Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Long Island residinks mystified that idiot libs are actually idiots

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Four days after a massive snowstorm, many snow-weary residents on Long Island say their neighborhoods have yet to see any major plowing.

Plows and snow removal equipment from other parts of the state are still on the ground in Suffolk clearing away the piles of snow.

“We’ve got dozens of assets throughout the towns, we have nearly 100 assets in the town of Brookhaven at the state level trying to assist the town of Brookhaven, getting those streets open. More here:

I've noticed something.  Idiot libs LOVE to play pretend.

In actuality, they're incompetent, ineffective boobs but they want to pretend they're very important geniuses.  And there's nothing better than imitating important people when you want to boost your self esteem, right libs?

For example, let's use the word "assets" ... you know, like they do in the military.  We'll copy them and pretend like we really know what we're talking about.  That's right, just start throwing the word "assets" around ... you're a real big man.

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