Saturday, June 1, 2013

Shhhhhh, don't say anything ... just act natural man!

While the developing scandal over the targeting of conservatives by the tax agency has largely focused to date on its scrutiny of groups with words such as “tea party” or “patriot” in their names, these examples suggest the government was looking at a broader array of conservative groups and perhaps individuals. Their collective experiences at a minimum could spread skepticism about the fairness of a powerful agency that should be above reproach and at worst could point to a secret political vendetta within the government against conservatives. More here: 

LMAO -- "A secret vendetta." What next? Let me guess, the media has a secret vendetta against conservatives. Oh my, we're all in shock ... we simply canna believe it. 

Never mind the Homeland Security presence at Tea Party rallies. Everyone knows that it is necessary we keep an eye on those violent racists. 

But what about the "Occupy" movement? Anyone see the Homeland Security vans at those "rallies?"

Hey, here's another "secret" they're keeping from you ... you cannot borrow your way out of debt.  Shhhhhhh ... big secret.

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