Saturday, October 1, 2011

Helping out your lib friends

Found it here:

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WOMBAT said...

I'd recommend passing on this. If you see a Lib choking, let nature take its course. If you don't, you're likely to get sued. I recently took a CPR refresher course and while I'd call the instructor "jaded", he made it crystal clear that this being NYC, it's a mistake to render aid or CPR to anyone who isn't family. "You can do it but you have nothing to gain and leave yourself legally exposed. If you carry a current (non-expired) CPR card, you're in better shape but be prepared to hire a lawyer anyway."

To me that just sounds like "not worth it" so, sorry Libs, but you brought my inaction upon yourselves. Well done.

Of course the extry comical part of this is that whenever there's someone in distress, the Libs will clamor around them shouting "DO SOMETHING! WHY WON'T ANYONE DO SOMETHING!?" into the crowd- all the while doing nothing at all except inspire panic and ma'am.

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