Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tsk, criminal got "burnt"

Investigators have not been able to enter the still smoldering remains of the California mountain cabin where they believe fugitive ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner barricaded himself today, but they believe he was still there as the structure burned to the ground, police said tonight. More here:

So the guy goes nutso and kills all kinds of peeps ... you know ... because they DESERVED it.  See, I think the problem was, the guy needed more steroids.

On a related note, there is a recording of a police scanner where someone quothe "burn that f***king house down."

The Klown finds it interesting the cops can get really outraged and indignant when someone is committing crimes against the cops ... because, HOW DARE THEY?  WHY, WHY, ... THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!

And yet, I've never seen them get passionate when someone has committed a crime against one of us "poor slobs."  Have you?

And I read one "report" where the jourrrrnalist says "... police now view burning people to death as a reasonable way to apprehend a suspect..."

I guess we're all supposed to cluck in agreement as we totally forget the fact the suspect could have exited the cabin at any time but instead chose to stay inside as it burned.  

And why will libs some people disregard facts and logic?  Because they have a need to be "cool/accepted by the herd" ... and to accomplish that, they need to agree with their intellectual betters.  

Never mind the actual facts ... anyone can see plain facts ... but it takes a real genius to expose your lying eyes. Now get with the baaaaaing and the bleating.

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