Friday, October 19, 2012

Wait ... what's this? Romney taking a lead? Romney 206 - Obama 201

Election map is from here:

LMAO, ever since Romney became the nominee, the media has told us that the polls say Obama is winning.  Never mind the fact that I can't find anyone who is going to vote for more ass raping Obama.

Here's what I think is going on.

These polling companies need credibility to make money.  Yet, they want Obama (big government) to win.  So for months they'll tell you that Obama/The big government candidate is winning.  And they do this by many methods but one of their favorites is oversampling Democrats in their polls ... and they don't really try to hard to hide it either.  You can check it out for yourself ... it's called "internals."

Anyway, so they spend MONTHS telling you that you are doomed .... that your opinion doesn't matter ... you are in the minority and should switch to their side so you won't be a loser.

And nobody likes to be a loser, right?  After all, what might happen to your precious self esteem?  What might others think of you if you stick to your principles and lose?

So here we are ... getting closer and closer to the election ... and what are the "pollsters" are saying now?  That's right, you guessed it, everyone is changing their minds ... all of a sudden ... totally unpredicted ... what a shocker.

Actually, nobody has changed their minds (maybe a few.)  It's just that if the pollsters don't correctly predict the outcome of the election, their credibility is shot and nobody will pay them for their polls anymore.

So they spend months trying to influence the election as much as they can before they have to come out with the true numbers at the end.  So now we have about eighteen days to go and ALL OF A SUDDEN, "Romney takes first electoral college lead."  Just call me dumfounded, cuz, who could have predicted this?

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