Friday, September 21, 2012

See if you can follow the liberal logic

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- Australia's deputy prime minister warned Friday that the greatest threat to the U.S. economy are the "cranks and crazies" in the Republican Party, a rare foray into American domestic politics that was blasted by the opposition. 

You mean the "cranks and crazies" who want to stop the endless deficit spending and increasing of our national debt?  Those insane clowns who want to secure our borders? 

"Let's be blunt and acknowledge the biggest threat to the world's biggest economy are the cranks and crazies that have taken over a part of the Republican Party," Swan said.   

And you think they MUST be stopped. right?

He said "the extreme right tea party wing" of the Republican Party had held the national interest hostage during last year's debate over the U.S. borrowing limit despite President Barack Obama's "goodwill and strong efforts." 

And by "goodwill" you mean spending a trillion dollars more per year than we take in, right?  And by "strong efforts" you are referring to his efforts in bankrupting our coal industry while he funnels taxpayer money to his buddies in Solyndra and other "green" energy companies ... right?

He said it was imperative that Congress reach an agreement to support growth and avoid a "fiscal cliff" of deep government spending cuts and higher taxes in January, which he said could push the U.S. economy back into recession. More here:

Yes, it was all the  cuts in government spending and efforts to balance our budget that pushed us into a recession.  My GOD, such logic and reason ... what an unmitigated idiot liberal genius.

Meanwhile, what do the conservatives really want?  In a nutshell, they want the government off your back and out of your pocket, they want cheaters & criminals in jail (protect your life and property,) they want the borders (and voting) secure.  Yes, what a bunch of crazies and lunatics.

And what do the liberals want?  Your liberty and private property (money.)  They have elaborate and grandiose plans for you ... and all of them involve you doing as you're told and giving the government money. 

Oh, and no matter how much they get, it's never enough ... ever notice that?

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