Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tsk, the libs are going to lose one

NEW YORK (AP) -- Opponents of the city's limit on the size of sugary drinks are raising questions of racial fairness alongside other complaints as the novel restriction faces a court test.

The NAACP's New York state branch and the Hispanic Federation have joined beverage makers and sellers in trying to stop the rule from taking effect March 12. More here:

Q: What is the thing a jourrrrnalist liberal fears MOST of all?
A: Being called a racist

Yes, jourrrnalists are Democratics idiot-libs ... and they ALWAYS support Democratics and denigrate Republicans.

However, as Wombat recently pointed out, one of the reasons the jourrrnalists libs seem so much more enamored with Obama is because it's their opportunity to prove, day after day, they aren't racists ... and that is CRITICAL to all idiot-libs jourrrrnalists.

Seriously, it's as if they're slapping you in the face with it on a daily basis.

Anyway, the Klown predicts the Democratics idiot-libs will fold on this one.

By the way, wouldn't it be great if the idiot-libs went ahead and started fighting each other on everything now?  Because they will eventually end up there ... they have no damn sense ... they don't have any principles whatever.  That means they will eventually find fault with everything ... and everyone, including themselves.

And finally, is it just me?  Or is everything boiling down to these three things:
1 - The libs lecturing us with "It's not about _____, it's about _____."
2 - "Conservatives/Republicans are uncool and evil."
3 - "We're not witches racists ... but we're on the lookout for them and we find them everywhere."

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