Wednesday, October 31, 2012

PBS/Communist "newsman" cries about losing monopoly on "news"

BELLINGHAM - A fragmented nation and a fragmented audience for news is making the country more difficult to govern, PBS News Hour co-anchor Jeffrey Brown said during a weekend talk at Western Washington University. 

"More difficult to govern"??

What does that mean?  Does it mean it's harder to stop people from committing crime? Is it harder to protect the liberty of the people?  I don't "get it," do you? Unless by "govern," you mean "push the people around without them complaining about it."

A generation ago, before cable news channels and internet news sources, most people got their news from the same small collection of sources: three major TV networks and a hometown newspaper or two, Brown said. People gathered around their televisions for the assassination of a president, a walk on the moon, and other major events.

"It was an age of mass media news, one audience sharing a common experience," Brown said. "For the most part, the mass audience experienced such things together." 

LOL ... "We had free reign brainwashing all the sheep" ... there were no opposing viewpoints in "the news" ... the people were much easier to "govern."

Brown, featured speaker for the university's Fall Family Open House Saturday, Oct. 27, contrasted that world with the one we live in today, in which Americans can restrict themselves to cable news stations and internet news sources they find most congenial.

Oh crap, you mean they're just out there exercising their freedom?  Well, we can't have THAT, can we?All this "restricting themselves" ... i.e. "They're fed up with your bias and outright lies so they go somewhere else ... somewhere they TRUST for news."  Yes, he HATES that action.

See he thinks that more choices are GREAT, as long as you don't choose something with which he disagrees.

"For the most part, we now live in the world of niches," Brown said.

Huh? Who cares?  Oh, that's right, libs MUST tell you how to live ... what's good for you ... what's bad for you.  A good lib will be totally concerned with every little thing in your life ... oh yes, very concerned.

He acknowledged that the availability of more choices was a good thing, but also noted that the change seems to be part of a far more divided and bitter political atmosphere.

Well, he's right about that.  You have the people who have awakened and those that have not ... and guess what ... "political division."   See, because when someone is voting to steal my money and liberty, I want to kill them am "politically divided" with them.

"If we only connect with like-minded people, how do we hear other views?" Brown asked. "It's hard not to feel it has some relationship to the divisions around us." More here:

LMAO, how's THAT for ironing?  A lib ... wanting to hear "other views."  

Hey, jackass, I have a view for you ... how about you and your fellow libs go and be free ... and leave me alone ... leave me out of your plans ... how would THAT be?  Would that be ok with you? 

What do you think his answer would be?

There's a problem, see ... I have zero interest in wasting my time listening to some "other view" moron tell my why I should be giving up my liberty.

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