Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Jews checkmate the planet with unexpected takeover

BUDAPEST | Sat May 4, 2013 10:34am EDT

(Reuters) - Leaders of a far-right Hungarian party accused Israelis of plotting to buy up the country as several hundred nationalists protested on Saturday on the eve of a meeting of the World Jewish Congress in Budapest. More here:

And by "nationalists," I think the reporter means "paranoid racists with shit-for-brains."

Seriously though ... "The Juice."  They are so sly.  Always plotting and scheming.  I mean, think about it ... there you are ... a Hungarian citizen ... minding your own business, when - BOOM - OUT OF THE BLUE ... the Juice take over.  And, as expected, The Juice take everyone in the world by surprise.  Because who would EVER HAVE EXPECTED THIS?  Oh, so clever.

THAT'S RIGHT, they bought Hungary. Surreptitiously, crept they, whilst you slept and/or went about your business ... and now it's too late.  And what do The Juice plan to do with your country?  I'm guessing THEY'LL GET YOU, MY PRETTIES, AND YOUR LITTLE DOGS TOO!!!!


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