Friday, September 21, 2012

Romney/Ryan - Pounding Obama

ROMNEY: Palestinians "have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace," adding Iran would use nuclear capability to blackmail the US. More here:

LOL @ "Palestinians."   The poor, poor, Palestinians."  It's all they can do to afford the rockets to fire into Israel all the time ... never mind who they kill, that's not important.  What's important is "KILL THE JUICE."

He's right though, they aren't interested in peace.  They won't be happy until Israel is gone, period.

ROMNEY: Obama supporters are more likely to depend on government. More here 

Yes, and who IS the "government?"  They are actually dependent upon YOU ... they only need the government to force you to "donate" to their particular charity.

Mitt Romney has seized on President Barack Obama's statement that he 'can't change Washington from the inside by telling him: 'He can only change it from outside? Well, we're going to give him a chance in November. He's going outside!'  The Republican nominee said this meant that Obama's 2008 slogan had been altered: 'His slogan was "Yes we can". His slogan now is "No I can't". More here:

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