Monday, July 30, 2012

The Klown gets off track on the Second Amendment

Below are some snippets from this article at Fox News:

Congress passed a 10-year ban on assault-style weapons that expired in 2004, but there has since been no real interest among Capitol Hill lawmakers to reinstitute a ban.

Ok, let's stop right there for a moment. From my point of view, anyone who uses the term "assault rifle" is one of the morons who wants to disarm you.  Oh, they SAY they don't ... but they really do.  They SAY all kinds of things ... and if you'll notice, most of what they say is intended to impact your life by enabling tyranny enacting legislation. 

The president was not specific about what measures he'd like to see enacted when he touched on the issue in a speech to the National Urban League. He affirmed his belief in Americans' right to own guns, but he singled out assault rifles as better suited for the battlefield.

"I believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms," he said. "But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not on the streets of our cities."

Hmmm, there it is again ... the term "assault rifle." What other kinds of rifles are there ... fuzzy bunny, birthday cake, save-the-earth rifles?  Idiots.  What they call an "assault rifle" is just a .22 dressed up to look like a military rifle.  A military rifle is capable of full automatic (i.e. machine gun) where you don't have to keep pulling the trigger to fire another bullet ... but these "assault rifles" are not fully automatic.

Now the thing is, the second amendment was put there so we could fight the government if it became necessary ... that's it.  

They weren't thinking "we better put this in the constitution because the government might want to stop us from hunting," or, "we better put this in the constitution because the government might want to stop us from protecting our home."   No, they put it in there so we could protect ourselves from braying jackasses self-proclaimed geniuses who want to take away our freedom (for our own good, of course,)

So, think ... if they had full automatic weapons back then, do you think they would have excluded them?  I don't.  Of course, I think logically.  You see, they wanted a government which feared the citizenry, not the other way around.

So, according to the article, Justice Antonin Scalia was interviewed on "Fox News Sunday"and had some stuff to say on the topic.

Scalia, one of the high court’s most conservative justices, said on “Fox News Sunday” that the majority opinion in the landmark 2008 case of District of Columbia v. Heller stated the extent of gun ownership “will have to be decided in future cases.”

“We’ll see,” he said.
Scalia said exceptions to gun rights were recognized when the Second Amendment was written, including a tort that prohibited people from carrying a “really horrible weapon just to scare people like a head ax or something.”

Now, I have to tell you, as soon as I read that I cracked up ... because, a HEAD AX?  SERIOUSLY? LMAO.   I tell you I laughed until I had to wipe my eyes. 

So I started thinking about this.  I haven't done any research, but this seems to say that at the time the second amendment was written, there was a law prohibiting peeps carrying head-ax's around. Again, I didn't do any research to confirm Justice Scalia's assertion but let's just assume he's correct.  I'll save musing on the philosophy of it for a later time.

Anyway, it started me thinking about head ax's and I Googled images for 'er.

Ok, that's not really what I think of when I hear the term "head ax" (not that the term pops up in my conversations ... ever.)  But ... WTF?  Why the big/long extension?  What are you gonna do, ax-stab someone with that? What is the notch on the handle?  Some sort of grip aid?

I couldn't find anything in Wikipedia under "head ax" but I did find the following here while researching the images:
The most known weapon associated with head hunting of the Filipino tribes is the Head Axe. It is characterized by its specific blade shape with the long rear projection. Beside warfare, It was also used as a multipurpose cutting tool, worked in a very peculiar way: The long rear spike was driven in the ground, holding the axe in place edge up, and the cut object was drawn along the edge.
I still don't understand why this particular ax shape is so good for cutting heads and therefore I don't understand why they call it a head ax.

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