Tuesday, January 14, 2014

These people are allowed to vote on your liberty

Here's a prankster convincing idiot libs to sign a petition to do away with part of the Bill of Rights.

The Third Amendment, introduced by James Madison as part of the Bill of Rights in 1789, was a direct response to Quartering Acts passed by the British government during the Revolutionary War. The British legislation would have allowed British troops to live in the private residences of Americans. The Amendment was adopted on March 1, 1792. More here:

BTW ... Ever notice how fast a lib will vote/sign to "ban" something?

You know what's really hysterical?

Answer: The idea that something written in the 1700's would be applicable today.  You see, we're so much smarter than they were back in the olden days.  A great example of this comes at about the 2:27 marker in this video.  The supreme genius of the western world laughs mockingly at the writing of those idiot founding fathers.

I feel I should remind you, the founding fathers had it set up so people like that genius couldn't vote on your freedom.  But now the libs have changed that ... and these people actually get to vote to take your money.  I wonder which is better.  I mean after all ... EVERYONE should be allowed to vote ... right? Especially the geniuses, no?

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