Friday, August 2, 2013

In the natural world, idiots are not a problem

Idiots become a problem when man gets involved and starts forming "governments."

Our founding fathers were aware of this but they were kind enough to never say it out loud.  They tried to make a government that was limited in power and scope.  They even went so far as to "enumerate" its powers in the constitution ... you know ... just in case the usual "thing" happened ... where the government claimed more and more power for itself ... until your every move was controlled by the government ... for your own health and safety of course.

Yes, and it turns out that every single thing you do is unsafe and unhealthy ... how about that.

I heard Rush the other day and he was saying something about how they try to convince you that everything you know to be true is untrue ... and everything you know to be untrue is true.

And I think that oftentimes they do this by redefining words and then making some outrageous claim based on their new "definition."

Example: "There's X number of sex offenders near your house."  Meanwhile, they'll classify you as a sex offender if you pee on someone's lawn or moon someone.

Of course, they don't bother to tell you about the change in definition ... that would just confuse you ... now be a good sheep lib and go bleat this new "fact" to everyone you know.

In conclusion, idiots are only a problem when they are allowed to vote on my liberty.  Think about it.  If they couldn't vote to take your liberty or property then how on earth could they be a problem to you? 

In addition, they cannot shove you around without taking your money first ... because they have to have the "police" before they can use force on you.   To me that means the lower the tax rate, the less of your freedom they can steal.  So the bottom line is, your money/property is your freedom.

All their lives they argue with you and try to justify the taking of your liberty ... they LIVE for it. And you are forced to use your time to argue back and tell them to leave you alone ... constantly being vigilant ... for your ENTIRE LIFE.

If only they weren't allowed to vote on your liberty.  Imagine how much more productive you would be if you didn't have to manage morons all the time. Maybe we'll get a short reprieve after the next revolution.

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