Saturday, January 4, 2014

Oh my ... a library with no books ... so counter-intuitive (aka - smart and hip)

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Texas has seen the future of the public library, and it looks a lot like an Apple Store: Rows of glossy iMacs beckon. iPads mounted on a tangerine-colored bar invite readers. And hundreds of other tablets stand ready for checkout to anyone with a borrowing card.

Even the librarians imitate Apple's dress code, wearing matching shirts and that standard-bearer of geek-chic, the hoodie. But this $2.3 million library might be most notable for what it does not have — any actual books.

 "I told our people that you need to take a look at this. This is the future," said Mary Graham, vice president of South Carolina's Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce. 

Graham toured BiblioTech in the fall and is pushing Charleston leaders for a bond measure in 2014 to fund a similar concept, right down to the same hip aesthetic reminiscent of Apple.

Across the room, Rosemary Caballeo tried shopping for health insurance on a set of computers reserved for enrollment in the Affordable Care Act. More here:

So, here's some of what I gleaned from this "article."
They have a set of computers reserved for enrollment in the "Affordable Health Care Act."  That's right, they took your money to "fund" taking more of your money ... and there's NOTHING you can do about it, jackass.  This reminds me of someone who steals a gun from someone's house and later comes back and uses it to rob the victim again.

Also, I learned:
Apple is cool.
Apple is hip.
All you have to do is copy Apple if you want everyone to think you're cool and hip.
Remember, the MOST critical thing is life (to libs) is to be perceived as smart ... cool ... hip.
And finally, I wondered if Mary Graham was any kin to Lindsey Graham (US Senator from SC.)  But I only wondered because every politician with eyebrows puts their relatives in sweet, cushy positions.
I did a few quick searches on Google but found nothing ... not even where someone else had asked the same question and it was answered on a blog or something.  Nope, this has probably never occurred to anyone in history. 


A is A said...

LOL @ "BiblioTech." "Biblioteca" is Spanish for "library."

Evil_Klown said...

I noticed the word play. French is closer (as I recall.)

WOMBAT said...

Biblioteca is Asturian, Catalan, Galician, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish for "Library". Bibliothèque is French and Jerriais for "Library".

I'll leave it up to the both of you to decide which is "closer" now that you're armed with the facts.

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