Sunday, November 3, 2013

And now the FBI goes lib

So I was reading about this guy who shot up the LAX airport.  During my reading I came across the legal statement of some jackass FBI agent.

In his statement he says things like "He pulled an assault rifle out of his bag" and "He had five magazine clips for his assault rifle."

You see, using the term "assault rifle" is MUCH better than just saying "weapon" or "rifle" ... you know why?  Because the media has brainwashed the public/potential jury pool (and apparently this pea-brained FBI agent) into thinking assault rifle=WITCHY WEAPON!!

Plus, I think we can all agree, he'd deserve a much lessor punishment if his rifle had been "regular" instead of "assault" ... right?

Sometimes I just have to shake my head.  I don't know about you but I expected a LOT more from an FBI agent than the regurgitation of mainstream media pablum.  Think about it ... we count on them to protect our freedom ... not jump in bed with the very assholes who are stealing it.

I have other questions:
1 - How long will it be before one of the crapstains in the media imply the shooter was "Tea Party?"

2 - Why does the agent cite "Title 18" of the united states code when filing the complaint?  It says, in part "... killing ... any officer or employee of the United States ... government ... while such officer or employee is engaged in or on account of the performance of  their official duties."

I mean, I'm no lawyer but WTF difference should it make wether:
a) the victim is a government employee
b) if they're engaged in "official duties" at the time of the shooting?

The guy's dead ... right?

I'll tell you why the law is written with all the unecessary crap in it ... so the lawyers can get rich parsing it and peel you like the idiots you are.  THAT'S RIGHT, you're idiots ... for voting people into office who promote this insanity.  The part I like best is how our intellectual betters "harrumph" and congratulate themselves about how smart they are for writing the laws like this ... oh it's so crucial.

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