Sunday, January 12, 2014

Liberals are your enemy

Leading left-wing advocacy group has announced a new effort to oppose innovations that are propelling the country towards a new abundance of domestically produced energy. 

MoveOn bemoaned in an email to supporters the "troubling trend" of increased energy production, which is reducing the U.S. trade deficit, creating well-paying jobs, stabilizing global energy prices, and undermining the economic engine behind some of the world's most repressive regimes. 

MoveOn announced the creation of a new effort called "#FrackingFighter," which "seeks to slow down the fracking boom that is anticipated to occur across the United States in 2014 and beyond." 

The increased use of hydraulic fracturing, an innovative oil and gas technique, has sent U.S. energy production skyrocketing, MoveOn said. It vowed to slow or reverse that trend. More here:

They don't even try to hide it anymore ... they are your enemy.

I'm sure they have great reasons for this, don't you?  "Global warming, blah blah ... environment, blah blah.  It's always very critical and crucial, isn't it?

The funny part is the Democrats did the exact same thing in the 70's when "fossil fuels" were causing global cooling.  Seems to me that anyone with an IQ over 50 would be able to see a pattern here.

Also, the image I used in this post reminded me of some questions:
Have you ever noticed that all the liberal demonstrations are well organized "events?"  Lots of professionally done signs etc ... the media always showing up and getting them great publicity ... ever notice this?  Is this a mystery to you?

Ever wonder who the nice, community-minded, unselfish people are that donate all the money it takes to:
1 - Organize the "protest"
2 - Get the word out, arrange transportation of the hippies
3 - Have the professional signs done

I wonder why the media never gives credit to these people/organizations, don't you?  Perhaps the media thinks these events are spontaneous, grass-roots type gatherings ... all paid for by the participants holding the signs ... our neighbors.  And since the media believes that, then you should too.

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