Thursday, September 6, 2012

Putin loves to commune (as is the wont of libs)

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (AP) -- Vladimir Putin flew a motorized hang glider to lead a flock of young Siberian white cranes in flight, a characteristic stunt for Russia's action-man, animal-loving president.

"Lead a flock" ... yes.

The flight proved to be a test of Putin's leadership skills. Only one crane followed Putin on his first flight, which he attributed to high winds that caused the hang glider to travel faster than usual, ...

Dressed in a white costume meant to imitate an adult crane, Putin was taking part in a project to teach the endangered birds who were raised in captivity to follow the aircraft on their southern migration to Central Asia.

LMAO.  I love it when libs dress up in animal costumes to better facilitate their communing.  My favorite though, is when they get killed communing.

Masha Gessen, author of a book critical of Putin, left her post as editor of the travel and science magazine Vokrug Sveta (Around the World) this week, claiming she was fired for refusing to send a reporter 3,500 kilometers (2,200 miles) northwest of Moscow to Yamal Peninsula to cover Putin's flight with the cranes. More here:

Oops, and this is what happens when you have a non-compliant media ... sometimes tyrants have to remind them who's boss.  Not in America though ... the media is fully compliant ... for now.  It cracks me up how they're going to find out they're complicit in their own demise.  Makes me want to eat the ironing ... you know ... cuz, delicious.


WOMBAT said...

How come you didn't mention that two of these rare birds died as a direct result of this publicity stunt? I prefer it when the people die while communing.

Evil_Klown said...

I didn't know about the two birds being killed. The "jourrrrnalist" probably "forgot" to mention it in the article I linked.

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