Saturday, November 2, 2013

How can you tell she's a "Democratic?"

A Chicago alderwoman wants to charge a $25 licensing fee for bicycle owners and require them to take an hour-long safety class.

Pat Dowell's proposal could generate up to $10 million a year if 400,000 cyclists buy the license. Dowell thinks the city should implement it instead of a heightened tax on cable television that's been proposed by the mayor.

The South Side alderwoman says bike riders should pay for increasing number of protected bike lanes on city streets. More here:

What?  I thought the libs didn't like television. I thought they LOVED bikes.  What a topsy turvy world!  Of course, your average couch spud (like Pat Dowell) doesn't like to see any increase in their cable bill ... especially if it's increasing due to a "tax."

I love it though, with these libs ... it's never enough, is it.  Tax and tax and tax and it's NEVER enough.

Something else with the libs ... even though you don't ask for the government to "provide" things, they take it upon themselves to do so anyway.  And then, later on it dawns on them "Hey, we can tax the idiots for this!"

Like health care ... first the government decides they're going to pay for everyone's health care by paying their bills in "emergencies" and then they turn around and tell you "Hey, you have to pay more because of the deadbeats."  And all the libs nod in unison because "bahhhhh, oh yeah ... we forgot about that."

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