Saturday, June 22, 2013

But don't worry, the media doesn't favor "Democratics"

So I was perusaling the political cartoonery about the IRS scandal this morning and I noticed the usual theme.  I posted some of them here for your own convenient perusal.

Do you see what the brainwasher "cartoonist" is saying?  

That's right, he's saying all the other groups have been "targeted" by the GOP ... unfairly of course ... and with great malice ... cuz the GOP hates them.  And do you know WHY the GOP hates them?  Because the GOP is a bunch of homophobic racists who want to keep women and black peeps in their place.  Oh, and they hate the poor and middle class too cuz the GOP is only for the evil rich.  

So, actually, the Tea Party DESERVES to be targeted by the IRS ... yes ... they're getting what they so richly deserve.  Aren't you glad to have this idiot-liberal cartoonist brainwashing you and the rest of the general public?

Ok now, let's review the next one, shall we?

I think I get it.  He's saying conservatives are a bunch of crazies who are imaging the government is out to get them and cover up its malfeasance and mismanagement.  Stupid, paranoid, Tea Partiers.

Ok ... NEXT!

Here we have the Tea Partiers getting what they so richly deserve ... again.  And this is what happens when a mob of like-thinkers get together and start with the printing press.  They think everyone else thinks this way too.  They don't even stop to wonder why they all think/publish alike (nor, apparently, do they stop to wonder about the difference between insure and ensure.) They just assume that YOU TOO can "see right thru" the Tea Party.  

That's right ... you see, the Tea Party is cheating.  They are only PRETENDING to be a social welfare organization but they are actually a purely political organization.  Never mind about George Soros and "Move On Dot Org."  That is purely a social welfare organization.  Just go read their articles and comments and you'll see an even-handed mix of thoughts and ideas here.  Not political at all. 

In fact, at the bottom of their main web page, part of the disclaimer says "Paid for by Political Action. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee."  See?  Does that sound political to you?  No wonder they haven't been targeted by the IRS.

I'm so thankful for a fair and impartial media, aren't you?

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