Monday, October 3, 2011

Protesting !

Now, this whole "Occupy Wall Street" demonstration has been on my nerves. It's been getting a ridiculous amount of coverage by the MSM in spite of the fact that nobody can clearly or concisely describe just exactly what they're protesting. The closest thing I could find to explaining it is from The Washington Post "“It’s about taking down systems, it doesn’t matter what you’re protesting,” she said. “Just protest.”"
"I CAN'T QUARREL WITH THAT..." And that's exactly upon what the protestors are banking.
The latest news is that several hundred protesters were arrested for blocking traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. They claimed they were tricked into blocking the streets by the police as a way of unlawfully arresting them. Nobody seems to be interested in the fact that these protesters never bothered to file for a permit to protest. Yes- we have a right to peaceful assembly but part of ensuring that it's peaceful (in NYC at least) is that you get a permit to assemble first so that the city can ensure that an adequate number of police officers are on site to protect you and non-protesting citizens.

Anyway- this is all happening way downtown so it doesn't directly affect me too much so it doesn't bother me too much. Blog after blog mentions it in my newsreader. The MSM talks about it incessantly. I just didn't feel like giving it any more attention than it deserves. I was perfectly fine with ignoring the whole thing.

But the lads... they have a temper. And they've been drinking all day...

(Newser) – NYPD cops better lawyer up watch it when they do their job get tough with Occupy Wall Street protesters from now on, because the Marines are coming—to help interfere with the Police doing their jobs protect the demonstrators. "I'm heading up there tonight in my dress blues," announced a Marine veteran in a message reposted by another anti-war vet on his Facebook page. "So far, 15 [that's right- FIF TEEN but don't worry the MSM will make it seem like hundreds] of my fellow Marine buddies are meeting me there, also in uniform. I didn't fight for Wall Street. I fought for America." The vet adds that his "true hope is that we, as veterans, can act as a first line of defense between the police and protesters [Right- because that's not what the Police are there for in the first place. I'm not sure what police cars look like where you are but here, "Protect And Serve" is prominently featured on NYC police cars and act like it.]. If they want to mace them, they will have to get through over FIF TEEN Marines (if they actually show up) the effing Marine Corps first. Let's see a cop mace a bunch of decorated war vets [call me a "pessimist" but if you're going to go out looking for a fight with the NYC Police, you might just get one. You know- "maybe".]."

Marines and other vets have already been spotted in the growing movement. A photo posted on a protest tweet shows two [That's right- TW O] Marines recently in an Occupy Wall Street demonstration. One holds a sign reading: "Second time I've fought for my country. First time I've known my enemy." The 1971 Army Infantry vet who reposted the Marine's message said he plans to be at the anti-corporate demonstration planned next week in Washington with "hundreds of my fellow veterans." Protests are planned throughout the week in New York and several other cities.
Now for the record, I've got absolutely nothing against Marines or the Marine Corps it's my favorite branch of the U.S. military and the Marines I know garner my unwavering respect. This guy though? He strikes me as being one of those Marines who only joined up to make war instead of keep peace, will leap at any opportunity to get attention, and quickly moved to the middle of the crowd and the back of the line once he realized how hard it actually is to be a U.S. Marine.

I want to make this point crystal clear because with his massive assembly of over FIF TEEN marines (who may or may not even show up) and a report of spotting over 2 marines already at the protest, it's clear to me that this story is more about this one guy being a pugilistic moron than about being a Marine. I suspect that Newser iterates this fact solely to further their ideology that "see? even the U.S. Military is against the bad, evil Police (who are really just doing their job- a job which seems to elude the understanding of our Intellectual Betters who continue to fall short in their supposed understanding of complexity).

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Evil_Klown said...

I love how these idiots protest "the greedy" -- when "the greedy" can't hurt them or force them to do anything. Meanwhile, they're all about massive government pushing us around and reelecting Obama. The left ... they're such geniuses.

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