Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Communism works (for those born to the right family)

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea's Kim Jong Il made his elusive youngest son a four-star general in a major promotion seen Tuesday as confirmation that he is slated to become the country's next leader.

The announcement was published in state media hours before a historic Workers' Party meeting Tuesday where Kim, 68 and apparently in deteriorating health, was expected to grant son Kim Jong Un and other family members top posts in plans to take the communist dynasty into a third generation.

However, with Kim Jong Un still in his 20s and politically inexperienced, Kim Jong Il may tap his sister to oversee an eventually transfer of power, experts say.

Sister Kim Kyong Hui, 64, was among six people promoted to general along with Kim Jong Un, and her name was listed ahead of Kim Jong Un's in the Korean Central News Agency report

She and her husband, Jang Song Thaek, appointed a vice chairman of the all-powerful National Defense Commission in June, also are expected to win key political appointments that would allow them to act as advisers to the young Kim during his rise to power.
From the Associated Press

This seems fair to me after all he passed up older siblings to crown his youngest son, so he must be the most qualified for the position.


A is A said...

These crazy Korean guys make about as much sense as I would appointing my cat as the executor of my estate.
But - my cat is really smart. Really. Cat-Jong-Il.

ragweed said...

If your cat were to live in N. Korea, his name would be Cat-Fu yong aka (numbera 13 on brekfast menu)

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