Friday, February 22, 2013

Wait a minute ... "Jalapeno Bologna?" Count me in.

I ran across this yesterday and figured I'd better post about it since many readers are sammy aficionados.  I am an owner.

While I'm at it, I also saw this "Bacon Bologna," but I haven't bought any yet.

Interesting tidbit:

When I decided to write a post about the jalapeno bologna, I needed a pic, so I went to the Oscar Mayer website.  But guess what, on their website they don't admit to making bologna.  Can't find a reference to bologna anywhere.  I wonder why that is.  Perhaps they overlooked it.

A skeptical person might suspect that Oscar Mayer is ashamed of bologna ... too low class for them ... can't admit wading around down here in the sewer with the unsophisticated poor people ... nooooo.

Also, while doing research, I ran across this site called "Cooking for the single man," in which there is a recipe called "The Bologna Stack."  LMAO - cracked me up, man.

I finally found the pics here (if you care.)


WOMBAT said...

Just like soda, bologna (or as we used to say, baloney) is persona non grata. My generation grew up on baloney, spam, macaroni and cheese, coke (and any other soda we could get, hot dogs, butter, whole milk, etc. And guess what? We were all stick thin. You know why? Because we went outside and played.

Rather than blame our sedentary lifestyle, it's so much easier for our ™intellectual betters™ to blame big, bad corporations who are all-of-a-sudden poisoning us with their wares.

They fabricate fear that makes us think twice before letting our children walk to school, play outside, or heaven forbid- play on a playground without very close adult supervision. Of course, we set a fine example for them because rather than participate in their games, we busily feed our addiction to be 100% available 100% of the time and bury our faces in our electronic device du jour.

Even Oscar Mayer who was made famous by perhaps the only song dedicated to baloney (they spelled it b-o-l-o-g-n-a but I suspect that was to make it rhyme), now acts as if it's a crackboy relative who only shows up to "borry" money, tools, gas, or cars. Instead, they feature such high-falutin' items such as "Selects", "Carving Board", and "Deli Fresh" cold cuts.

But yep- blame the baloney. It's easier than facing the truth. I liked the regular world better.

Evil_Klown said...

Stop ... telling ... the truth.

billy goatsman said...

Way to go oscar meyer!!!! Jalapano bologna is AWESOME !!!!!
cant wait to try the bacon......

Steve Carter said...

Jalapano bologna is the best meat EVER!

Cosmic Traveler said...

Diggin the jalapeno bologna...but the bacon one makes my tummy feel weird at the thought of it....but we will see.

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