrace or should he just continue braying as if nothing happened?   Keeping in mind the fact that libs are incapable of being humiliated, what do YOU think will happen? 

Friday, January 29, 2010

This Can't Be Good

From The Associated Press

MOSCOW – Russia's first stealth fighter intended to match the latest U.S. design made its maiden flight Friday, boosting the country's efforts to modernize its rusting Soviet-built arsenals and retain its lucrative export market.
The Sukhoi T-50's flight comes nearly two decades after the first prototype of the U.S. F-22 Raptor took to the air, and Russian officials said it will take another five years for the new jet to enter service. Still, the flight marked a major step in Russia's efforts to burnish the faded glory of its aviation industries and strengthen a beleaguered military.
The sleek twin-engined jet closely resembling the Raptor flew for 47-minutes from an airfield at Sukhoi's production plant in the Far Eastern city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur on Friday. Development of the so-called fifth-generation fighter has been veiled in secrecy and no images of it had been released before the flight.

Rest of article here.

Swing, and a Miss!

fri pins

The Klown wanted pins well here they are

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New definition of "racist" at the bottom

Found it at Moonbattery:

Dipshit humiliates self ... AGAIN!

Ha ha - good one

Found it at Wombat's blog:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Now I Have to Learn to Like the NBA

Paul Shirley has probably become public enemy No. 1 in Haiti and elsewhere. The former NBA player posted a long column online in response to the earthquake disaster in Haiti in which he criticized Haitian citizens and said he won't donate to relief efforts. "I haven’t donated to the Haitian relief effort for the same reason that I don't give money to homeless men on the street," he wrote. "Based on past experiences, I don't think the guy with the sign that reads 'Need You're Help' is going to do anything constructive with the dollar I might give him. If I use history as my guide, I don't think the people of Haiti will do much with my money either." And he didn't stop there, even writing a letter to the people of Haiti. "Dear Haitians," he wrote, "First of all, kudos on developing the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Your commitment to human rights, infrastructure, and birth control should be applauded. "As we prepare to assist you in this difficult time, a polite request: If it’s possible, could you not re-build your island home in the image of its predecessor? Could you not resort to the creation of flimsy shanty- and shack-towns? And could some of you maybe use a condom once in a while?" He also asked what's being done to prevent this tragedy from happening again, using New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina as an example. "We did the same after Hurricane Katrina," he said. "We were quick to vilify humans who were too slow to respond to the needs of victims, forgetting that the victims had built and maintained a major city below sea level in a known target zone for hurricanes. Our response: Make the same mistake again. Rebuild a doomed city, putting aside logic as we did." Shirley has been dropped as a freelance writer for ESPN for his comments on Haiti.

More sterling logic from liberal morons

So just for fun, I wandered over to the moronic idiots super-lib site of "The Daily Kos." What's the first thing I see? Here ya go.

Oh we all know the story about how Scott Brown won back the U.S. Senate for the Republican Party and how Republicans are now well on the way to retaking every single branch of government.

They are in great shape, more popular than ever. Right?

Um...not so much. When to the problems facing America, more people blame Republicans than any other group, according to the latest NBC/WSJ poll:

When it comes to dealing with the problems facing America, how much blame do you give [___] in not finding solutions to those problems--a great deal of blame, quite a bit of blame, just some blame, or very little blame?

Blame Not Blame
The Republicans in Congress 48% 50%
The Democrats in Congress 41% 56%
President Obama 27% 71%
Ok ... you got that? Here's the liberal logic ... everybody hates the Republicans. That's right, they hate them SOOOOO much that they kicked a communist DIPSHITOCRAT out of a Senate seat that's been held by a communist DIPSHITOCRAT for more than a half century.  Yep, those Repubicans are in DEEP KIMCHEEE NOW!!   LMAO, good thinking, libs.

Something tells me this is going to be a RICH source of humor and entertainment for me.

Poll Perplexes Public Policy President

Bold is mine:
Fox is the most trusted television news network in the country, according to a new poll out Tuesday.

A Public Policy Polling nationwide survey of 1,151 registered voters Jan. 18-19 found that 49 percent of Americans trusted Fox News, 10 percentage points more than any other network.

Thirty-seven percent said they didn’t trust Fox, also the lowest level of distrust that any of the networks recorded.

There was a strong partisan split among those who said they trusted Fox — with 74 percent of Republicans saying they trusted the network, while only 30 percent of Democrats said they did.

CNN was the second-most-trusted network, getting the trust of 39 percent of those polled. Forty-one percent said they didn’t trust CNN.  Hey, isn't their slogan "America's most trusted news network?"  How can they get away with false advertising?  I thought that was illegal.  Must be that pesky first amendment.

Each of the three major networks was trusted by less than 40 percent of those surveyed, with NBC ranking highest at 35 percent. Forty-four percent said they did not trust NBC, which was combined with its sister cable station MSNBC.

Thirty-two percent of respondents said they trusted CBS, while 31 percent trusted ABC. Both CBS and ABC were not trusted by 46 percent of those polled.

“A generation ago you would have expected Americans to place their trust in the most neutral and unbiased conveyors of news,” said PPP President Dean Debnam in his analysis of the poll. “But the media landscape has really changed, and now they’re turning more toward the outlets that tell them what they want to hear.” From here:

Yes, that's what it means, you doofus.  What a dumbass.  You take a poll asking the most trusted news channel, you get the results, and then turn around and say the EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE in your "analysis."  How big of an idiot ARE you?  Dumbass liberal logic strikes again.

Let me ask you this.  Why did Obama get the majority of the vote?  Why do Dipshitocrats hold super-majorities in both the House and Senate?  By your logic, wouldn't most people want to "hear" the liberal side? No, I think Americans actually ARE "placing their trust in the most neutral and unbiased conveyor of news."

You know the part I like best?  I like it when the libs call it "Faux News."  Don't you think that's so clever?  I like it when the libs attack FOX NEWS for being biased but say they other media is fair and objective.  Looks like they can bray to their heart's content but it isn't working.  I'd say, over time, peeps are figuring it out ... slowly but surely.

By the way ... notice how I put "FOX" in all caps like they do for CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, etc.  It drives the libs NUTS when FOX is in all caps ... "IT'S NOT AN ACRONYM" they cry.  WHO CARES, quothe I ... as long as it drives you out of your pea brain.


From The Associated Press

APPLETON, Wis. - A Wisconsin woman who tried to extort money from an upscale restaurant by putting a rat in her lunch has entered no-contest pleas to two criminal charges.
The Appleton Post-Crescent reported Debbie R. Miller, 43, was found guilty after she entered the pleas to a felony extortion charge and a misdemeanor for obstructing police.
Prosecutors said Miller planted the rat at The Seasons on April 17, 2008, and then demanded $500,000 from the owners. She threatened to alert the media.
Instead of paying, the owners turned the rat over to investigators for their insurance company. They determined it was a domestic rat that had been cooked in a microwave.
The restaurant doesn't use microwaves. Miller was arrested about three months later.
Sentencing is scheduled for March 8.

Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Doofus

South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, who hopes to succeed fellow Republican Mark Sanford as his state's governor, drew a comparison between government help for poor people and "feeding stray animals" – who, he noted, "breed." "My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals," Bauer said during a town hall meeting, as the Greenville News reported over the weekend. "You know why? Because they breed. You're facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don't think too much further than that. And so what you've got to do is you've got to curtail that type of behavior. They don't know any better."

I think I'd have gone with the "Teach a man to fish..." metaphor instead.

Obama: "I'm the MAN, dumbass"

Rep. Marion Berry's parting shot, published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette [no link, subscription only] offers a warning to moderate Democrats and border state moderates — warning of a midterm bloodbath comparable to the 54-seat D-to-R swing in 1994.

But the jaw-dropper is Berry's claim that President Obama personally dismissed any comparison between Democrats now and under Bill Clinton 16 years ago — by saying his personal popularity would bail everybody out.

The retiring Berry, who doesn't say when the remarks were made, now scoffs at Obama's 50-or-below approval rating: More here:

Wow ... kinda cocky ... big man ... "they've got YOU." Sweet.  I'm glad because I was starting to think you Dipshitocrats were gonna "tote a beatin'" in November.

GloBULL Warming ... it's real ... easy for a moron to buy

Call it the mystery of the missing thermometers.

Two months after “climategate” cast doubt on some of the science behind global warming, new questions are being raised about the reliability of a key temperature database, used by the United Nations and climate change scientists as proof of recent planetary warming.

Two American researchers allege that U.S. government scientists have skewed global temperature trends by ignoring readings from thousands of local weather stations around the world, particularly those in colder altitudes and more northerly latitudes, such as Canada.

In the 1970s, nearly 600 Canadian weather stations fed surface temperature readings into a global database assembled by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Today, NOAA only collects data from 35 stations across Canada.

Mr. D’Aleo and Mr. Smith say NOAA and another U.S. agency, the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) have not only reduced the total number of Canadian weather stations in the database, but have “cherry picked” the ones that remain by choosing sites in relatively warmer places, including more southerly locations, or sites closer to airports, cities or the sea -- which has a warming effect on winter weather.

Over the past two decades, they say, “the percentage of [Canadian] stations in the lower elevations tripled and those at higher elevations, above 300 feet, were reduced in half.”

“NOAA . . . systematically eliminated 75% of the world’s stations with a clear bias towards removing higher latitude, high altitude and rural locations, all of which had a tendency to be cooler,” the authors say. “The thermometers in a sense, marched towards the tropics, the sea, and to airport tarmacs.” More here:

Hmmm. Interesting. Do you think this will matter one whit to the likes of AlGore and the rest of the global warming monkeys?

Facts don't matter, we're just "making it up"

White House advisers appearing on the Sunday talk shows gave three different estimates of how many jobs could be credited to President Obama’s Recovery Act.

The discrepancy was pointed out by a Republican official in an email to reporters noting that “Three presidential advisers on three different programs [gave] three different descriptions of the trillion-dollar stimulus bill.”

Valerie Jarrett had the most conservative count, saying “the Recovery Act saved thousands and thousands of jobs,” while David Axelrod gave the bill the most credit, saying it has “created more than – or saved more than 2 million jobs.” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs came in between them, saying the plan had “saved or created 1.5 million jobs.” More at Politico:

We know everything ... listen to us ... HEE HAW HEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!!

Swine flu scare was true !! Stop saying it was bullshit!

GENEVA (AP) -- The World Health Organization on Monday slammed as "irresponsible" critics who claim swine flu is a fake pandemic created for the benefit of drug companies.

The U.N. health agency said the outbreak of a new strain of H1N1 influenza in North America last year had all the scientific characteristics of a pandemic, adding the WHO was never improperly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry that has benefited from huge government orders for vaccines and anti-viral drugs.

"The world is going through a real pandemic. The description of it as a fake is wrong and irresponsible," the WHO said in a strongly worded statement Monday.

A WHO spokesman declined to spell out who the World Health Organization was responding to in its statement, saying only that "this applies to anyone who believes it is not a real pandemic." More funniness here:

Right.  Swine flu, bird flu, blah blah.  All they want is more money and recognition.  I think Rush has it right ... any organization that has the word "WORLD" in its title is complete bullshit ... I'm paraphrasing.

Anyway, I'm thinking that the WHO, and their co-conspirators in the media, will always be coming up with new and greater dangers from here on out ... and the media will perpetuate every last one of them ... and the media will conveniently forget all the times they were wrong before until FINALLY they get one right ... you know ... sort of like how they do with the the hurricane forecasts.

Whew, the recession is OVER !!

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sales of previously occupied homes took the largest monthly drop in more than 40 years last month, sinking more dramatically than expected after lawmakers gave buyers additional time to use a tax credit. More here:

Congress should keep requiring banks to loan money to deadbeats.  It doesn't hurt anything.  Everyone has a right to buy a house.  Also, the federal government should back those loans (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac.)

Obama needs teleprompter for elementary school speech

President Barack Obama, accompanied by Education Secretary Arne Duncan, speaks to the media after a discussion with 6th grade students at Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Va., Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) From Yahoo News:

Did you hear about this?  No?  Hmmmm.  Do you think you would have heard about it if George Bush had done it?  You know ... the media would be all over it about how stupid Bush is for needing a teleprompter to speak at an elementary school. Oh, never mind, the media probably just forgot.

Your House at Work

This is what the House of Representatives has scheduled for tomorrow:

On Tuesday, the House will meet at 12:30 p.m. for Morning Hour debate and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business with votes postponed until 6:30 p.m.
Suspensions (6 Bills)
H.Res. 583 - Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Lester Flatt has made an invaluable contribution to American art as both a songwriter and a performer, leaving an indelible legacy in bluegrass music (Rep. Davis (TN) - Education and Labor)
H.Res. 990 - Expressing support for designation of January 2010 as "National Mentoring Month" (Rep. McCollum - Education and Labor)
H.Res. 1030 - Congratulating Messiah College men's and women's soccer teams on winning the 2009 NCAA Division III national championships (Rep. Platts - Education and Labor)
H.Res. 1029 - Expressing support for designation of the week of February 1 through February 5, 2010, as "National School Counseling Week" (Rep. Linda Sanchez - Education and Labor)
H.Res. 1024 - Expressing support for designation of January as Poverty in America Awareness Month (Rep. McDermott - Ways and Means)
H.R. __ - Emergency Aid to American Survivors of the Haiti Earthquake Act (Rep. Rangel - Ways and Means)

I do like Flatt & Scruggs, though.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

For Those That Haven't Been Annoyed

Should Sarah Palin endorse McCain ?

So McCain is going to get a challenger (JD Hayworth) for his senate seat in the Republican primaries.  The question is, should Sarah Palin campaign for McDipshit McCain?  What are your thoughts?  Go to HotAir to vote in the poll.  I voted "Sarah, no!"

Non-news stays non-news .... for Obama

On first glance, it could be the ultimate Valentine's Day card -- a gigantic billboard that towers over New York's Times Square, featuring a happy couple with the text: "You are my soulmate forever, Charles & YaVaughnie."

But as every scorned lover knows, looks can be deceiving. This billboard -- which also has gone up in Atlanta and San Francisco -- is the ultimate act of revenge -- a very public retaliation by a dumped mistress aimed at a very wealthy, and married, businessman who is an adviser to President Obama. More here:

Uh huh.  Have you heard about this? No?  How can that be?  If it were an advisor to President Bush, how sick of hearing about it do you think you would be right now?  I mean on a scale of 10-10. (No, not 1-10.)  I guarantee we'd all be retching our guts out by now.  But since it's Obama, well, no worry of being overexposed to non-news ... whew ... thanks, fair and objective news media.

Scott Brown is DERAILING Kennedy's life cause

From Newsbusters:

Thanks to Wombat for bringing this to my attention.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Libs, they have to help, even if they have to lie

Obama has suspicious number of letter-writing fans named 'Ellie Light'

In recent weeks, Light has published virtually identical “Letters to the Editor” in support of President Barack Obama in more than a dozen newspapers.Every letter claimed a different residence for Light that happened to be in the newspaper’s circulation area.

“It’s time for Americans to realize that governing is hard work, and that a president can’t just wave a magic wand and fix everything,” said a letter from alleged Philadelphian Ellie Light, that was published in the Jan. 19 edition of The Philadelphia Daily News.

A letter from Light in the Jan. 20 edition of the San Francisco Examiner concluded with an identical sentence, but with an address for Light all the way across the country in Daly City, California.

Variations of Light’s letter ran in Ohio’s Mansfield News Journal on Jan. 13, with Light claiming an address in Mansfield; in New Mexico’s Ruidoso News on Jan. 12, claiming an address in Three Rivers; in South Carolina’s The Sun News on Jan. 18, claiming an address in Myrtle Beach; and in the Daily News Leader of Staunton, Virginia on Jan. 15, claiming an address in Waynesboro. Her publications list includes other papers in Ohio, West Virginia, Maine, Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania and California, all claiming separate addresses.

More at including the email exchange between the reporter and the lying lib shitforbrains "letter writer."  Look at it this way, the only reason she would EVER lie, cheat, and misrepresent is for your own good.  She's only doing it because you're too damn stupid to think for yourself.  She's just helping.

Also, in her correspondence, she refers to Obama's victory as a landslide and uses words to the effect of "elected overwhelmingly."  Get that?  53% of the vote is an overwhelming landslide ... if you're a complete idiot lib.

What's up with CNN?

I remember when Wolf Blitzer was covering the first Iraq war. I use to watch the coverage in hopes that one of the missiles would enter his hotel room but then I thought of the other persons in the room and changed my mind.

Friday, January 22, 2010

USA Today Vote

Some friends of mine alerted me to this via email.  So the USA Today is taking a poll on whether or not the 2nd amendment gives "individuals" the right to bear arms.

Obama's new Attorney General, Eric Holder,  has already said this is one of his major issues.  Hopefully these results will be published later this month. This upcoming year will become critical for gun owners with the Supreme Court's accepting the District of Columbia case against the right for individuals to bear arms.

You can click here to voteYou can copy/paste the url below (into an email) to your friends if you think they aren't idiot libs may be interested in voting.

Join me in bidding them a fond adieu

Excerpts from AirAmerica ... or should I say "Air UN-America."  Bold is mine.

It is with the greatest regret, on behalf of our Board, that we must announce that Air America Media is ceasing its live programming operations as of this afternoon, and that the Company will file soon under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code to carry out an orderly winding-down of the business.

*Sniff -- Such a shame -- sooooo UNDESERVED!!

The very difficult economic environment has had a significant impact on Air America's business. This past year has seen a "perfect storm" in the media industry generally. National and local advertising revenues have fallen drastically, causing many media companies nationwide to fold or seek bankruptcy protection.

Yes, like Hannity, Limbaugh, and Levin ... they're getting CRUSHED.  Crushed with the money coming in, that is.

Those companies that remain are facing audience fragmentation as a result of new media technologies, are often saddled with crushing debt, and have generally found it difficult to obtain operating or investment capital from traditional sources of funding.

"Traditional sources of funding?" You mean like PROFIT?  Leave it to libs to decry "lack of funding."  Hey, dipsticks, try making a profit instead of looking for "traditional sources of funding."  Whatsammatta, daddy George Soros won't cough up any money to "fund" your operations?  That's what I love about you libs ... you revile the rich and vilify corporations, all the while asking for their money to be transferred to YOU ... as if somehow you DESERVE it  ... disgusting, hypocritical, bags of freegan.

In this climate, our painstaking search for new investors has come close several times right up into this week, but ultimately fell short of success.

Ok, but you've been going broke since day one (2004.)  You've never made a profit.  What was it about the "climate" back then that made you go broke?  Never mind, I forgot, the history knowledge of a lib only goes back to breakfast.

When Air America Radio launched in April, 2004 with already-known personalities like Al Franken and then-unknown future stars like Rachel Maddow, it was the only full-time progressive voice in the mainstream broadcast media world.

Huh?  "The only full time progressive voice?"   What about NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR?  Oh ... wait ... those aren't "progressive," they're "objective." How stupid of me.

Anyway, I bid you a fond adieu adios, asshats.

Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown Won MA Senate Seat

Whoever is doing the hitler thing he is doing it well

fri pins

oops sorry its late

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dipshit lib keeps proving he's an idiot

On Wednesday’s Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann defended his recent attacks on Massachusetts Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown by insisting that some of the incorrect claims he made are true when, in fact, two are factually without merit while the third represents one of Olbermann’s typical episodes of distorting the words of a target. Among other complaints, Olbermann on Wednesday claimed that Scott "swore at" high school students at an assembly in 2007, that he has refused to renounce a vulgar threat made against Attorney General Martha Coakley by an audience member at a Sunday rally, and that he demonstrated racism in once suggesting that he wasn’t sure if Barack Obama’s parents were married at the time of his birth.

The Countdown host repeated a myth promoted by the liberal blog that, in February 2007, then-State Senator Scott "swore at a hall full of high school students" as he appeared before a group at King Philip Regional High School in Wrentham, Massachusetts. In reality, Scott was not alleged to have "sworn at" the students, but rather, he angrily responded to and complained about vulgar comments that some students had written about him and one of his daughters – comments which had been posted on the Facebook page of a pro-gay rights teacher at the school – as Scott read the uncensored comments from the site, naming some of the students, in front of the assembly. His actions sparked criticismbecause he read aloud the profane words as they appeared on the Facebook page, but he was not alleged to have "sworn at" the students. Read more at Newbusters:

So, how's he doing in the ratings?  I thought you'd never ask.

TUES. JAN. 19, 2010

FOXNEWS BECK 3,446,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 3,241,000
CNN KING 1,681,000
CNN COOPER 1,508,000
CNN BROWN 1,308,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,236,000
CNN BLITZER 1,135,000
MSNBC HARDBALL 798,000 (Ha ha, Way to go, Chris Matthews you fucking idiot.)

Communist genius finds reason for Haiti earthquake

Russia Today: Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez has once again accused the United States of playing God. But this time it's Haiti's disastrous earthquake that he thinks the U.S. was behind. Spanish newspaper ABC quotes Chavez as saying that the U.S. navy launched a weapon capable of inducing a powerful earthquake off the shore of Haiti. He adds that this time it was only a drill and the final target is ... destroying and taking over Iran. More (with video) here:

Pay attention now, his genius is hard to follow

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Ha ha, Oh MAN! This is a perfect example of Dipshitocrats COMPLETELY IGNORING THE OBVIOUS because they need to find the "deeper meaning" ... you know, because they're geniuses. Seriously, these libs are insane and yet, people vote for them.

This just goes to show, you can smack a Dipshitocrat in the teeth with "the bat of truth" (REPEATEDLY) and they still don't know their teeth are out ... bleeding all over themselves they refuse to declare "it's only a flesh wound" and instead they declare VICTORY.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

D'OH !! Don't give them an opening like that !!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little history of the filibuster

Wecentwy, Bawney Fwank (Dipshitocwat wepwesentative fwom Massachusetts) called for changing the senate rules wegarding fiwibusters. 

I notice he never called for that when the Dipshitocrats were filibustering EVERY LAST ONE of George Bush's judicial nominees ... do YOU recall him doing that? No? Funny huh, I guess he had a recent revelation or something because we all know how perverted fair and impartial he is.

Here's the deal.  When filibusters first started, the senate couldn't vote until it stopped.  Of course, in those days, they had to actually keep talking and eventually they'd get tired of it ...  or the other side would drop their attempt at passing the law.

Later on (1917) they changed the rules so they could stop a filibuster with a two-thirds vote of the senate (cloture.) That would be 67 votes today.  After a while of that they changed the rules AGAIN (1975) to allow cloture with a three-fifths vote (which is the 60 votes we have today.)  At some point in there they even changed the rules so that they didn't even have to keep talking during a filibuster ... they only had to THREATEN to do it.  All of these things which weakened  the filibuster have been bad for the nation (IMHO.)

Now that the Republicans are using the filibuster health care bill is in jeopardy, they want to change it again (see Bawney Fwank's call above.)  See, this bill is such a massive (and permanent) power grab, the Dipshitocrats are willing to trash a lot of history (and anything else that gets in their way) to make their dream come true.  This isn't about the "good of America" or they'd never entertain the thought of cramming a bill down your throat on a one-vote margin in the senate.  How is it that the good of 51 votes overrides the good of 49 votes?  That's why a simple majority should NEVER be good enough in the senate.

Anyway, I wish they'd have stuck with the 67 vote requirement for cloture.  The government NEVER did as much damage as quickly when they actually had to have a lot of agreement before passing controversial laws like this GIANT PIECE OF CRAP health care bill they're passing now.  Once they got the three-fifths in 1975 they started doing real damage.  Imagine what they could do with simple majorities.

Mark Levin often quotes former Senator Paul Laxalt (R-NV) "Every day congress meets you lose a little bit more of your liberty." The other day I heard Mark say something to the effect of "Maybe we should just allow them to meet every other year."

Excerpts below from

The filibuster, long seen by its proponents as a necessary check on power and by its critics as a frustrating waste of time, has been around since the mid-19th century. A filibuster simply allows the minority political party to choose to endlessly debate a bill, stalling — and sometimes preventing — an actual vote. The word comes from the Dutch term vrijbuiter (pirate), in addition to the Spanish word filibustero (freebooting). The origins of filibuster use trace back to ancient Rome, and the practice has been common in several other countries including England and Australia. In the U.S., the tactic became known as a label for a Senator who held his colleagues hostage by overtalking legislation. Originally, both the Senate and the House of Representatives had a rule called the Previous Question Motion, where a simple majority ended debate — a rule the House has kept. But the Senate dropped this provision in 1806, leaving open the potential for a filibuster.

The first filibuster in U.S. Senate history began on March 5, 1841, over the issue of the firing of Senate printers, and lasted six days. Ever since, politicians have loved filibusters or hated them — depending which side of the fight they were on. Proponents argue the filibuster protects the right to free speech and prevents the Senate majority from steamrolling the minority, thus ensuring that critical legislation gets a sufficient airing before being pushed through. Others contend the practice has gotten out of hand, leaving bills gridlocked in an oft-feuding Senate and stalling important votes for purely partisan gain.

The longest uninterrupted filibuster on record belongs to South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond, who stopped a vote on a 1957 civil rights bill for 24 hours and 18 minutes. A filibuster is often an effort of several Senators, but can also be done by a single Senator.

The only way to stop one is by invoking cloture — which forces a vote to take place. Cloture, adopted in 1917, used to require two-thirds of the Senate to agree to stop the talking. But with a two-thirds vote difficult to obtain (just four out of 23 cloture movements were successful between 1919 and 1960), the Senate changed the rule in 1975 to require just three-fifths' approval. More here:

The Future of Western War

Very well written "explanation" of war's changing nature over thousands of years.

But where exactly are we today? There have been two developments over the last 20 years that have placed the West in a new cycle. They have not marked the end of the Western way of war, but they have brought about a significant change. The first is the rapid electronic dissemination of knowledge—such that someone in the Hindu Kush tonight can download a sophisticated article on how to make an IED. And the second is that non-Western nations now have leverage, given how global economies work today, through large quantities of strategic materials that Western societies need, such as natural gas, oil, uranium, and bauxite. Correspondingly, these materials produce tremendous amounts of unearned capital in non-Western countries—and by "unearned," I mean that the long process of civilization required to create, for example, a petroleum engineer has not occurred in these countries, yet they find themselves in possession of the monetary fruits of this process. So the West's enemies now have instant access to knowledge and tremendous capital.
In addition to these new developments, there are five traditional checks on the Western way of war that are intensified today. One of these checks is the Western tendency to limit the ferocity of war through rules and regulations. The Greeks tried to outlaw arrows and catapults. Romans had restrictions on the export of breast plates. In World War II, we had regulations against poison gas. Continuing this tradition today, we are trying to achieve nuclear non-proliferation. Unfortunately, the idea that Western countries can adjudicate how the rest of the world makes war isn't applicable anymore. As we see clearly in Iran, we are dealing with countries that have the wealth of Western nations (for the reasons just mentioned), but are anything but constitutional democracies. In fact, these nations find the idea of limiting their war-making capabilities laughable. Even more importantly, they know that many in the West sympathize with them—that many Westerners feel guilty about their wealth, prosperity, and leisure, and take psychological comfort in letting tyrants like Ahmadinejad provoke them.

Entire speech here.

From Imprimis at
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Jourrrrrnalist is so stupid he can't see his own bias

I forget the names of the jourrrrrnalists involved here but I was just watching the news and the lady asks another jourrrrnalist what's going on in the Massachusetts senate race.  The guy says something like "Well, if Coakley loses then the health care bill might be dead ... (and then he asks the audience) are YOU ok with this one vote deciding the issue for ALL of America? ... we'll be right back."

Ok, here's the call.  I guess this DIPSHIT JOURRRRNALIST wouldn't have a problem if Coakley was elected and her "ONE VOTE" decided the issue the other way for the "REST OF AMERICA" or "ALL OF AMERICA" ... whatever the hell it was he said. 

See, this was my problem.  They were going to squander TRILLIONS of dollars by ONE VOTE.   They were going to shove this massive program right down the throats of "the rest of America" ... and that was PERFECTLY ok.  They didn't have ANY PROBLEM WHATSOEVER in doing that ... but now that it might go the other way .. now they have a BIG PROBLEM because sudden-fucking-ly, it's "just one vote." Hee Haw - Hee Haw ... Libs ... they are com-ass-pletely unencumbered with logic and rational thought.

While I'm on the subject, I saw Matt Lauer this morning (on the Today Show) refer to "Kennedy's seat."  I've already posted this video but ... "IT'S NOT KENNEDY'S SEAT, JACKASS." As Wombat says, "Maybe Lauer doesn't watch the news." Yes, or maybe it's because libs NEVER miss a chance to brainwash the sheep.  Baaa - bleat.

Kerry the jackass brays with abandon

I'm amazed at how many Democratic politicians are using the word 'teabag' to fire up their constituents. Chuck Schumer proudly called Republican candidate Scott Brown a "far-right teabagger" earlier in the race, and now it appears Sen. Kerry is following suit.

"We also see how revved up the tea baggers are at the thought of hijacking health care reform and every chance we have at making progress in Washington." warned Kerry this morning. More at

Found it at HotAir:

See, this is what I love about the respect Dipshitocrats give to oppossing viewpoints.  You're nothing but a "teabagger" ... get it?  You mean nothing, you're simply an obstacle, and an undereducated one at that. Never mind the fact that we're dumping the tea. Ohhhh, that tea is gonna get soggy.

Zogby prediction - he's such a genius

I just posted this so nobody gets amnesia about Zogby and his ability to predict things. Remember this whenever you hear about a "Zogby Poll." I actually participate in his polls and the questions are so slanted to the left it's ridiculous.  The Klown predicts that Scott Brown will win by a decent margin ... and by "decent margin" I mean more than the "landslide" margin the media called Obama's win.  Anyway, I guess we'll see, won't we.

Here's another question.  If Scott Brown wins how far will the libs go in trying to block the certification of the election?  I guarantee that will be the next fight.  Prepare for the forthright and honest lawyers.

"Freegans", a whole new line of humor for the Klown

So I wake up last night and that cartoon that makes fun of libs (The Goode Family) was on. Mr. Goode was supposed to be organizing a block party for libs. Somehow they found out that one of their heroes was going to be "walking through" their town during the block party. It was some doofus that left his wife and six kids and became a "freegan."

This morning I Googled "Freegan."
Freeganism is an anti-consumerist lifestyle whereby people employ alternative living strategies based on "limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources".

Freegans "embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed."[1] The lifestyle involves salvaging discarded, unspoiled food from supermarket dumpsters, known as 'dumpster diving'. Freegans salvage the food for political reasons, rather than out of need.
Yes. Have you noticed anything? Here's what I noticed. Conspicuously absent in any of this is "they don't have fucking jobs." I was going to help them by pointing it out to the morons libs at Wikipedia but I felt they'd probably ignore my suggestions. You see, to be a successful lib, you have to ignore the obvious and make up your own "deeper meaning."

When I was a kid, we had freegans too.  It's just that my parents didn't teach me the correct term.  We called them bums.  Anyway, prepare yourselves for me to overdo this.  It seems like a potentially rich source of humor.  Hey, I've got one already ... "I hate those freegin' freegans."

Here's a couple of clips from the show (The Goode Family) for your entertainment.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Heartfelt Sentiment

Courtesy of The Beaner!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ohhhh, man -- SMACKDOWN

A rather remarkable thing happened Thursday: a documentary highly skeptical of man's role in global warming was aired on broadcast television.

The program, "Global Warming - The Other Side," was created and hosted by John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel, and debuted on San Diego's independent television station KUSI.

Readers should be familiar with Coleman as the man who not only called global warming "the greatest scam in history," but also advocated suing Nobel Laureate Al Gore to expose the fraud.

Breaking with American media's tradition of almost exclusively broadcasting programs supporting Gore's view of climate change, "The Other Side" remarkably devoted an entire hour to fully explaining what the global warming-obsessed press dishonestly hide from the public (videos in four parts, h/t Climate Depot):

Click here to see the videos.  The first one is just over 10 minutes.  Just the first one is enough to deal the death blow ... or, it would be if the mainstream media let the public know about it.

Jackass Ed Shultz at MSNBC - Listen to him bray

Have you heard one word about this?  No? ... and you won't either.  WAMK has a good point ... I wonder if you would have heard about it if Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity said something like this.  Yes, I wonder, don't you?

Found it at Where Are My Keys:  By the way, WAMK has some put up some really good posts over there recently.

Capitalists to celebrate defeat of communism?

Former Barack Obama supporter Jim Cramer on Friday said the stock market would have a huge rally if Scott Brown defeats Martha Coakley in Tuesday's special senatorial election in Massachusetts.

"I think investors who are nervous about the dictatorship of the Pelosi proletariat will feel at ease, and we could have a gigantic rally off a Coakley loss and a Brown win," said Cramer on Friday's "Mad Money."

The often outspoken CNBCer marvelously declared it a "Pelosi politburo emasculation"

Gee ... ya THINK?  Imagine the stock rally we'd have if there were no more threat about Cap & Tax ... or GloBULL warming.  Imagine what would happen if we decided to "Drill Here, Drill Now."  Just wait until November. The liberals have been kicking America in the balls long enough.

Even MORE Globull warming horseshit - EXPOSED

(Simon Fraser/Science Photo Library)

A WARNING that climate change will melt most of the Himalayan glaciers by 2035 is likely to be retracted after a series of scientific blunders by the United Nations body that issued it.

Two years ago the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a benchmark report that was claimed to incorporate the latest and most detailed research into the impact of global warming. A central claim was the world's glaciers were melting so fast that those in the Himalayas could vanish by 2035.

In the past few days the scientists behind the warning have admitted that it was based on a news story in the New Scientist, a popular science journal, published eight years before the IPCC's 2007 report.

It has also emerged that the New Scientist report was itself based on a short telephone interview with Syed Hasnain, a little-known Indian scientist then based at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi.

Hasnain has since admitted that the claim was "speculation" and was not supported by any formal research. If confirmed it would be one of the most serious failures yet seen in climate research. The IPCC was set up precisely to ensure that world leaders had the best possible scientific advice on climate change.

Professor Murari Lal, who oversaw the chapter on glaciers in the IPCC report, said he would recommend that the claim about glaciers be dropped: "If Hasnain says officially that he never asserted this, or that it is a wrong presumption, then I will recommend that the assertion about Himalayan glaciers be removed from future IPCC assessments." More timesonline:

Oh my, my. This certainly comes as a shocker, doesn't it? Hey, "Professor" Murari Lal ... nice job overseeing your portion of the world ripoff globull warming ... dipshit.  The best part is how they included this crap without checking.  I mean ... no need to check, right?  Just bray with abandon.

The Klown hates fatties with a white-hot hate

As the dieters queued to see how many pounds they had shed, the floor beneath them in the clinic in Växjö, in south-central Sweden, began to rumble, according to a report in The Local, Sweden's English-language newspaper.

"We suddenly heard a huge thud; we almost thought it was an earthquake and everything flew up in the air.

"The floor collapsed in one corner of the room and along the walls," one Weight Watchers participant told the Smålandsposten newspaper.

Soon, the fault lines spread around the room, and other sections of the floor gave way.

Luckily, all of the dieters escaped uninjured and managed to move the scales to the corridor, which was not damaged in the accident, and were able to complete their weekly weigh in.

The cause of the floor's collapse remains under investigation. From here:

Still under investigation, eh?  Yes, sounds like a mystery.  It may never be solved.

Dipshitocrats prepare to ram it up your ass

Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Even if Democrats lose the Jan. 19 special election to pick a new Massachusetts senator, Congress may still pass a health-care overhaul by using a process called reconciliation, a top House Democrat said.

That procedure requires 51 votes rather than the 60 needed to prevent Republicans from blocking votes on President Barack Obama’s top legislative priorities. That supermajority is at risk as the Massachusetts race has tightened.

“Even before Massachusetts and that race was on the radar screen, we prepared for the process of using reconciliation,” said Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. More here:

See, this is what I love about the Dipshitocrats.  If they can get 51 votes out of 100 on something then it MUST be good for the ENTIRE country, right?  That's right.  If it means displeasing 49% of the people in favor of 51%, it matters not to them.  

To me, this is unimaginable arrogance.  All they want is control so they can slide money around and give big-money jobs to their contributors and friends.  They know that once they get it done, it can NEVER be undone ... think Social Security.

I really can't get over it.  They're going to act like it's perfectly ok to SQUANDER money by the trillions based on a 51-49 vote.   If they do this, I'm going to consider it the biggest government ripoff in my lifetime.

I'm guessing they're doomed in November for sure.  Perhaps the conservatives can get it undone if they act fast enough.  I doubt it though ... think of the lawyers ... they'll get FILTHY rich trying to stop the conservatives from undoing it.

Happy Harrogate Week!

For more info, click here

A New Career for EK?

Bold is mine.

The world’s first academic degree in medical clowning is now available to aspiring healers. A big red nose is not part of the admission requirements, but a sense of humor is. The program—at the University of Haifa in Israel—offers courses in comedy, improvisation, mime, and juggling, as well as the psychology of pain, therapy, and communicating with patients. Trainee clowns even go on morning rounds with doctors as full members of the medical team. Research has confirmed the role of laughter in healing. A study in Pediatric Anesthesia reported that using medical clowns for children undergoing surgery can “significantly alleviate pre-operative anxiety” when compared with no intervention, and is better than or similar to sedation medication. Clown Doctors, as they’re sometimes known (Gee - how original), operate around the world, including the U.K., Canada, and Australia. In the U.S., the Big Apple Circus has helped train and place clown doctors in more than 18 facilities nationwide.

I Can't Believe It!

From John Trever, Albuquerque Journal

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cheating jackass was only having fun

NEW YORK—Former St. Louis Cardinals slugger, onetime single-season home run record holder, and admitted steroid abuser Mark McGwire came clean Monday, confessing that it was really fucking fun being able to hit baseballs so hard and far.

"I can't remember having a better time in all of my life," McGwire said during an hour-long interview with the MLB Network's Bob Costas. "Do you have any idea what it's like knowing instantly that a ball you hit is going to fly—no, soar—over a fence in a major-league stadium? Well, I do. And it's fucking fantastic."

"I'm sorry everyone had a problem with it," McGwire added. "But I was having a blast." More at The Onion:

These peeps seem to be getting better

What? An earthquake? Uh ... BUSH ... uh .. CHENEY!!

Chucky-Schmucky Schumer is a jackass

New York Sen. Charles Schumer, who famously hammered then-Sen. Alfonse D'Amato for calling him a "putz-head" in their hot 1998 campaign, was accused Thursday of stepping into the gutter himself after he sent out a fundraising e-mail in which he called Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown a "far-right tea-bagger."   

Doesn't this just show you what disdain these politicians have for a dissenting point of view?  "A far right tea-bagger."  Can't you just feel the contempt?  Notice there is never any such thing as a moderate Republican ... only moderate Democrats ... isn't that funny?  No such thing as a "staunch" Democrat, only a "staunch" Republican.  The media ... hysterical ... bunch of one-sided "objectivists."

The two-term Democrat, in accusing Brown of being aligned with the conservative "tea party" movement, used a term that every tea party critic knows refers to a sexual act.

"Chuck has a way of saying things that I don't think he really understands or means, and it's unfortunate," Brown told Fox News Thursday when asked about the e-mail. "I'm not into name-calling. ... so shame on Chuck."

Really?  Chucky?   Talking about things when he doesn't understand what they mean?  Who would have guessed that jackass would start with the braying when he didn't understand what he was braying about?

Liberal television hosts [and the print media] had a field day with the "tea bag"  [can't you just hear them giggling like schoolgirls?] term last year when the tea party movement gained steam. It seemed to lose its luster after the joke got old, but Schumer brought it back as he urged supporters to vote for Democrat Martha Coakley in next Tuesday's high-stakes special election.

Yeah, you think that term got old?  I have news for you.  It didn't get old ... I still hear it all the time.  Here's another headline, libtards, it's not NEARLY as old as it's going to seem when these dipshits start losing their seats in the next election.  Something tells me we'll have heard the last of the term "tea-bagger" after this November.  We need to start calling the communists Democrats  "the tea."  Do you know what happened to the tea in the Boston tea party?  Yes, I think you do.

"Martha Coakley is running to fill the rest of Ted Kennedy's term, and her opponent is a far-right tea-bagger Republican," Schumer wrote.More here:

Heh ... ADIOS, Martha Cockley.

PS, in case you've been living under a rock, the special election for "Ted Kennedy's seat" is this Tuesday (Jan 19.)  Can't wait.  I've got my popcorn ready.