Monday, June 24, 2013

That "Mandela fucker" is about to croak -- prepare yourselves

A long time ago, when this guy was an "up and comer" (around 1990,) the media fell all over themselves to ensure the sheep were told what a great, GREAT man he was.  Oh yes.  Worthy of GREAT respect.  OMG - none can compare.

And even back then I knew that the greater the media drumbeat, the more important they deem your brainwashing to be.  That's right, I was wise to it ... and it was sickmaking.  And once I made the mistake of commenting "that Mandela fucker" and some have never let me forget it ... and they never pass on an opportunity to quote it.

Anyway, the fawning of the media back then will be NOTHING compared to what's on their agenda for when this communist crapstain croaks ... and he's on the edge, baby ... the bitter edge.

So prepare yourselves my friends.  If you don't know it by now, you're about to get his greatness crammed up your ass ... and every jourrrrnalist who's ever contributed to the Communist Democrat party will do his/her part to make sure you're bleating in tune that week.

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