Saturday, January 4, 2014

USA to the rescue of international global-warming geniuses

US Coast Guard ice breaker to assist ships beset in ice in Antarctica 

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia) has requested the US Coast Guard’s Polar Star icebreaker to assist the vessels MV Akademik Shokalskiy and Xue Long which are beset by ice in Commonwealth Bay.

The US Coast Guard has accepted this request and will make Polar Star available to assist. The Polar Star has been en route to Antarctica since 3 December, 2013 – weeks prior to the MV Akademik Shokalskiy being beset by ice in Commonwealth Bay. 

The intended mission of the Polar Star is to clear a navigable shipping channel in McMurdo Sound to the National Science Foundation’s Scientific Research Station. Resupply ships use the channel to bring food, fuel and other goods to the station. The Polar Star will go on to undertake its mission once the search and rescue incident is resolved. More here:
Ok, I'm looking at this pic and thinking about the "story" and this is what occurs to me:

1 -Look how happy the idiot-libs are ... they found a legitimate reason to link arms.  Man.  That's just below a "group hug" - aka, the pinnacle of lib culture.  BTW, I'm guessing they linked arms and stomped around like that to make a better landing field for the free helicopter coming to haul their Birkenstock-wearing asses out of there.

2 - Everyone must have gone shopping at the same stores for their $500 Antarctica jackets.  That's right, you can't just buy one from Walmart ... you have to have "official" gear.  Actually, my guess is the jackets were part of their "package" (aka - paid for with tax money.)

3 - Why is my government forcing me to:
      a) Come to the rescue of morons?
      b) Pay for said rescue with my money ... and zero hope of being paid back ... and zero gratitude
      c) Keep shipping lanes open for "researchers" (bearded "professors" who hate profit?)

However, I guess questions like these don't occur to honest, fair and objective jourrrrrnalists.  You know what else doesn't occur to them?  It doesn't occur to them to include the fact that these geniuses were on a mission to prove global warming ... and therefore justify stealing more money from taxpayers.

That's right.  98% of the news stories about this conveniently left that fact out.  Isn't that interesting? Must have been a huge oversight by everyone. Wow, what are the odds on that ... where all of the mainstream media forgets to mention it.  Astronomical, no?

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Dan Pangburn said...

The cause of the warming, the end of it, and why temperatures are headed down are no longer a mystery.

Curiosity resulted in the discovery of the two primary drivers of average global temperatures that explain the reported measurements since before 1900 with 90% accuracy and credible estimates back to 1610. CO2 is not one of them.

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