Monday, November 5, 2012

The Klown's final thoughts on the election

1 - Romney wins by a mile.
For the last year the media has told us that polls show Obama is a shoo-in for reelection. Yet now, as the election is within a week, they tell us the polls show the race has mysteriously "tightened" and now it's 50-50.  Do you buy this crap?

(Today's polls - the day before the election)

Here's the call, Obama is going to be blown the hell out of office like no president in the last 50 years.  Popular vote 52-47, Electoral college, Romney gets in excess of 300.  Ok, so it's not exactly the biggest blowout in the last 50 years, pardon the hyperbole.

Just my opinion, of course.  You have to remember, contrary to appearances and widespread public opinion, I'm not actually super genius (though I do, on occasion, wear a cape.) .  Therefore I have no problem saying what I actually think ... you know ... cuz if I'm wrong, so what.

2 -We badly need to win the Senate.
Without that, we can't do much of anything ... and by "do," I mean "undo."  Is there ANYTHING the federal government doesn't stick its fingers into anymore?  Is there ANYTHING it doesn't tax, or try to tax?  Is there NO limit on how much money they will tax/borrow/ or print?  None?

3 - Remember the election of 2010?
You do?  I'm impressed.  You know who doesn't?  Answer: The mainstream media.  They have forgotten ALL about this historic ass whipping.  And that's why they're all going to be so shocked and surprised when Obama gets the boot.

That's right.  Never mind he and his fellow "DEMOCRATICS" are busy crushing America as fast as they can ... and enriching their buddies along the way.  Never mind about gas prices (and the DEMOCRATICS blocking more drilling/transportation/refining.)  Never mind about persistently ridiculous unemployment numbers.  Never mind "no budget for three years."  Never mind the asinine spending of more money and running up more debt than all previous governments combined.  

I could go on an on but it wouldn't matter to our intellectual betters.  This is all invisible to them.  Common sense, logic, history, reason, facts ... all these have nothing to teach the perpetually surprised idiot-lib genius.

Hey, Klown, which senate seats are up for reelection?

Have you ever noticed?  Yes, "independents" are always communists/socialists/Democratics.  Prolly just a co-winkydink.

So, we have quite the opportunity to make a change in the senate, and of course, I predict we do send Harry Reid packing ... sweet.

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