Sunday, September 2, 2012

The high gas prices are Bush's fault

One of the things I like about this clip is their constant use of "magic words."  As if someone has told them to "use these words over and over."  To me, their language doesn't come from the heart, instead it comes from polling phrases.

And that brings up another subject, "polls."  Do YOU believe most poll results you hear?  Or do you hear the results of polls and think "you MUST be kidding."  You can tell these people believe in polls.  That's why Nancy Pelosi is constantly looking for a way to insert "Bush/failed policies" in her rhetoric.  She probably thinks she's really connecting with the people.  Of course, the people threw her raggedy ass out of the speakership.  Hey, Nancy, how did you like THAT poll?

Anyway, it's funny how the idiot-libs all have amnesia about the gas prices, isn't it?  I sure hope the mainstream media doesn't find out about this clip ... because if they do they're going to start asking some questions of the Democoratics ... ha ha, I know I know, no chance of THAT happening.

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WOMBAT said...

How come none of them talk about the fact that "record profits" are the direct result of record usage? Everyone wants lower gas prices and everyone wants to brag about their Prius at cocktail parties but nobody wants to carpool and nobody wants to consolidate many errands into one trip.

I mean not unless they're Conservatives.

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