Tuesday, September 3, 2013

OMG ... a photo-shopped pic means that someone might act out the illustration

So some food critic wrote a review of a chef.  And, nossir ...  the chef didna like it.  And then "somehow" a photo-shopped pic of him holding her severed head got tweeted out.  Interesting so far?  Oh yes.

Well, as you might imagine, it didn't take long for the libs to grab a 'tude the indignance of the perpetually indignant to be thrust onto their usual lecture podium prominent pages of the newspapers.

The headline I saw was "Dublin chef faces criticism for tweeting 'severed' head of food critic."

Yes, "faces criticism."  But they never really say from whom, do they.  It's like when they use "some say" ... or "critics say."  It might be just the jourrrnalist one person but they want everyone on their side.  

Ask yourself ... why wasn't the headline "Chef posts joke pic, some have no sense of humor"?

My first thought was "Ha ha, some lib is having a brown out due to a severed head pic."  

But seriously ... how DARE this chef respond to this genius "food critic?"  I mean, as we all know, we're supposed to just bend over and silently allow the libs to raunch us in the fudgetunnel while they're wearing their pig masks ... right?  And we're supposed to keep quiet while our intellectual betters hold forth on subjects they know little about.  Finally, and most importantly (to libs,) we are to NEVER joke about violence.

So after the original kerfluffle the chef writes his response to the food critic.  It's here but you have to locate the post called "declined" and then click "read more."

I found it interesting and proudly feel like I have gotten to the bottom of this "problem."  However, unlike a lib, I will wait until the aggrieved parties ask me to mediate before swooping to the rescue with all the swashbuckling/problem-solving/helping ... but I can reveal that my recommended solution is already in this post somewhere.

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