Monday, June 3, 2013

These stupid Turkish people are insisting on freedom

Demonstrators say they are alarmed with the rising power of Erdogan, whose Islamist-rooted Justice and Development Party has won plaudits for its democratic and economic reforms but has recently become more restrictive on social issues.

A bill creating far-reaching restrictions on alcohol was hastily passed last month, and Erdogan has also publicly stated women should have at least three children.

"The government interferes with what we need to eat, what we need to drink, how we should sleep with our partner, how many kids that we should have," Polat said. "This is getting beyond reasonable." More here:

LMAO. "... getting beyond reasonable."

Yes, and how much of your freedom do you give up before it's "beyond reasonable?"  10%?  20%?  What percentage of your liberty do you let them take before it's "beyond reasonable?  Are you prepared to negotiate the terms of your freedom?

I have news for you.  You're not going to be getting your liberty back until there are a lot of dead tyrants.  Because tyrants think they're doing the rest of you a huge favor by telling you how to live your life ... according to their values, of course ... AND ... for your own good ... and they'll kill you if they have to ... don't make them do it!!!

And this is why the founders tried to limit the power of the government in the Constitution.  They KNEW the nature of government is to grow and grow and steal more and more of your freedom.

Long ago, the income tax was unconstitutional.  That's right, they had to pass an amendment for them to implement it.  And when they did, it was "reasonable."  Yes, the top rate was like 5% and you didn't even have to pay unless you made a TON of curp.

But alas, it grew and grew ... who could have preDICTED this?  

What a shock it must be to some.  And yet, there they are ... the tyrants ... many of your neighbors ... who vote for the government to have more power.  They are the problem, my friends ... not "the government."  What is "the government" without these tyrants ... the mob ... voting on how much of your freedom to steal ... but, it's for YOUR OWN GOOD, JACKASS.

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