Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ingrate liberals steal some property and hate having to give it back

A couple immediately realised something was missing when they returned home and looked out of their back window... 93ft of their garden.

Mike Gibb and his wife Susan Bates say that while they were on holiday in Crete a brick wall was demolished and two trees and two flowerbeds ripped up.

In their place was a wooden fence blocking off a 3ft by 31ft section of their garden.

The couple have now complained to their local council who could prosecute property developer Brendon Sherry, 53, who owns the land next door.

Mum-of-two Susan, 59, said: “We were in utter shock when we returned home. They had removed two 100 year-old trees, a lovely wall and two beds.

“It’s just shocking. These building firms think no one will stand up to them. But we will fight back.

“We’ve lived here for 20 years and this land has always been ours. They say the land is theirs, but we have seen no proof.” More here:

Ok, so someone owned an empty lot and allowed this couple to use part of it for 20 years.  At the end of the 20 years the owner decides to use the land himself and this couple of idiot-libs think they deserve a "say" in the whole thing.  What a couple of ingrate jackasses.

This is exactly why people who own empty lots don't let other people make use of them whatsoever.  Because, instead of being able to just make use of their property as they see fit, all of a sudden some lawyer is making justification to a judge about how you allowed it for so long.  They call this "implied consent."  In other words, if someone starts using your property and you don't object, then SOMEHOW that means you meant to give it to them forever ... see how that makes sense?

Anyway, I love how the reporter makes the actual property owner out to be a bad guy ... NOT the morons who used the property without permission, no ... they are the poor, poor "victims of evil."

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