Friday, February 22, 2013

Do you know where Timbuktu is? Well, now you do.

Map showing the main trans-Saharan caravan routes circa 1400. Also shown are the Ghana Empire (until the 13th century) and 13th – 15th century Mali Empire. Note the western route running from Djenné via Timbuktu to Sijilmassa. Present day Niger in yellow. 

This map includes some "interesting tidbits" along with the "where is it" info to better enable your pea-brain to remember it. It might work for some of you. As for me, I'll probably be looking it up again in a couple of years.

Hey Klown, what got you thinking about Timbuktu?

I was reading about Al Qaeda's "22 tips for dodging drones" when the article said they found the tips in Timbuktu.  And I thought, WOW ... cuz who would ever think of looking there ... right?

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