Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Has the media learned any lessons about calling races early?

In this post on Politico, the pundits are arguing over whether the media has learned any lessons in the last few elections ... i.e. calling races early.

First of all, it's just hysterical to me that anyone would think the media would "learn a lesson."  I mean, let's think about this ... they're idiot-libs, and being an idiot- lib means you don't "learn lessons" ... it's an essential characteristic of being a lib ... in other words, if you could learn, you wouldn't be a lib.

Secondly, everyone is assuming  they WANT to improve.  I don't think they have the slightest interest in improving ... unless it's improving their ability to brainwash the sheep.

And finally, I read several of these "arguments" from the geniuses ... and nobody asks the obvious follow-up question:

Will the media EVER make a mistake and call a state for the conservative and then later find out the liberal won?  Yes, funny isn't it? Have you EVER seen that happen? I can't recall it.

Instead, they ALWAYS call too soon for the liberal, don't they?  And then have to reverse themselves when the votes are counted.

Luckily for them, they're idiot-libs, and another essential characteristic of idiot-libs is their inability to be embarrassed or humiliated.  Because you know what happens when you get embarrassed or humiliated?  That's right, you LEARN.

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