Thursday, August 8, 2013

Any thoughts on this?

WAXAHACHIE (CBS 11 NEWS) - An Ellis County coach has been convicted of criminal charges for hitting one of his young players repeatedly with baseballs.

Prosecutors say Ron Santos, 26, threw as many as 15 pitches at the teenager ranging in speed from 60-80 miles per hour.  The hits left the 15-year-old covered in bruises.  Santos called it “training” to teach the players how to take a pitch.

However, a jury convicted Santos of a Class A misdemeanor, Assault with Bodily Injury and sentenced him to 15 days of jail, a $500 fine and 18 months of community supervision.

15 days in jail ... hmmmm.  What is "community supervision?" Bold is mine on the next line.

Nan Udell prosecuted Santos and says the case is not about whether he is a good coach, but about what he did that night.

I love it when someone tells me what "it's not about" and then very helpfully comes right behind that with what "it's about."  I NEVER get tired of it.

“It would be like teaching kids to step into the street to get hit by a car.  Just stand there and say ‘I’m gonna hit you with a car, turn the right way, because if you got hit by a really fast car, it could kill you.’”

Yes, I see your point ... because a baseball is just like a really fast white car with stiching.

Santos would not comment on the case.  He still serves as a coach for Waxahachie’s “Gear Up Baseball Academy,” with parent and player support.  He is not allowed to pitch to any players for a year and must produce a video on the dangers of being hit by a pitch. More here:

So he has parent and player support ... but never mind that, these other people know better.   My guess is his players aren't ball shy.

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A is A said...

Where should I start...
"Covered" in bruises? Sounds like every day I played with my friends.
"60 - 80 mph"? Who has a radar gun during Little League?
"As many as 15 pitches?" - don't be specific!

God forbid one of the players takes out the catcher trying to score.

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