Monday, October 3, 2011


Denmark has introduced what’s believed to be the world’s first fat food tax, applying a surcharge to foods with more than 2.3 percent saturated fats, in an effort to combat obesity and heart disease.

Danes hoarded food before the tax went into effect Saturday, emptying grocery store shelves. Some butter lovers may even resort to stocking up during trips abroad. 

The new tax of 16 kroner ($2.90) per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of saturated fat in a product will be levied on foods like butter, milk, cheese, pizza, oils and meat.

In 2004, Denmark made it illegal for any food to have more than 2 percent trans fats. In July 2010, the country increased taxes on ice cream, chocolate and sweets by 25 percent. At the same time, Denmark increased taxes on soft drinks, tobacco and alcohol products, beyond the minimum levels established by the EU. More here:

Don't you wish you lived in Denmark?  Yes, no need for you to decide what kind of food you like, the government will take care of that ... and if you don't agree?  No problem ... you can just pay them ... see how free you are?

Aren't you glad you live in the United States where the lib government doesn't steal your liberty like this?  Ha, ha, yeah - I couldn't say it with a straight face.  I almost gotcha though, didn't I.

By the way, I found the pic here, where "scientists" PROVE that fatties hurt the God of the libs, Mother Earth.


WOMBAT said...

I will probably never understand why you feel compelled to defend fat people, smokers and child molesters.

wamk said...

Don't forget the ugly.

WOMBAT said...

He doesn't defend ugly people. We get what we deserve.

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