Sunday, July 21, 2013

Contemptuous communist crapstain croaks

Helen Thomas - hero of the media

Well, she just croaked ... and here's a typical fawning piece about her heroism.

And who is the "real" Helen Thomas?

Here's a video of her referring to the "Jews." Judge for yourself.

Not enough?  Here's some more of her stupidity ... and again, I won't tell you what you should be thinking ... judge for yourself.

But I will tell you what I think.  I think she's one of the "leaders" of the media idiot-libs.

I think that idiot-libs are always trying to get people to give up their money and liberty ... for the sake of the state ... or safety ... or the environment ... or whatever.  Bottom line?  They want your money to fund their projects and they'll use any method at all to get it.

And when you object to their tyranny they cry witch "racist" ... or "you're against the children/babies" ... or "you're against the environment" ... or "it's for global warming" -- etc etc.

And the bigger they can make their cause, the more people they get to control.  And so they make their heroes out to be bigger than life itself ... and they ensure you know you should revere this great "public servant."

Note that the media will ignore the fact that she's a racist.  I couldn't care less about her "racism" because I already know she's a racist ... and so are a lot of people.   I think we need to get past that fact and learn to live all together in freedom despite it.  The whole thing that bothers me is the hypocrisy of the media ... disgusting scum are they.

They will also ignore the fact that she's a communist.  Bottom line ... they will ignore everything and tell you to worship her.  Just like they're about to do for Mandela.

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