Sunday, September 26, 2010

GM (genetically modified) foods coming soon

A genetically modified salmon, rear, and a non-genetically modified salmon, foreground. Photograph: AP

So I was speed-reading this article about genetically modified (aka GM) salmon when my eyes came crashing to a halt in this paragraph.

But amid the rush to spread GM's reach and scope, at least one government has recently had second thoughts. Muhyiddin Yassin, Malaysia's deputy prime minister, last week announced his government would not be releasing genetically modified male Aedes mosquitoes capable of sterilising female mosquitoes. "We must consider several aspects of the proposed release, including its impact on the environment," Yassin said. "In addition, the release of the mosquitoes must be endorsed by several international organisations."

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Let me just say this ... I have no problem at all with GM food.  

Yes, "several international organizations" must approve the release and possible eradication of mosquitoes.  I love how libs are always claiming the world is going to end if we use our knowledge in any way that alters nature ... as if the earth is going to care.

Hey, here we are, on the precipice of eradicating mosquitoes for good and is there any sense of urgency about it?  When is the proposal going to be "considered" by our great masters?  Is there a schedule?  Or is it just "whenever they're damn well good and ready?"

I predict there is nobody on earth who will take responsibility for  approving this.  They don't  shit about what might happen and they know it.  They'll just deny it under some  nebulous "we'll all die" scenario ... pussies.


A is A said...

I personally hate mosquitoes. I cannot think of a reason that they survive. But God obviously has a plan.

WOMBAT said...

Yeah, but I swear, sometimes I think God's plan is just to fuck with us to see how we react.

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