Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cause of crash ... great mystery to all libs

Kevin Hiatt, CEO of the Flight Safety Foundation, said based on past crashes investigators will likely provide daily briefings for a week with factual accounts of what is found and where they efforts are being focused.

Any conclusions about what caused the crash are likely months or years away, Hiatt said. More here:

Yes. It could take YEARS.  Years of toil and research while we all collect cushy salaries and ask the government to take more of your money to fund more outrageous ideas to "prevent this from ever happening again."

Meanwhile, your helpful and clairvoyant Klown will help you out here.  The airport at San Francisco juts out into the water.  There is a "cliff" so to speak where the water meets the land.  The Klown thinks the pilot got too low and the landing gear got hooked on that cliff.  Look at the debris field on the pic.  Judge for yourself.

But we musn't jump to any conclusions here because we might be wrong.  And if there's anything a lib cannot stand, it's the thought of someone else questioning their judgement ... or their coolness.

And one more thing:
President Barack Obama is expressing his gratitude to the first responders at the scene of the airliner crash in San Francisco. From here:

Whew, thanks to news reporters/jourrrrnalists my omnipresent question "What does Obama think about this" has been answered.  Yes ... that's what everyone wants to know, right?

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