Monday, September 2, 2013

Whatever would we do without geniuses?

Several Florida high schools are restricting or even banning their own cheerleading uniforms -- saying the skimpy skirts violate dress codes. 

High schools in Pinellas County are not allowing cheerleaders to wear their uniforms during the school day because of the outfits' short skirt and sleeveless top, reported. For generations, cheerleaders have donned their gear during the school day for pep rallies before Friday night football games. 

This is pure GENIUS!  What I want to know is how we all got along for so long with cheerleaders wearing their "skimpy" outfits on game days at school?  Anyway, FINALLY this awesome common sense move has been made.  Whew.

I just LOVE it when some jackass decides to push everyone around by using some stupid "rule" as an excuse. "Well, we have to have the rule so I can push you around in order to treat everyone the same.  If we don't treat everyone the same we could get sued. I'm smarter than you so listen to me." 

Just another in a never ending series of stupid moves taken under the guise of avoiding lawsuits.  And the sad thing is, it will never end, and here's why.

Let's say there is a dangerous crossing on your property but you allow peeps to use it ... and finally someone gets hurt.  The lawyers sue you saying "you didn't warn people so you should give up your money."

So later you put up a sign "Warning - Dangerous Crossing" and later someone gets hurt.  The lawyers sue you saying "Look, that witch KNEW it was dangerous and still let people use it ... he should give up his money."  Notice this much, it ALWAYS ends with "... he should give up his money."

You can't win.  You'll NEVER win.  Lawyers aren't interested in "helping victims" as they claim ... they're only interested in helping themselves to our collective wallets.  Because every time they sue one of us (or a corporation) then our insurance goes up, or our prices go up, etc etc -- because guess what, money isn't free and these lawsuits have to be paid for.  Just ask a doctor about his malpractice insurance.

Ever ask yourself, why is every other commercial on television about suing the drug companies?  1-800-bad-drug.  Lots of "bad drugs" out there ... ever notice? Must just be a coinkydink, right?

Gee, I wonder why health costs are so high.  But take heart folks ... banning cheerleading outfits will save us untold millions in potential lawsuits.

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