Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cheating crybaby

So a couple of weeks ago my congressman ran a political ad against his opponent.  The ad contained blatant lies and other intentionally misleading statements.  When his opponent responded, my congressman sends me an email containing the following:
Ilario Pantano's latest ad is a total distortion of Congressman Mike McIntyre's strong and consistent fight to abolish the Death Tax. Pantano is intentionally misleading the voters of Southeastern North Carolina.
Oh, boo hoo, *sniff sniff* how unfair.  I certainly hope nobody gets what they deserve in this fiasco.

By the way, my congressman came to his senses after there was a big uproar about his negative ad and he pulled the offending ad. 

I don't think the current crop of incumbents really "get" the anger of the people.  It's amazing too because the message is simple ... stop pushing us around and stop stealing our money ... that's it ... and it would be nice if you could reform the tax system while you're at it.

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