Monday, October 29, 2012

Idiot lib mayor is finally being "helpful"

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Sunday evening urged New Yorkers in Evacuation Zone A to heed the warnings and get out for the Hurricane Sandy “Frankenstorm.” 

Zone A includes the following areas of New York City:
• Coney Island, Manhattan Beach and Red Hook and other areas along the East River in Brooklyn;
• All of the Rockaways, as well as Hamilton Beach and Broad Channel in Queens;
• Almost all of the coastline of Staten Island;
• City Island, a small patch of Throgg’s Neck, and another patch of the South Bronx in the Bronx;
• Battery Park City and stretches of the West Side waterfront and of the Lower East Side and East Village in Manhattan.

A total of 375,000 people live in Zone A alone.

“I can’t stress enough that this is for your own safety, and if you refuse to evacuate, you are putting not only yourself at risk, but also the first responders who would have to assist you in an emergency,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg previously warned residents who live in Zone A that all elevators in the zone will be shut down at 7 p.m. and urged residents to get to higher ground quickly, before subway and bus service is shut down.

LOL.  Yep.  They have to shut these things down ... but not "for your own good/safety," really ... more for "your own financial well being."  

You see, the helpful libs have written the tort laws so that lawyers can easily sue the every-loving-crap out of municipalities and businesses.  And their favorite way to peel you is the old "knew or should have known" argument.  So, no matter how unlikely an event might be, if it was "possible" then you "should have known."

See how it works? And right now, the helpful lawyers are ready to strike.  Of course, they're only doing it to help you, right?  

When the lawyers take money from businesses and government, they're actually taking it from you ... because the cost of defending lawsuits is a cost of doing business ... and consumers ... (that's right, poor people too) pay the cost of it every single time they buy an item/service.

“It is dangerous to drive when the winds get very high,” and it is particularly dangerous to drive over bridges, he said. More here:

Really?  Oh, whatever did we do before these idiot libs were warning us every five seconds about how dangerous the world is ... except for fluffy animals like polar bears, of course.

Dangerous to drive across bridges in high winds? Do tell.

Wait, let me make a quick note of that so I can disperse it as a helpful fact the next time I'm sipping hi-falutin' wine with idiot liberals at the charity auction.

Oh yes, and they can all nod knowingly and murmur in agreement as if they've just "learned."

As an aside, were you wondering whether hurricane Sandy was caused by global warming?  Well, if so, wonder no longer cuz I found an article about it.

Just remember this, in the 70's the libs were crying "global cooling -- the science is settled."  And now they're crying "global warming -- the science is settled." And somehow the "solution" to cooling and warming is the same ... "stop using fossil fuels."  Makes sense to me idiot-liberals.

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