Monday, October 29, 2012

A Puzzle for my Cuzzle

A puzzle by Henry Dudeney:

A lady is accustomed to buy from her greengrocer large bundles of asparagus, each twelve inches in circumference. The other day the man had no large bundles in stock, but handed her instead two small ones, each six inches in circumference. 

"That is the same thing," she said, "and, of course, the price will be the same." But the man insisted that the two bundles together contained a bit more than the large one, and charged a little bit extra. Which was correct -- the lady or the greengrocer? From the Futility Closet:

Highlight/select the following (blank) paragraph for the answer:
Both were wrong, and the lady was badly cheated. She only got half the quantity that would be contained in the large bundle, and therefore should have been charged half the original price. A circle with the circumference half that of another must have its area a quarter that of the other.

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