Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm confused about "cooking" meth

MEHLVILLE (KMOX) - A woman was caught cooking meth in her purse using a 20-ounce soda bottle inside of the Walmart store on Telegraph Road at I-255.

The store was immediately evacuated, out of fear for customers’ safety.

St. Louis County Police Lt. Mark Cox said if the meth concoction had spilled or leaked, it would have quickly circulated through the store’s ventilation system, contaminating the building and sickening lots of people. More here:

Oh please.  Does anyone believe ANY of this story? 

"Cooking meth in her purse?"  Please correct me if I'm wrong but don't you typically need high heat or a flame for cooking?  Or is the jourrrrnalist using the word cooking like a pregnant woman uses "I've got one in the oven?"  Because the jourrrrrnalist is tossing this word "cooking meth" around as if everyone is familiar with the procedure used for making meth.  Is there heat being generated by a chemical reaction inside the bottle?

The story indicates she was initially detained for shoplifting but I don't know if I buy that excuse ... after all, she DID have a 20 ounce soda bottle ... where was Mayor Bloomberg?

Also, don't you love how they evacuate the entire store?  Oh yes ... someone MAY have gotten a little sickened if the "concoction had spilled or leaked" ... but I seriously doubt it.  My guess is it would smell extry bad and peeps would avoid the area without having to be told to evacuate ... and this goes for people who are so stupid as to shoplift whilst "cooking meth" in their purse.

In any event, Walmart takes no chances with very dangerous things which may affect their profits (such as lawyers.) That's right, lawyers, who would immediately seize on the "knew or should have known" legal premise to siphon off some of Walmart's profits teach Walmart to put safety first.  Of course, Walmart just pays these lawsuits out of their profits and would never raise prices in order to cover legal costs ... therefore it doesn't cost me a thing when lawyers sue evil companies like Walmart.  Sooooo, WHEW, cuz that would be a LOT.

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