Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Freezing temps are due to "Polar Vortex" caused by global warming

Time Magazine Goes Both Ways On The Polar Vortex: 

‘In 1974, Time Mag blamed the cold polar vortex on global cooling’ — In 2014: ‘Time Magazine blames the cold polar vortex on global warming’ 

Via Real Science:

In 1974, Time Magazine blamed the cold polar vortex on global cooling. 'Scientists have found other indications of global cooling. For one thing there has been a noticeable expansion of the great belt of dry, high-altitude polar winds —the so-called circumpolar vortex—that sweep from west to east around the top and bottom of the world.' 

Never mind that though.  Pretend you have amnesia and then read this:

Forty years later, Time Magazine blames the cold polar vortex on global warming 'But not only does the cold spell not disprove climate change, it may well be that global warming could be making the occasional bout of extreme cold weather in the U.S. even more likely. Right now much of the U.S. is in the grip of a polar vortex, which is pretty much what it sounds like: a whirlwind of extremely cold, extremely dense air that forms near the poles.' More here:

But there's no apology issued by the "climate change" geniuses.  You'd think they'd be embarrassed.  Just remember, these people are cool and smart ... much smarter than you ... that's why they understand why two opposite things are really the same.

Baaaaaa, Bleat ... please take my money.

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