Friday, May 3, 2013

Ok, it's time to say sumthin'

STERLING, Va. - Customs officials say 20 small black raw chickens were seized from a passenger arriving from Vietnam at Dulles International Airport outside Washington.

Officials say importing raw poultry from areas where avian influenza or other fowl diseases are known to occur is not allowed without a permit. That's because those diseases could affect the domestic poultry industry and hurt international trade. Customs officials say the chickens seized last week were incinerated.

Spokesman Steve Sapp says agents found two bags containing chickens in a cooler. The birds were whole, but without feathers and had bluish-grey and black skin. More here:

Ok, so what, right?

So nothing.  It's just that I've noticed people smuggling crap like this into the US and getting caught.  And you have to ask yourself ... "wtf?"  Because it's not like he can't get chickens cheaper right here in the US.  And if they're some kind of special chicken and you're importing them to make a huge profit, then fine, raise them here yourself ... or contract it out with a chicken farmer or something.  Why pay for an airline ticket to a faraway land and then try to smuggle them thru customs?

Which brings me to my next point.  Call me what you will but the Klown is calling "nutso" on this guy. 

Yes, and what do you do when you're the federal government and you find a psycho?  Answer?  NOTHING ... cuz you're too busy trying to print and borrow money to give to your buddies.

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LOL @ "the most docile of poultry."

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