Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More puke-inducing idiocy out of Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino wearing a cool hat, you know, since he's so cool.

In the wake of Friday’s shootings at a school in Connecticut which left 26 dead, arts events across America were cancelled.

But director of ultra-violent film Django Unchained went ahead with a press junket on Saturday, and went on to remark that he is tired of defending his films every time American is rocked by gun violence.

Ha ha, he's tired of explaining reality to the mind-numbed zombies he brainwashes on a daily basis. "Hey, jackasses, just because we don't tell violent stories around the campfire, or on the radio, or on TV, or in the movies, doesn't mean there won't be violence." Yes, explaining well established logic and facts can become tiresome, right, Tarantino?  Now you know how we conservatives feel when we talk to libiots..

In addition to that, are the libiots suggesting we repeal the first amendment so we can silence private film companies?  Are you suggesting we submit all of our stories and movies etc to a government review board?  Great idea, libiots ... nobody's ever thought of that kind of thing before.  What a display of genius.

Speaking in New York Quentin Tarantino said: “I just think you know there's violence in the world, tragedies happen, blame the playmakers. It's a western. Give me a break."

Ok, first of all, what's a "playmaker?"  Is that the "perpetrator?"
Secondly, what's the deal with a libiot like Tarantino coming straight out of left field with a succinct, logical, and reasonable answer like that?  I think I got brain damage from the surprise.

The Oscar-nominated director of Inglourious Basterds and the Palme d'Or winning Pulp Fiction, said blame for violence should remain squarely with the perpetrators.

Yep, I guess playmaker=perp.

At the weekend both the Jack Reacher and Parental Guidance film premieres were cancelled in response to Friday’s massacre.

Man, oh man, can you believe the EGO on these people?  I mean, it would be like me saying "I canceled my trip to the grocery store in response to Friday's massacre."  WHO CARES?

Reacher, which stars Tom Cruise, features a sniper attack. A spokesman for Paramount Pictures said: "Due to the terrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, and out of honour and respect for the families of the victims whose lives were senselessly taken, we are postponing the Pittsburgh premiere of Jack Reacher. Our hearts go out to all those who lost loved ones." More here:

Now, had you heard of Reacher before this "selfless act of compassion" by the movie company.  No?  Me either.  You don't think they could have done this just to get some publicity do you?  Hmmmm.  Perhaps the jourrrrnalists weren't aware of this kind of treachery.  Yes, that must be it.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make with this post is "A bunch of kids get murdered by psycho and all of a sudden Hollywood dumbasses are involved ... as if anything they do matters one way or the other."  Sheesh.

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WOMBAT said...

I can't stand him as a person or a professional so hopefully *crosses fingers*, his comment of "I'm tired of this" and "give me a break" will resonate like the former BP CEO's comment, "I want to get on with my life" and that will be the end of him.

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