Thursday, September 23, 2010

My congressman receives an honor

Well, whaddya know ... with six weeks to go before the election, suddenly, they've decided to "honor" my congressman.  Who are "they," you ask?  Is is a public civic group?  Is it someone whose life was impacted by the affirmative action of this congressman? Why, no ... it's a "Democratic" state senator.  What a shocker. 

This is probably ALL on the up & up, wouldn't you say?  The timing is probably just a coinkydink.  Surely these trustworthy politicians wouldn't pull a cheap stunt like this just to keep their jobs, would they?  Nah, they're "public servants" and their only interest is serving with humility and protecting our freedom and property.

I better attend this honorable "honoring" so I'll know how great my congressman is.  I wonder how much it's costing me.  Baaaa - Bleat.

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